The Best Waterproof Dog Bed (June 2024 Reviews)

Dog lounging on waterproof dog bed

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Waterproof dog beds are perfect for senior dogs or puppies who experience an odd bathroom accident, as the waterproof layer protects the filling of the bed inside. They’re also ideal for dogs who drool excessively or those who often head to their beds with wet, muddy paws.

Our vet advisor, Dr. Amanda Jondle, reviewed dozens of waterproof dog beds, and she chose the PupLounge Memory Foam Bolster Bed and Topper as her top pick. With a waterproof liner around a memory foam base, along with a cozy faux fur topper, this bed is both comfortable and practical.

Our Vet’s Top Pick

PupLounge Memory Foam Bolster Bed and Topper

An extremely comfortable bed with a supportive bolster and a faux fur topper.

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While this was Dr. Jondle’s top choice, she also offers a series of her top tips for what to look for in choosing the best waterproof dog beds, a section on who should avoid purchasing them altogether, and she personally selected the best bed for a variety of specific use cases.

The 5 Best Waterproof Dog Beds

  1. Best OverallPupLounge Memory Foam Bolster Bed and Topper
  2. Best BudgetSport PET Designs Large Luxury Waterproof Pet Bed
  3. Best WashableYellow Links Large Round Indoor Outdoor Pet Dog Bed
  4. Best for Large DogsK9 Ballistics Tough Bolster Dog Bed
  5. Best for Small Dogs – K9 Ballistics Round Deep Den Dog Bed

Waterproof Dog Beds Compared

Here are the top picks from our veterinarian. Compare the ratings and features of different models.

Editor’s Picks Brand Rating Waterproof Machine washable Size
Best Overall PupLounge™ Memory Foam Bolster Bed & Topper 4.9 Small to giant
Best Budget Buy Sport PET Designs Large Luxury Waterproof Pet Bed 4.1 Large
Best Washable Yellow Links Large Round Indoor Outdoor Pet Dog Bed 4.4 Large
Best for Large Dogs K9 Ballistics Tough Bolster Dog Bed 4.4 Small to xx-large
Best for Small Dogs K9 Ballistics Round Deep Den Dog Bed 4.8 Small

*Ratings are on a scale of 1 to 5 and based on reviews, feedback, and opinions of actual customers

Who Should Buy a Waterproof Dog Bed

  • Owners of puppies and senior dogs – Both young dogs and old dogs are more likely to have accidents, which can ruin a bed if it seeps into the filling.1
  • Owners of frequent droolers – Like pee, excessive drool can work its way into the filling of a dog bed that isn’t waterproof, potentially leading to mold, mildew, and bad odors. If your dog tends to snore and drool while sleeping, a waterproof dog bed is a good choice. 2
  • If you want the option to use your dog’s bed outside – If you’d like to move your dog’s bed out to the patio or the lawn so your canine companion has a comfortable spot to rest while you eat al fresco or lounge outside with a book, a waterproof dog bed won’t get damp from absorbing moisture from the ground.

Who Shouldn’t Buy a Waterproof Dog Bed

  • If you’re satisfied with your current dog bed – If you’re satisfied with your dog’s current bed and haven’t had any issues with the fact that it’s not waterproof, you might as well wait until your pup’s current bed needs replacing before upgrading to a waterproof model.
  • If your dog might be scared by crinkling sounds – Sometimes the waterproof layer can make a crinkling sound when your dog gets on the bed or moves around. If you have a nervous canine companion who is likely to be bothered by this noise, it’s best to avoid waterproof dog beds.3

If a waterproof dog bed isn’t for you, you may want to check out one of our other guides to find the right bed for your dogs, such as our guide to buying the best-elevated dog bed, our outdoor dog bed buying guide, or our guide to selecting the best dog couch bed. You might also want to know how you can help your puppy to sleep better at night.

Buying Guide: Research Tips From a Veterinarian

As a veterinarian, I’m often asked how to choose a quality waterproof dog bed. The following tips will help you to pick the right waterproof bed for your dog. You should carefully research to identify the key features, plus you can ask your dog’s veterinarian or dog-owning friends and family members if they have any dog bed recommendations.

  1. Waterproof vs. water-resistant – Check whether a dog bed is waterproof or just water-resistant. Water-resistant dog beds are fine to protect against muddy paws or light splashes, but won’t hold up against a spill or incontinence.
  2. Choose a bed that’s comfortable while still being waterproof – Some waterproof dog beds can have a plastic-like exterior which isn’t all that comfortable for dogs to lie on.
  3. Machine washable – At a minimum, a bed should have a washable cover, but it’s a bonus if the whole thing is washable. Plus, it should be easy to spot clean when you don’t want to wash the whole thing.
  4. Lining of the inner filling to help with waterproofing the inside – The foam mattress or other padding inside should ideally have a waterproof lining, which helps ensure effective waterproofing.
  5. Good for large and small breed dogs – Beds should be available in a range of different size options to suit all kinds of dogs.
  6. Comfortable shape – All dogs seem to have their own preferences when it comes to bed shape, but bolsters are good for allowing dogs to snuggle and rest their heads.
  7. Overall comfort – Quality waterproof dog beds have thick, comfortable padding and are snuggly, soft, or plush.
  8. Durability – It’s a huge bonus if your chosen dog bed is durable, chew-proof, or has a guarantee against destruction.
  9. Good value – Look for expensive beds with guarantees or durable and easy to clean beds. These are worth it compared to cheap beds that you may have to buy every few months because they get torn up or destroyed.

How Much Do They Cost?

Between $30 and $200

You can find some small, basic waterproof dog beds starting at around $30, but these can offer poor value for money as cheap beds often don’t last long. We’d recommend spending at least $50 on a waterproof dog bed, but some extra-large, durable models with orthopedic mattresses can cost up to $200.

Our Methodology: Why Trust Pet News Daily

In my line of work, I speak with many pet owners and other veterinarians about the best waterproof dog beds available. I’ve chosen these products based on my professional experience as a veterinarian, along with considerations about the features of these beds. A combination of comfort and effective waterproofing is vital in a waterproof dog bed. – Dr. Amanda Jondle

The Best Waterproof Dog Bed Reviews

1. Best Overall – PupLounge Memory Foam Bolster Bed and Topper

Our Vet’s Top Pick

PupLounge Memory Foam Bolster Bed and Topper

An extremely comfortable bed with a supportive bolster and a faux fur topper.

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The PupLounge Memory Foam Bolster Bed and Topper consists of a comfortable waterproof memory foam bed with a removable faux fur topper. Not only is the topper extremely soft and cozy, but it’s also machine washable to easily keep the bed clean and fresh. The bolster around the edge of the bed offers support and a place for your dog to rest their head.

This top-notch waterproof dog bed comes in sizes from small to giant, which will fit the vast majority of dogs. It’s a highly durable option with a supportive, comfortable mattress that’s great for dogs with joint issues.4

  • Waterproof lining protects the mattress inside
  • Mattress guaranteed not to flatten for 10 years
  • Machine washable faux fur topper
  • The mattress is a little firm for some dogs
  • Topper looks worn after a few washes

2. Best Budget – Sport PET Designs Large Luxury Waterproof Pet Bed

Best Budget

Sport PET Designs Large Luxury Waterproof Pet Bed

A soft, plush waterproof dog bed at an affordable price.

We love that the interior of the Sport PET Designs Large Luxury Waterproof Pet Bed is filled with a shredded high-density foam, rather than a basic poly filling. Unlike a poly filling, shredded foam maintains its loft and will stay plush and supportive for years to come.

Not only is the interior of the bed comfortable, but the exterior is made from plush faux fur that’s wonderfully cozy for your dog. The cover is removable and machine washable, while the filling is protected by a waterproof lining.

  • Large size works for many dogs
  • Supportive yet soft
  • Wipe-clean waterproof liner
  • Can slide around on hard floors
  • Sheds fluff if cover is not washed before first use

3. Best Washable – Yellow Links Large Round Indoor Outdoor Pet Dog Bed

Best Washable

Yellow Links Large Round Indoor Outdoor Pet Dog Bed

We love that both the cover and the inner of this waterproof bed are washable.

The Yellow Links Large Round Indoor Outdoor Pet Dog Bed is a large round bed with a 42-inch diameter. Thanks to its impressive waterproofing, you can use this bed either indoors or outdoors, which is great if you have a dog who likes to spend lots of time in the yard when weather conditions allow.

The cushion is filled with high-loft polyester, which feels nice and plush, though it doesn’t offer as much support or relief for pressure points as foam does, so it isn’t the best choice for seniors or dogs with joint issues.5 While the whole bed is machine washable, only the outer is safe to tumble dry.

  • Machine-washable inner and outer portions
  • Attractive pattern and comes in 6 color options
  • Plenty of space for most dogs to stretch out
  • Inner can only be air-dried
  • The inner pad flattens and gets lumpy quickly

4. Best for Large Dogs – K9 Ballistics Tough Bolster Dog Bed

Best for Large Dogs

K9 Ballistics Tough Bolster Dog Bed

Thanks to its tough outer layer, this is an excellent choice for dogs who dig or scratch at their beds.

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The K9 Ballistics Tough Bolster Dog Bed is a great choice for large dogs as the rectangular shape gives them plenty of room to stretch out, while the high bolster sides offer support and a snuggly feeling. The ripstop outer cover is durable for dogs who dig at their beds, and also stands up beautifully to general wear and tear.

The inner mattress is made from supportive yet comfortable memory foam, which is a great option for large dogs as their weight tends to put more pressure on their joints.6 Memory foam beds reduce pressure points as dogs sleep, which can help reduce joint pain on waking.7 The inner is protected by a waterproof lining to keep all manner of fluids out.

  • XX-large size (40×68 inches) for giant breeds
  • The removable, machine-washable outer cover
  • The whole bed is washable
  • Highly durable cover
  • Dig and scratch-resistant
  • Not chew-proof
  • Some sizes are larger than expected

5. Best for Small Dogs – K9 Ballistics Round Deep Den Dog Bed

Best for Small Dogs

K9 Ballistics Round Deep Den Dog Bed

Small dogs love to cuddle inside this deep den bed.

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If your small dog loves to curl up in their sleep, the K9 Ballistics Round Deep Den Dog Bed is a perfect choice. The high sides are supportive and make dogs feel safe as they catch some Zs. Although not completely indestructible, this bed is durable and can stand up to light chewers and diggers.

The outer cover is made from a water-resistant material that’s easy to wipe clean. However, you can also wash either just the cover or the whole bed when you need to. The filling is soft and comfortable, but not as supportive as memory foam.

  • Perfect size for small dogs
  • Plenty of support from bolster edges
  • Comes with a 90-day chew-proof guarantee
  • Not ideal for dogs who like to stretch out
  • Water-resistant rather than waterproof

Frequently Asked Questions

Are dog beds waterproof?

No, not all dog beds are waterproof, which can lead to issues if your dog has an accident in bed or routinely runs to their bed with their paws still wet from outside. You can, however, find plenty of waterproof dog beds on the market, so you should look for dog beds specifically labeled “waterproof” if this is what you’re after.
How do you clean a waterproof dog bed?

This depends on which bed you opt for. Most have removable covers that are washable, while others can be washed in their entirety, though this can be an issue unless you have a large washer or a small bed. Check the manufacturer’s instructions to find out which parts of your chosen dog bed are washable and at what temperature, as well as the proper way to dry each portion.
Do dogs really need a dog bed?

If your dog is happy sleeping in your bed or on the couch, you might be wondering if you really need a dog bed. While some people manage without a dog bed, we think it’s best for dogs to have their own beds they can retreat to if they need some space. What’s more, if your dog makes enough of a mess to warrant a waterproof dog bed, you probably don’t want that mess in your bed or on your sofa.
What is the best waterproof dog bed?

There’s no single best waterproof dog bed. Of course, some waterproof dog beds are better than others, but most have a combination of good features and not-so-great features, so it’s all about finding a balance. Plus, each waterproof dog bed will suit some dogs’ needs better than others. For instance, a circular bed with high sides is great for dogs who curl up in their sleep but not suitable for dogs who sleep stretched out flat.

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Dr. Amanda Jondle
Dr. Amanda Jondle, DVM practices small animal surgery and integrative medicine. She is a graduate of Iowa State University Veterinary School.