B-Air Grizzly Dryer Review

B-Air Grizzly Dryer front view

If you’re a pup parent, you know what it’s like to dry your dog after a good bath or soaking. It seems as though towels are never quite up to the task and air-drying only results in a soggy doggy and water being shaken against the walls and furniture. We review a lot of different products at Pet News Daily, including pet dryers, and tested the B-Air Grizzly Dryer to see if it could blow the house down or was simply full of hot air.

Is the B-Air Grizzly Dryer a Good Choice?

The B-Air Grizzly Dryer is an excellent choice for a variety of buyers. Whether you need a dryer for your personal needs or manage a grooming business, this pet dryer offers a range of positions and speeds to help you dry what you need. Most customers found this dryer to work well for their needs, from ventilating pet crates to drying 3 pets at once. Many users also found the B-Air Grizzly Dryer to be a lower-cost alternative to more expensive air dryers on the market.

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About the B-Air Grizzly Dryer

B-Air Grizzly Dryer front view

The B-Air Grizzly Dryer is an easy-to-use, multi-functional product. It can be used at 3 different angles (0, 45, and 90 degrees), with an optional 4th position using a swing-out kickstand that measures 4.5” tall. The B-Air Grizzly Dryer also has 3 speeds for drying.

For durability, the B-Air Grizzly Dryer is constructed with a high-impact roto-molded polyethylene casing. The company believes in its durability, and offers up to 5 years of coverage for the casing of the dryer. The fan is electrical and can be plugged into any typical outlet.

Weighing in at around 40 lbs., the B-Air Grizzly Dryer is pretty heavy. It’s designed to be used on the floor, not in the hand, and also features anti-skid rubber for secure floor placement. You should expect to pay between $200 and $300 for this dryer, depending on what sales and discounts are available at the time of purchase.

Important Features

The B-Air Grizzly Dryer has a number of important features that make it a great dryer:

  • 4 total drying angles 
  • 3 speeds for drying
  • Anti-skid rubber for secure placement on surfaces
  • High-impact roto-molded polyethylene casing
  • 25’ power cable
  • 4.5″ kickstand

What We Like

There’s a lot to like about the B-Air Grizzly Dryer. Here’s what we liked:

  • B-Air Grizzly Dryer Top front angleMultiple drying speeds. This dryer gives you full control over the speed of air drying. You can use the highest speed if you need to dry an animal quickly. Or, you can use a low speed if you have a sensitive pet or are drying a more delicate area.
  • Multiple airflow angles. If you’re using this dryer without a hose, then the 4 different drying angles will allow you to target different areas and dry various things in your environment, from your pets to a wet work floor. You could even dry pets from a distance using one of the available angles if the pet isn’t comfortable being close to the dryer.
  • Hands-free drying. The heavy weight of this fan makes it too heavy to handle with your hands. If you need a hands-free dyer, this is a great choice. With the hose attachment, you can dry your pets without the weight of a handheld dryer.
  • Accessory attachments are supported. B-Air offers a 3-hose attachment for the fan as well as a 4-pack of nozzles that will let you make the most of your dryer. This could allow you to ventilate up to 3 crates at a time, dry 3 dogs, or any other combination of drying functions.
  • Non-heated drying. This fan is a non-heated dryer so you don’t have to worry about heating your workspace, overheating your pet, or even burning them. This is especially useful if you’re using this van for ventilation purposes.

What We Don’t Like

Like with any pet dryer, there are a few potential downsides to be aware of when considering the B-Air Grizzly Dryer.

  • Accessories Not Included. Despite being marketed as a pet dryer, the dryer does not come with any pet grooming accessories. Any hoses or hose attachments you might wish to add will need to be bought separately.
  • The fan may be loud for your pet or space. The fan is not the loudest fan we’ve reviewed, but some users and pets may find it a little too loud for comfort.
  • Daisy-Chain Not Supported. If you want to use the B-Air Grizzly Dryer to dry multiple pets at once in a professional work environment, you should know this dryer cannot be daisy-chained together. This may limit the number of fans you can use in a set area, but ultimately, this will only affect users who plan on using two or more fans at the same time.

Frequently Asked Questions

B-Air Grizzly Dryer front rotated angle

Why do you need adjustable speed air dryers for dogs?

Some dogs may be sensitive to air dryers. Using lower settings on a pet dryer can make the process more comfortable. Similarly, some dogs have thicker coats and more hair. They might require higher velocity air drying in order to dry in the same amount of time as a smaller dog. Having an adjustable speed air dryer for your dogs lets you tailor the air speed to your specific drying needs.

Do pets need a special hair dryer?

In short, yes. Human hair dryers should not be used on pets. Human hair dryers use heat to help the hair dry quickly but unlike humans, dogs have thinner skin. Heated hair dryers can potentially harm your pet. That’s why it’s best to use dryers specifically made for pets.

Are pet dryers worth it?

Yes! Pet dryers are especially worth it if you’re drying multiple dogs, or find yourself drying your dog often as a result of frequent bathing, pool use or you live in a rainy environment. A pet dryer can save you a lot of time and trouble when it comes to drying your pet off.
What’s the best drying method for your pet?

There are several methods for drying your pet. You could air dry, use a dryer, towel dry, or apply quick-drying products. The best method for your pet is the one that’s most effective and comfortable. Some dogs may not respond well to a large pet dryer. If that’s the case, we recommend towel drying or air drying instead. If your dog can tolerate a pet dryer, then we recommend using a pet dryer to dry your pet quickly.

Customer Reviews

Positive Reviews

Overall, customers that purchased the B-Air Grizzly Dryer found that it worked great for them and fulfilled their needs. Some customers reported being so happy with the dryer that they bought another one. Customers that used the dryer beyond simply drying their pets also expressed enthusiasm for how quickly the dryer moves air and ventilates a room. Lastly, reviewers say the cost of this dryer is very reasonable when compared to other dryers with similar functionality.

“I bought this for my dog grooming shop. Definitely a game changer. Great for dogs that do not like the regular high power blow dryer. Dries their furs fast, compared to the other kennel dryers we have used. It is loud, but worth the money.” -Danielle, Amazon, 7/15/20

“I bought this at least 6 months ago and it is powerful. I own 4 dog grooming shops and I am buying another because we LOVE IT. I bought a different brand but works the exact way with three hoses and I do not like it at all compared to this one. Great dryer.” -Angela, Amazon, 5/28/18

Negative Reviews

The most common complaint for the B-Air Grizzly Dryer is related to the quality or durability of the product. Some users reported that the dryer did not last beyond 7-8 months of use, while another common issue is the internal fan malfunctioning. It’s worth nothing that some customers were able to resolve these issues with customer service while others weren’t.

“The first product I got was perfect so I reordered the same dryer. Somehow I got black instead of green and the plug isn’t for the us now I have to either return a bulky dryer or get an adapter. I’m very disappointed as we needed this second one and I spent a lot of money getting two along with two sets of hoses.” -Amazon Customer, Amazon, 7/31/22

“I was really excited to get this dryer for my grooming shop. We were in need of a powerful dryer and I thought this one would be. It isn’t. We can only use it on dogs that are almost dry already and you can only use one hose at a time or it’s about as good as blowing on the dogs with your mouth. I got this one because I thought I could use all three hoses effectively. Now I have a dryer taking up a LOT of space that is way less effective than one small hanging cage dryer. Very disappointed.” -Amazon Customer, Amazon, 9/22/16


Overall, customer satisfaction with the B-Air Grizzly Dryer is high, with users being especially happy with its versatility – more specifically, the 4 drying angles and the 3 different drying speeds. With optional add-ons for functionality, this fan can satisfy almost all your drying needs, whether you’re at home or running a grooming business. The B-Air Grizzly Dryer also offers excellent quality at an affordable price. For more dog hair dryer options, check out our list of the best: The Best Dog Hair Dryers (2022 Reviews).

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