Dogs of various breeds sitting together

101 Mind Blowing Dog Statistics

The people have spoken. Dogs grace the households of more than 50 percent of the U.S. population, with roughly 108 million dogs claiming a home, and hopefully a couch. Americans love dogs so much, the average home with canines has more than one dog. Around the world, dogs are a favorite pet as well, with […]

fun and interesting facts about dogs

101 Fun and Interesting Dog Facts

Most people would agree dogs themselves are fun and interesting, but they’re so much more than that. Dogs have captured most of the hearts and souls on this planet. They’re our best friends, family members, and furry children. Dogs make us laugh, cry, and shake our heads. And we just can’t live without them. From […]

pets and the metaverse

Pets and The Metaverse (Infographic)

With all of this talk about the metaverse, let’s put first things first and properly define all of the technologies that go into it. The metaverse is the convergence of technologies and human interaction that includes VR, AR, avatars, video games, NFTs, and much more. And what’s a better friend of humanity than pets? That’s right, […]