Picture of a cat meowing

Why Does My Cat’s Meow Sound Weak and Raspy?

Cats speak volumes through both body language and vocalization. Some breeds are loquacious, such as the Siamese, while others are more spare with words. More than 21 distinct types of vocalizations have been identified in the domestic cat, expressing the range from fear to contentment. So when your gregarious little greeter gives you a weak welcome, […]

Pictures of cherry eye in a dog

How Do I Treat Cherry Eye in My Dog?

Did you know that your dog, and many other mammals, have a third eyelid? The third eyelid, also known more formally as the nictitating membrane, is essential for production of the tear film and protection of the eye. This small triangular structure can be seen in the inner corner of your dog’s eyelid, especially if […]

A dog with a swollen face

Why Is My Dog’s Face Swollen?

Dogs make wonderful companions and indeed are “man’s best friend.” Surveys have found that 6.4 million homes in the United States have dogs as pets, and there are close to 90 million dogs in the country. Most people feel that their dogs are part of the family. Dogs have moved from backyard pets into our […]

What Are The Best Cat Food Bowls For Messy Eaters?

Question Hi, Can you provide tips on the best cat food bowls for messy eaters. I’m looking for what kinds of bowls are best for cats who are messy or like to play with their food. Should any bowl shapes be avoided? Are there any specific cat bowls you recommend on Amazon for messy eaters? […]

Sunburns in Dogs

Question Hi, I’d like to get information about about sun burn in dogs? Can you share some insight? Answer Dogs that have sparse, light-colored coats are at the highest risk for sunburn and sun-related illnesses like some types of skin cancer. However, any dog who spends an extended amount of time in the sun could […]

Metabolic Diseases in Cats

Question I need help regarding metabolic diseases in cats. I would specifically like to know what is a metabolic diseases (as simply as possible)? What are the metabolic diseases that specifically affect cats? What are the symptoms? What are the treatments? How to diagnose? What can I do for my cat with a metabolic disease? […]

Tips for Choosing the Best Pet Insurance Policy

Question Hello! I’d like to ask some tips on the best pet insurance policy. What are the most important features of a pet insurance policy? What are the benefits (if any) of adding a wellness/routine care package to your policy? Why might pet owners overlook pet insurance, and what would you tell them to persuade […]

Can Dogs Eat Water Chestnuts?

Question Hi, I’m hoping to get information on “can dogs eat water chestnuts. How healthy and safe is it for dogs to consume?  Thank you! Answer Water chestnuts are safe for dogs to eat and can be a healthy and tasty treat, particularly when temperatures rise. Water chestnuts have a high water content and contain […]

What is the Best Cat Food?

Question:  What are the best and worst Cat Food? What to know before buying one? Hello, I’m a new cat parent, can you share some foods should cats avoid? How often should a cat eat? Why does my cat keep begging for food? Also, What cat food brands do vets most recommend? Thanks!   Answer: […]

Can Dogs eat Blueberries & Bananas?

Question: Is it safe for dogs to eat blueberries and bananas? If not, why? Please explain. Answer: Blueberries and bananas are very healthy for dogs. Blueberries are a great source of a type of antioxidant called anthocyanins. They also contain vitamin C (another antioxidant that also supports the immune system), vitamin K, manganese, and fiber. […]

Advice on adopting a pet from a shelter or a rescue

Question: What tips and advice you can give about adopting a pet from rescue or a shelter? Hi we’re looking to adopt a pet from a shelter, but we are curious on what factors should someone consider before owning a rescue/ shelter dog? How can we prepare for the unexpected when adopting a rescue? What […]

Cat Litter Box

Question: What’s the Best Cat Litter Boxes? What you should know when buying Cat Litter Boxes? What is the best and worst kind of litter box? What is the number one thing cat owners should know when buying a litter box? Answer: Most cats prefer large, open-topped litterboxes. Avoid litter boxes with hoods. Even though […]

What is an Orthopedic Dog Bed?

Question: What is Orthopedic Dog Bed? How are they different from a regular Dog bed?  Hi i’d like to know what’s the definition of an “orthopedic” bed? The term seems to be thrown around a lot, when we’re talking about mattresses … is that a real term with any kind of regulation around it? How […]

How to bond with your dog?

Question: How to bond with a dog and to make sure they’re comfortable at home? Let say I have a new dog and I need practical tips on how to bond with my dog. What can you do to make sure the new pup is comfortable in his new home? What to do if you […]

What is Cat Purring? and Why does Cat do it?

Question: Why does Cat Purr? how they do it, why they do it, and what it means. Just writing a couple of questions about Cat purring, what are some reasons that cats purr? (for bonding? To self-soothe? So their owners can find them? etc.) Why do cats purr when they are in pain, such as […]

Best Trailers For Dogs and Safety Tips

Question: What Are The Best Trailers For Dogs and Safety Tips Hi i’m looking for the best trailers for dogs and I’m hoping to get your insights on what to look for in a dog trailer but also safety tips and what to keep in mind when actually cycling with a dog trailer. Answer: Cycling […]

Best Dogs For Beginners

Question: What are the best dogs for beginners? What are the best dogs breeds for beginners/new pet that you can suggest to new pet owners and why. Can you share some general information about what new pet parents should consider when getting a dog and why certain breeds are easier if you’ve never had one […]

Favorite Vacuums For Pets

Question: What are your favorites vacuums for pets? Hi! What can you suggest for best pet vacuums to rely on, whether professionally or personally? Answer A high-quality, powerful vacuum is an absolute must if you live with pets who shed significant amounts of hair. Look for vacuums that have a HEPA filter, particularly if you […]

Healthy Cat Weight: What is a Healthy Weight for Cats?

Question Hello feline experts!  would love to get some advice from you about healthy cat weight. How can cat owners determine if their cat is a healthy weight? Is there an indication that my cat is within normal weight, is underweight, or is overweight? are there any physical characteristics and/or other signs (such as energy […]