The Pet Lifeline Program: Pet Financial Assistance for Vet Bills

pet financial assistance for low income pet owners to pay vet bills

Are you struggling to afford the medical care that your pet needs? Please don’t give up. We want to help you pay for veterinary care.

The Pet Lifeline Program was created with the goal of helping sick pets get the medical attention they need. Through our program, we provide pet financial assistance to low-income pet owners who are having trouble paying expensive vet bills.

To learn more about The Pet Lifeline Program, whether or not you’re eligible and how to apply for pet financial assistance, continue reading below.

How The Pet Lifeline Program Works

All too often, our beloved pets get sick. For many pet owners, those vet bills can add up and become overwhelming. The mission of The Pet Lifeline Program is to help provide financial assistance to pet owners who are struggling to cover their pet’s veterinary bills.

Each month, we select one pet owner to award financial aid to. Our goal is to provide vet bill assistance to the pets that need it most. The selection process is based on your financial need and your pet’s current medical situation. These funds are not intended to fully pay for any specific medical procedure, or to compensate you for all your pet’s medical expenses. They are intended to assist and help pay a portion of your veterinary bill, so your pet can begin to get the necessary care.

We notify pet financial aid recipients monthly, by the first Friday of each following month.

*Please note: Owners are only eligible receive pet financial assistance one time. You will not be chosen more than once, so please do not apply again if you’ve received financial aid from our program previously.

Eligibility Requirements

The Pet Lifeline Program is exclusively for non-basic, non-urgent care cases only. For reference, there are four pet care categories:

  1. Basic medical care (regular checkups/exams, spay and neuter procedures, dental, vaccinations, etc.)
  2. Non-basic, non-urgent medical care (cancer treatment, heart disease; chronic conditions, endocrine diseases, diabetes, eye diseases, IBD, etc.)
  3. Urgent medical care (diagnostic testing, broken limbs, torn ligaments, internal bleeding, etc.)
  4. Emergency medical care (life-threatening conditions, injuries or illnesses)

Other eligibility requirements for pet financial assistance include:

  1. Eligible pet owners must live in the United States
  2. Vet bill assistance is for domestic pets only (i.e. any animal that is normally kept inside a domestic dwelling, including dogs, cats, rabbits, parrots and similar-sized animals; this does not include livestock, such as horses, cows, goats, etc.)
  3. Eligible pet owners can apply for a one-time payment which must be for a pet you already own

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do we asses an applicant’s need for financial aid? Many programs ask for a full financial disclosure from applicants. We don’t. We want to keep the process as simple and expeditious as possible. We operate under the assumption that if you’re applying for aid, you need the funds for vet bill assistance.
  • What happens after an application is submitted? Applicants will get an email confirmation that we’ve received your submission. All submissions are reviewed to determine eligibility for that month’s vet bill assistance.
  • Will you share of sell my email addresses? No, we absolutely will not sell or share your email address with any other parties. For more information, please read our privacy policy.
  • How much pet financial assistance can I receive? The amount awarded each month is $200.
  • Where do the funds for pet financial aid come from? These funds we use for vet bill assistance from the revenue we generate from advertisers on our website. It’s our way of paying it forward.

List of Financial Aid Recipients

2023 Pet Financial Assistance Recipients

  • January – Berhsaidy Collado and her cat, Midnight Martinez – New York, NY

2022 Pet Financial Assistance Recipients

  • November – Chris Pelletier and his rabbit, Fitz – Blythewood, SC
  • October – Samantha Harvey and her dog, Zeus – Knoxville, TN
  • September – Ana Pena and her dog, Pinchee – Surprise, AZ
  • August – Robin Ralston and her cat, Oreo – Ontario, Canada
  • July – Donna James and her cat, Kristel – New York, NY
  • June – Michelle Mathews and her dog, Dixie – Boston, MA
  • May – Yolanda Morales and dog, Pico – Brooklyn, NY

How to Apply for Vet Bill Assistance

If you think that you’re eligible for financial assistance and your pet’s medical needs match our program criteria, complete the application below. Tell us about your pet, what non-basic, non-urgent medical care your pet needs and why you need help with your pet’s vet bills.

When applying:

  • Applicants MUST provide us with the details of your pet’s medical needs/condition
  • Applicants MUST upload a screenshot/copy of your most recent veterinary bill or provide proof of your pet’s medical condition

Please fill out the following application for pet financial aid.

If you have additional questions, you can contact us directly at

Click or drag a file to this area to upload.