Picture of a dog leaping - what's the best wireless fence for him?

Best Wireless Dog Fences (Chosen By a Vet)

Wireless dog fences bring divide to the animal community – those for and those against. A wireless dog fence has pros and cons, both of which may shape your decision regarding this type of fencing or barrier for your yard. Taking into account both sides of the coin, we set out to determine the best […]

Picture of a dog with a GPS dog collar - which one is the best?

The Best GPS Dog Fences (Chosen By a Vet)

GPS dog fences can be wireless, electric, non-shocking, portable, or may feature buried wires, and work via global positioning systems to build a barrier and keep track of your dog. Invisible dog fences require training your dog where the boundary is, using visual cues, sound, vibration, or shock. Your dog wears a special receiver collar […]

Picture of a black cat with its tounge out - why does he lick you?

Why Do Cats Lick You? The Answer May Surprise You

Licking is a standard action for cats, from grooming their fur to tasting their surroundings. But it’s also common for them to lick others, from humans, other cats, and even other pets you may have. Licking comes naturally to cats, and your cats may lick you for various reasons, from the fact that they care […]

Picture of a cat cuddling - why do they make biscuits and knead?

Why Do Cats Make Biscuits? (AKA Knead) The Answer May Surprise You

Cats are notorious for being more standoffish than their canine contemporaries. But sometimes, they condescend to climb onto their people and ‘make biscuits’ (or “knead” – a pushing motion cats make with their paws, alternating from left to right).  This unusual behavior can be painful for the person but is obviously a sign of affection […]

Dog playing outside wearing an in-ground fence collar

The Best In Ground Dog Fences

In-ground dog fences allow you to keep your dog safe within a perimeter without the unsightly above-ground fences that are traditionally used for containment. Considering how often Homeowner’s Associations prohibit those types of fences, in-ground fences are becoming more popular than ever. But where do you start? Don’t worry, we have all the information you […]

Spaniels walking in fenced-in area

The Best Dog Fences

Keeping your dog safe means having them under control inside and out, which often means a dog fence. You can take him on frequent walks, and he may love the closeness to you, but the freedom of running in a yard unhindered by a lead or leash will undoubtedly contribute to your dog’s happiness. A […]

How to Help your Cat adjust to a new Home

How to Help Your Cat Adjust to a New Home

Moving to a new home can be stressful for us and our cats. Whether you are upgrading, downsizing, moving to a house, apartment, or anything in between, moving can be a huge, life-altering change. Most cat owners know that even their most outgoing curious cat can be sensitive to stress. Cats can exhibit stress in […]

Ways to Stop Your Cat From Scratching at the Door

Five Ways To Stop Your Cat From Scratching At The Door

Looking to keep your cat from scratching at the door? Cats make fantastic pets and bring so much joy to their families. Sometimes though, a cat will display behaviors that, though normal for the cat, are unpleasant for the humans in the family. One such behavior is scratching at closed bedroom doors at night while […]