The Best Betta Fish Tanks (February 2023 Reviews)

Betta fish in a tank

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Betta fish can make great pets for those who enjoy taking care of aquatic life. This fiercely independent fish prefers to swim alone, but some females may get along in one tank if there is a sufficient amount of space for them to each have hiding spots.

Getting the wrong fish tank can have some seriously negative ramifications for your fish, including:

  • Serious health issues such as Fin and Tail Rot from bacteria and fungi (which can occur if you don’t clean your tank, or if the tank itself is particularly difficult to clean)
  • Injuries from two Betta fighting (if the tank environment is too small or doesn’t offer enough area for a fish to hide)
  • Stress from poor water or a too-small aquarium can make conditions like Velvet worse for a Betta fish.

To help you avoid all of these issues and find the right tank for you, we asked our veterinarian advisor, Dr. Jamie Whittenburg, to review Betta fish tanks to help you make the perfect choice for you and your Betta.

Dr. Whittenburg chose the Fluval SPEC Freshwater Aquarium Kit, with LED Lighting and 3-Stage Filtration as her top choice because the 5-gallon tank provides adequate room for a single Betta fish. It’s also small enough to display on your desk or table.

Our Vet’s Top Pick

Fluval SPEC Freshwater Aquarium Kit, with LED Lighting and 3-Stage Filtration

The Fluval SPEC aquarium is large enough for your Betta fish and stylish for your home.

While this was Dr. Whittenburg’s top choice, she also shares specific considerations you’ll want to take into account when choosing the right tank for you, and she also made specific selections for the best Betta fish tank for a variety of specific use-cases.

The 5 Best Betta Fish Tanks

  1. Best OverallFluval SPEC Freshwater Aquarium Kit, with LED Lighting and 3-Stage Filtration
  2. Best BudgetKoller Products 5-Gallon Aquarium Kit with LED Lighting and Power Filter
  3. Best Small TankMarineLand Contour Glass Aquarium Kit with Rail Light
  4. Best Medium TankTetra Aquarium Kit, Fish Tank with Filter and Lights
  5. Best Large TankGloFish Aquarium Kit Fish Tank with LED Lighting and Filtration

Betta Fish Tanks Compared

Here are the top picks from our veterinarian. Compare the ratings and features of different tanks.

Vet’s Picks Model Rating 3-Stage Filtration System Adjustable LED Lighting 365-Degree Viewing
Best Overall Fluval SPEC Freshwater Aquarium Kit, Aquarium with LED Lighting and 3-Stage Filtration 4.5
Best Budget Koller Products 5-Gallon Aquarium Kit with LED Lighting and Power Filter 4.3
Best Small (3 Gallon) MarineLand Contour Glass Aquarium Kit with Rail Light 4.5
Best Medium Sized (5 Gallon) Tetra Aquarium Kit, Fish Tank with Filter and Lights 4.3
Best Large (10 Gallon) GloFish Aquarium Kit Fish Tank with LED Lighting and Filtration 4.3

*Ratings are on a scale of 1 to 5 and based on reviews, feedback, and opinions of actual customers

Who Should Buy a Betta Fish Tank

  • Betta fish keepers – If you’re interested in taking care of Betta fish or already have one, consider investing in a Betta fish tank made to the specifications of a Betta’s natural habitat to keep your fish happy and healthy.1
  • Apartment dwellers – If you’re short on space but are looking for a pet, consider getting a Betta fish. In which case, you’ll need a Betta fish tank as well to be sure your fish is in the right environment.

Who Should Not Buy a Betta Fish Tank

  • Those who don’t have Betta fish – If you have fish that are not Betta fish, get a tank that is better suited to the type of pet fish you do have. Not all aquatic life like the same size or shape tank.[efn_notes]Hartz. Different Fish Types, Their Aquariums and Care. Accessed January 13, 2022.[/efn_note]
  • Those who are unable to care for a pet – Betta fish are wonderful low-maintenance pets but do have specific requirements to keep them healthy, and still need regular care.2

Buying Guide: Research Tips From a Veterinarian

The aquarium you choose for your pet fish will be their home and the entire world. A water filter is a must for every fish aquarium, which helps keep the water clean and reduces the risk of issues with ammonia. Depending on where the fish are kept, a heater is often crucial as well. Here are some more tips and best practices when looking for a Betta fish tank.

  1. Talk with your friends, neighbors, and veterinarian for Betta fish tank recommendations – Ask around other fish keepers about what they do or don’t like about their tanks. Also check the display of the aquarium setup you’re interested in, either in-store or via pictures, so that you can get an accurate impression of the size and appearance of the tank.
  2. Consider the ease of cleaning the tank – Fish tanks need to be cleaned frequently to keep your fish healthy.3 A fish tank that is difficult to clean may not get cleaned often enough.
  3. Look for fish tanks made with solid construction and quality materials – Some fish owners prefer the look and clarity of glass. Others, such as those with small children at home, may prefer plastic. In my experience, glass aquariums tend to clean more easily. Glass also stays clear long-term, making it more enjoyable to watch your Betta fish. Plastic may become scratched or cloudy. However, over time, leaks are more common with glass aquariums.
  4. Select a Betta fish aquarium that comes with a top or covering to ensure the safety of your fish – Some fish jump out of their aquariums, so it’s a good idea to choose a tank with a lid.4 This will also keep cats and other curious creatures from reaching into the aquarium.
  5. Consider the size and shape of the Betta fish tank – Choose an aquarium that’s spacious enough to give your Betta fish adequate room to swim around, and also holds enough clean water. Betta fish, especially males, are very territorial and shouldn’t be kept with other Betta fish.5 It is possible, though, to keep more than one female Betta in a tank, if necessary.6 Keep in mind where you want to put the fish tank when selecting a size.

How Much Do They Cost?

$15 to $125

Betta fish tanks cost roughly $15 to $125 depending on the type of tank you purchase. From small to large gallon tanks, you have the option of choosing from a variety of different styles. Less expensive fish tanks usually offer just the basic aquarium, while more expensive tanks may include a kit of aquatic accessories. Plastic fish tanks also tend to be cheaper than glass tanks. For instance, the Tetra Aquarium Kit and the Fluval SPEC Freshwater Aquarium Kit are both 5-gallon tanks, but the Tetra, which is plastic, costs less than the Fluval, which is glass.

Our Methodology: Why Trust Pet News Daily

With the help of the veterinary profession and my experience with numerous Betta fish keepers, I selected the top five Betta fish tanks based on quality, efficiency, and safety. There are several factors to consider when choosing a tank, whether you’re new to Betta fish keeping or upgrading your current fish’s home. It’s important to consider what is best for your male or female Betta fish. – Dr. Jamie Whittenburg

The Best Betta Fish Tank Reviews

1. Best Overall – Fluval SPEC Freshwater Aquarium Kit, with LED Lighting and 3-Stage Filtration

Our Vet’s Top Pick

Fluval SPEC Freshwater Aquarium Kit, with LED Lighting and 3-Stage Filtration

The Fluval SPEC aquarium is large enough for your Betta fish and stylish for your home.

The Fluval SPEC Freshwater Aquarium Kit, with LED Lighting and 3-Stage Filtration, is the overall favorite tank or Betta aquarium for Betta fish. Made with glass and measuring just over 20 inches by 7 inches by 11 inches, this aquarium sports a modern style and features 7000K LED lighting. The extra bright lighting is great for encouraging plant growth and producing brighter fish. Switch the illumination from day to night with a simple touch of a button. The light also features a waterproof aluminum casing.

The SPEC tank system offers powerful filtration that ensures your fish has clean water, which is important for the ecosystem of the tank and health of your fish. The 3-stage system uses foam, carbon, and biomax for high-quality water. The filtration system is hidden from view, though, with a honeycomb design.

  • Bright lighting with day and night options
  • 3-stage filtration system
  • Waterproof casing on light
  • The lid may not be cat-proof

2. Best Budget – Koller Products 5-Gallon Aquarium Kit with LED Lighting and Power Filter

Best Budget Betta Fish Tank

Koller Products 5-Gallon Aquarium Kit with LED Lighting and Power Filter

The Koller aquarium offers Betta fish keepers an affordable tank that features multi-color LED lighting.

Our favorite budget-friendly Betta fish tank is the Koller Products 5-Gallon Aquarium Kit with LED Lighting and Power Filter. A less expensive option than the others, the Koller small tank size comes equipped with energy-efficient LED lighting that can change between red, green, blue LED, aqua, purple, amber, and daylight white. An essential component of any aquarium fish tank, the high-quality filtration system keeps the water clear and your fish healthy and happy. Replacement filters can be purchased and are easy to install.

The small size of this budget Betta fish tank makes it an ideal addition to any home or office and is a good choice for families with small children. View your Betta fish from all angles thanks to the 365-degree view design. This small and mighty Betta fish tank is made from one piece of plastic instead of multiple glass panels and is safe and sturdy. It’s also less apt to leak. It measures almost 17 inches by 10 inches by 12 inches.

  • Multi-color LED lighting
  • Constructed from one piece of plastic
  • 365-degree view
  • Heater sold separately
  • No timer for the LED light

3. Best Small Tank – MarineLand Contour Glass Aquarium Kit with Rail Light

Best Small (3 Gallon) Betta Fish Tank

MarineLand Contour Glass Aquarium Kit with Rail Light

The MarineLand aquarium kit features a 3-stage filtration system.

Long recognized as a leader in the area of fish care products, the MarineLand Contour Glass Aquarium Kit with Rail Light is our pick for the best small 3-Gallon fish tank for Betta fish. Measuring about 10 inches by 10 inches by 10 inches, this aquarium is constructed with glass and features rounded corners. Access the top of the aquarium via a sliding glass canopy. Not just a convenient way to feed your fish, the canopy also prevents your Betta from jumping out of the tank.

The MarineLand aquarium kit comes with a 3-stage hidden filtration system that features an adjustable-flow filter pump, which provides clean water for your Betta fish. The filter uses floss screens, activated carbon, and Bio-Foam to get rid of dirt, odors, and bacteria. The LED lighting system offers a day and night setting that creates shimmering light, mimicking the natural underwater effect of sunlight and moonlight.

  • 3-stage filtration system
  • Sliding glass canopy
  • Sunlight and moonlight effects
  • Heater is sold separately

4. Best Medium Tank – Tetra Aquarium Kit, Fish Tank with Filter and Lights

Best Medium Sized (5 Gallon) Betta Fish Tank

Tetra Aquarium Kit, Fish Tank with Filter and Lights

The Tetra aquarium gives you a 365-degree view of your Betta fish.

The best medium-sized 5-gallon Betta fish tank is the Tetra Aquarium Kit, Fish Tank with Filter and Lights. Well-known in fish keeping, Tetra offers a stylish, high-quality aquarium in a medium size that measures just under 17 inches by just over 11 inches by 13 inches. Though not the smallest Betta fish tank available, it’s still small enough to display in your home or office while also offering your Betta plenty of room to swim around.

The Tetra Betta fish tank is made with seamless acrylic, allowing you unobstructed viewing, and is easy to clean and maintain. This tank features efficient, bright, white LED lighting for an LED aquarium kit. The quiet, internal water filter comes with one filter cartridge, which helps sort out the dirt and debris to keep the water clean.

  • Bright white LED lighting
  • Water filter is quiet
  • 365-degree viewing
  • Small gap in the cover
  • Heater not included

5. Best Large Tank – GloFish Aquarium Kit Fish Tank with LED Lighting and Filtration

Best Large (10 Gallon) Betta Fish Tank

GloFish Aquarium Kit Fish Tank with LED Lighting and Filtration

The GloFish 10-gallon tank also comes with a variety of aquatic accessories.

If you are in the market for a larger tank and Betta fish aquarium, we like the GloFish Aquarium Kit Fish Tank with LED Lighting and Filtration as the best large 10-gallon Betta fish tank. This aquarium is made with glass and comes with LED lights, a top hood, water filter, thermometer, and heater. The aquarium starter kit also includes sample fish food and water conditioners. The blue and white LED lighting in this aquarium is both energy-efficient and high quality. It adds brilliant color while still being eco-friendly.

  • Blue and white LED lights
  • Aquarium comes with accessories
  • Cover is not as sturdy as most

Frequently Asked Questions

What shape tank do Betta fish like?

Betta fish prefer an aquarium that best mimics their natural habitat, which is often an expansive amount of territory. Long tanks, as opposed to round tanks, are more apt to make your Betta happy. 7

Do Bettas like deep tanks?

Betta fish grow up in shallow water and often poke through the surface to breathe the oxygen. They gravitate toward swimming back and forth, not up and down. 8 Therefore, deep tanks don’t allow your Betta sufficient space for swimming.

Do Betta fish get lonely?

Though Betta fish are notoriously aggressive and are known to not get along with other Betta fish, they still need an interactive environment. Betta need spaces to hide and also do well with live plants (you can find some aquarium plants / aquatic plants specifically suited to Bettas) and other decorations. Safe tank mates include mystery snails and ghost shrimp. 9

Why wasn’t another aquarium tank (like the Aqueon or biorb betta fish tank) or fish bowl selected?

See the note on our methodology above for why these fish tanks specifically were selected.

Do Bettas need a bubbler?

Betta fish don’t necessarily need a bubbler in their tank. 10 They naturally swim to the surface for a breath of oxygen. Don’t fill your fish tank too close to the top so your fish can get some air.

How often does a Betta fish tank require a water change?

  Generally it’s recommended Betta tank water be changed once a week, so be sure you have easy access to the tank. Water quality and water temperature are also important for Bettas. They prefer calm water with a 6.5 to 7.5, and temperature of 75-80 degrees (consider an aquarium heater if getting to this temperature is a problem in the room your Betta tank is currently located).

Should I get my Betta fish or Betta fish advice from a pet store?

  There have been reports of mistreatment of Betta fish at pet stores, and you always want to be leery of the source of the pet care advice you’re getting. A veterinarian familiar with Betta fish is always a good place to start for the best place to purchase a fish or to get advice generally.

Can I use a fish net to move my betta fish?

  Many fish nets aren’t good for betta fish and they can be intimidated by nets and avoid them, so you may want to consider submerging a cup or large container in the water instead.

Can two betta fish share a tank?

  No. Whether it’s female or male betta fish they are fighting fish and will kill each other if they share a tank. You can use a divider to create a divided tank for them, but be sure the divider is very solid and secure so that the fish can’t get to each other.

Can betta fish share a tank with other fish (like a goldfish, guppy, etc.)?

  No. Again they are fighting fish and need their own space.

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Dr. Jamie Whittenburg
Dr. Jamie Whittenburg is a graduate of Texas Tech University and Kansas State College of Veterinary Medicine. A practicing veterinarian for 16 years, she works with cats, dogs, and small exotics. She has a special interest in feline medicine and surgery. In 2013, she opened her own practice, Kingsgate Animal Hospital. When not working, Dr. Whittenburg enjoys hiking and reading.