Dog with a raw chicken thigh in its mouth

Can Dogs Eat Raw Chicken?

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Humans have no interest in eating raw chicken, but that does not mean that your dog would not eat it up in a heartbeat. However, anyone that has owned a dog knows the foods they want to eat aren’t all foods they can eat. So, can dogs eat raw chicken?

Unfortunately, it is not a question with a simple yes or no answer. There are benefits but also detriments. As a result, you need to weigh those factors before making an ultimate decision.

Is It Safe for Your Dog to Eat Raw Chicken?

Raw chicken is natural and unprocessed, and as a result, many dog owners are giving it to their furry friends. Some people believe that raw chicken is healthier than cooked chicken food dogs. Unfortunately, it is not 100% safe to give raw chicken to your dog.

Issues can occur when you feed raw chicken to your dog. Notably, dogs can get salmonella infections from raw chicken. Salmonella is a common food poisoning that comes from eating uncooked food.

Salmonella can cause vomiting, lethargy, and diarrhea in your dog. It can even cause a severe fever in extreme cases. If your dog gets salmonella, it will need antibiotics.

Furthermore, dogs are not careful when they eat, and as a result, chicken bones can severely hurt your dog. If a bone gets lodged in your dog’s throat, it can cause severe damage to the esophagus, stomach, or intestines. So, you need to remove chicken bones beforehand.

Finally, feeding your dog exclusively raw chicken will result in malnutrition. While chicken is rich in protein and other vitamins, it is not a balanced diet on its own. So, you need to mix chicken with other foods so that your dog remains healthy.

How Much Raw Chicken Can You Feed Your Dog?

Is raw chicken bad for dogs? We do not recommend that you use raw chicken as the primary food in your dog’s diet. It can be a supplementary aspect of the diet you feed your pet. However, your dog should continue to eat dog food to ensure all the necessary vitamins and minerals are received.

How to Prepare Raw Chicken for Your Dog

Since it is raw food, you do not need to do a lot to prepare raw chicken for your dog. The only thing you need to do is make sure there are no bones left in the chicken. Letting your dog consume bones can result in many health issues outlined above.

We recommend that you give the raw chicken to your dog in small servings to reduce the risk of salmonella.

Final Thoughts

Dogs fill your life with joy and love you unconditionally, so you should try to keep them as healthy as possible and understanding things like the right foods for them to eat and how big will a puppy get. Sometimes that means not giving them all the raw chicken they want. While raw chicken is okay to give your dog in moderation, it should not be the primary food in their diet.

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