Why Does My Cat’s Meow Sound Weak and Raspy?

Picture of a cat meowing

Cats speak volumes through both body language and vocalization. Some breeds are loquacious, such as the Siamese, while others are more spare with words. More than 21 distinct types of vocalizations have been identified in the domestic cat, expressing the range from fear to contentment. So when your gregarious little greeter gives you a weak welcome, […]

How Do I Treat Cherry Eye in My Dog?

Pictures of cherry eye in a dog

Did you know that your dog, and many other mammals, have a third eyelid? The third eyelid, also known more formally as the nictitating membrane, is essential for production of the tear film and protection of the eye. This small triangular structure can be seen in the inner corner of your dog’s eyelid, especially if […]

B-Air Grizzly Dryer Review

B-Air Grizzly Dryer front view

If you’re a pup parent, you know what it’s like to dry your dog after a good bath or soaking. It seems as though towels are never quite up to the task and air-drying only results in a soggy doggy and water being shaken against the walls and furniture. We review a lot of different […]

Poodle Pet Detangling Pet Comb Review

Poodle Pet Detangling Pet Comb

Knots, mats and tangles are no fun – for either you or your pet – as trying to comb them out can be difficult for you and painful for your furry companion. Fortunately, there are a multitude of brushes and combs available to help things go a little more smoothly, and the Poodle Pet Detangling […]

DakPets De-shedding Tool Review

DakPets De-Shedding Tool

If you’re the owner of a long-haired cat or a dog, you’ve probably searched high and low for a grooming tool that can effectively remove loose hair and minimize the amount of fur shed around the home. The DakPets De-shedding Tool promises to do just that, but does it live up to the hype? We […]

Best Foods for Dogs with Allergies (Chosen By a Vet)

Picture of a dog with dog food

Just like in humans, allergies aren’t uncommon in dogs and require special diets. There are plenty of special foods for dogs with allergies on the market, but they’re not all of equal quality. To help you sort the good from the bad, we’ve put together this guide. Our vet advisor, Dr. Danielle Morosco, selected all […]

9 Ways to Keep Your Dog Cool This Summer

Picture of a dog in sunglasses staying cool

When the hot weather hits, your dog might need some extra help beating the heat. Dogs are highly susceptible to heat, (even overheating or getting a sunburn) with some dogs being compromised due to their bone structure, coat, age, or health. For example, Pugs and other flat-nosed breeds can’t pant as effectively, putting them at […]

Why Is My Dog’s Face Swollen?

A dog with a swollen face

Dogs make wonderful companions and indeed are “man’s best friend.” Surveys have found that 6.4 million homes in the United States have dogs as pets, and there are close to 90 million dogs in the country. Most people feel that their dogs are part of the family. Dogs have moved from backyard pets into our […]

When Do Dogs Stop Growing?

Picture of a dog with a measuring tape, how big will it grow?

“How big will my puppy grow?” It’s a question pet owners frequently ask veterinarians like myself. While it can be difficult to give an exact estimate of a puppy’s adult weight, some factors can help give an idea of what to expect. Read on to learn more about what affects growth in puppies, how you […]

ICEFANG Tactical Dog Harness Review

ICEFANG Tactical Dog Harness

Large dogs often have more than enough energy to match their size, making it difficult to control your canine companion while you’re out for your daily walks. You need a strong harness that can withstand the stresses your dog inflicts upon it, and that’s where the ICEFANG Tactical Dog Harness  comes in. We see a […]

Ruffwear Web Master Multi-Use Support Dog Harness Review

Web Master Harness

If both you and your dog are active and love the outdoors, you’ll most likely need a harness that safe, comfortable and durable. The Ruffwear Web Master promises to be all these things – and more – but can it live up to its claims? We’ve seen a lot of harnesses at Pet News Daily, […]

Extreme Dog Fence Review (Price, Battery, & More)

Extreme Dog Fence

As a dog owner, knowing that your pup is safe in your yard can give you peace of mind, and many pet owners choose to fence their properties. An alternative to a privacy or chain-link fence, however, is an electric dog fence that keeps your dog in without the need for expensive backyard remodeling. At […]