Black Smoke Maine Coon Cat

Black Smoke Maine Coon Cat (Size, Characteristics, Grooming & More)

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Maine Coon cats are the giants among household cat species, and the Black Smoke Maine Coon will be the royalty of your house, with its mysterious and regal appearance. Of all the different types of Maine Coon cats, the Black Smoke Maine Coon is the most sought-after.

The Black Smoke Maine Coon is a color variant of the Maine Coon breed. They are famous for their pitch-black color and ash illusion when moving. The ash color comes from the white roots of their hair and white undercoat. A black nose, black paws, and silver lining around the ears complete the look.

There is a lot to learn about the Black Smoke Maine Coon. However, if you are interested in adopting or buying one, you must first decide if this cat will fit into your environment and if you can look after it.

A Full Guide To Black Smoke Maine Coons

Despite their size, the Black Smoke Maine Coons are gentle giants with mysterious looks. As they move, the white glimpses from the roots of their coat shadow the black and give a smoky appearance, hence the name.

How Did The Black Smoke Maine Coon Become Famous?

There is no certainty where the Maine Coon came from, only speculations. Some believe the legend of the raccoon crossing with a long-haired cat in Maine led to the Maine Coon breed, although this is highly unlikely.

A more believable origin would be that of Captain Charles Coon. The story goes that he brought this breed into America on his Viking ship in the 1800s. There are records in a book from 1860 describing the Maine Coon with its robust build and thick, furry coat. They have bred in the Northeastern regions of America for a while – quite perfect climates for their thick coats.

People soon recognized the beauty of the Maine Coon and its significant features and entered them in cat competitions. As a result, the Maine Coon won the first-ever cat competition in America, a pretty awesome title. The Cat Fanciers Association finally recognized the Maine Coon as a registered breed in 1976, and today, it is the most entered cat in competition.

How Big Does A Black Smoke Maine Coon Get?

One of the characteristics Maine Coons are known for is their size. They are one of the biggest cats you will ever see lounging on a couch but not the biggest breed worldwide. Ragdoll cats and Norwegian Forest cats are even more significant in size.

The females can grow to a length of 40 inches, a height of 14 inches, and can weigh up to 12 pounds. The male Maine coons equal the female’s length, but in height, they can grow up to 16 inches and weigh a whopping 25 pounds. The longest Maine Coon, recorded in the Guinness Book of Records, was 48,5 inches long. He wasn’t a Black Smoke Maine Coon, but still the same breed.

These heights and weights are for adult Maine Coons, and they only reach a full-grown size between 3 and 4 years of age. The average cat weighs 8 pounds and hits adulthood by two years.

Characteristics Of A Black Smoke Maine Coon

A picture of a kitten Black Smoke Maine Coon Cat

There are many smoky color variations in the Main Coon, but the black smoke color is the most popular. This combination looks black from afar or at night – until the cat starts to move. After that, the illusion of black and white marrying into an ash color is the charm every owner wants.

The ombre shade of black tips, white roots, and white undercoat provides the ash look, especially when the cat moves. Black nose and black paws, and a silver lining around the ears complete the Black Smoke Maine Coon’s appearance. Their coats are heavy and shiny.

The Maine Coon adapts to colder climates, as their coats are thick and longer on their tummies and legs and keep the water out. With their puffy paws and long tails to wrap themselves when cold, they have the complete package to live in snowy circumstances.

How to Groom A Black Smoke Maine Coon

With all that fur comes a little extra grooming effort, especially if you want to keep your Black Smoke Maine Coon snuggly indoors. Give them treat and many pets throughout this process, as it can be traumatic. After grooming, leave them alone to “fluff their feathers” to a more relaxed state.

Grooming essentials to apply two to three times per week:

  • Start brushing your Maine Coon’s coat with a metal comb specifically for cat fur. Be gentle and careful around the sensitive areas around the tummy and legs.
  • Next, use a soft bristle brush to remove dead hairs. The best way is to brush upward to eliminate the loose hair. End off with downward brushing to smooth out the coat.
  • Cutting out mats is essential to keep your Maine Coon’s coat healthy. Regular brushing will prevent matting, but the occasional matting needs a cut. Gently comb to the point of the mat, and cut it quickly without pulling the hair. Suppose your cat acts up during this process; ask a friend for help or take them to a salon.

Grooming essentials to apply every few months:

  • Bathing your Maine Coon might be needed every few months because their long hair can easily pick up dirt.
  • If you are not keen to do it yourself, you can take your Maine Coon to a salon, but this might be stressful for them as they are unfamiliar with the surroundings.
  • Nail clipping is vital to keep your cat’s claws healthy and your furniture intact. The best would be to buy specialized clippers for cats that fit the claw and cut the nail this way. Only cut the tip and only one paw at a time. Doing one paw at a time with a break in-between paws will keep your cat calm enough to successfully clip the nails.

Black Smoke Maine Coon Cat As Pets

Owners tend to overfeed their Maine Coons because of their size, slow growth, and immense appetite. Owners are also careful to play with their Main Coons as they can easily knock things over with their long tails and big bodies. On the contrary, exercise is crucial for a Main Coon’s health, well-being, and long lifespan.

Maine Coons are super intelligent cats, and owners can train them. They will fit into a family and love to play with each member. They are gentle cats and won’t act up or behave suspiciously. When looked after, Maine Coons can live up to 15 years long. The oldest cat recorded was a Maine Coon, which lived 26 years.

If you want to see an incredibly cute video of the Black Smoke Maine cat in action you came to the right place:

Final Verdict

The Black Maine Coon has a regal, lion-like look with its prominent features, silver lining, and velvety coat. With its snow gear, this gentle giant will melt any owner’s heart and will definitely be a great option as a pet if you are up for the grooming requirements, giving a lot of love and not too much food.

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