Small dog using wooden dog stairs

The Best Dog Stairs and Steps

Dog stairs and steps may just be the thing you need to keep your pup’s life happy and fulfilled – and if you could ask them what they need to be happy, they’d probably say all they need is you. Unfortunately, just because our dog wants to be everywhere we are doesn’t necessarily mean the […]

Adult Goldendoodle with a Goldendoodle puppy

Goldendoodle Growth Chart: How Big Will Your Goldendoodle Get?

Bred to be part Golden Retriever and part Poodle, the Goldendoodle is considered a crossbreed or designer breed. They’re bred for three different sizes – miniature, medium, and standard. The Goldendoodle is not, however, a registered dog breed and isn’t recognized by the American Kennel Club, or AKC. But they have gained the love of […]

Veterinarian with a dog and cat providing healthcare

The State of Pet Healthcare in 2022: Trends, Stats, and Data

Across the globe, almost 845 million dogs and cats have a home, though dogs are, by far, the most popular non-human family member in the world. More than half of homes in the U.K. and France cater to at least one pet. Just under half of Italian households have a dog or cat, while just […]

Cat Asleep in Bed

The Best Cat Beds

Cats sleep as many as 16 hours per day (some, like kittens, even more!), so having a cozy cat bed is essential. A good cat bed gives kitties a soft, warm, and safe place to pass all those hours they spend snoozing. Our vet advisor, Dr. Jennifer Coates, selected five of the best cat beds […]

Dog breeders holding four Siberian Husky puppies

The Best Dog Breeders in America

So you want to become a dog owner! Congratulations! Once you’ve decided on a breed (and if you haven’t yet, check out this Dog Breed Selector from the American Kennel Club to get you started!), the next step is to choose a reputable breeder. Unfortunately, this can be trickier than it might sound! There are […]

Aquarium Water Heater

The Best Aquarium Heaters

An aquarium heater is an important part of virtually any aquarium setup. It’s essential for keeping aquarium water at the optimal temperature to keep your fish happy, healthy, and comfortable. Without an aquarium heater to keep the water at the right temperature, a fish can easily become ill or even die. To help you keep […]

Guinea Pig Cages

The Best Guinea Pig Cages

Are you trying to choose between several different guinea pig cages? Whether you’re a new pet owner or an experienced pet parent, it can be tricky to know what type of cage to go for. It’s important to get a safe, comfortable cage that’s large enough for your guinea pig(s). Cages can be quite expensive, […]


The Best Aquarium Canister Filters

Filters are one of the most important features of an aquarium. An aquarium houses a sensitive eco-system that needs a canister filter to keep the aquarium environment safe and balanced according to the fish species and tank size. This, in turn, helps to keep its inhabitants healthy and happy. Our vet advisor Dr. Chyrle Bonk […]


The Best Turtle Tank Filters

If you keep turtles, a turtle tank filter is a must-have purchase. It not only helps to keep the water clean and clear, eliminating the need for frequent water changes, but it also provides a healthier habitat that allows these popular reptiles to thrive. Our vet advisor Dr. Jennifer Coates, DVM, reviewed dozens of the […]

are your pets at risk with coronavirus

COVID-19 and Pet Health Safety (with Infographic)

Can your pet die from COVID-19? If you’ve asked yourself this question, you can rest assured you’re in good company. Every month, thousands of pet parents turn to Google to find the answer to this question. They also ask questions like, “Can dogs get COVID?” or “What symptoms of COVID in dogs should I look […]

Two cats exploring clean litter box with dust free cat litter

The Best Dust Free Cat Litter

Looking for a great dust free cat litter? If you find that you’re constantly sweeping up dust, sneezing from clouds of it, or even that your kitty is sneezing when using the litter tray, then you’ll want to switch to a different brand of cat litter. Our vet advisor, Dr. Chyrle Bonk, selected these top-performing […]

Betta fish in a tank

The Best Betta Fish Tanks

Betta fish tanks are tanks designed specifically to meet the needs of this unique fish. Betta fish, otherwise known as Siamese fighting fish, are small-but-vibrant freshwater, tropical fish. They can make great pets for those who enjoy taking care of aquatic life. This fiercely independent fish prefers to swim alone, but some females may get […]

German Shepherd with a toy outside

The Best Toys for German Shepherds

Choosing the best toys for German Shepherds might feel tricky. Maybe you’re worried about buying a toy that won’t be rugged enough to stand up to your dog. Perhaps you’ve already purchased a few toys that came highly recommended for dogs … but it seems like they’re sized for a miniature poodle. Our vet advisor, […]

Dog snuggled wrapped in a blanket on a bed

The Best Dog Blankets

Are you looking for the best dog blankets? Whether you want a spare blanket to keep in the car, a blanket for your sofa, or simply an extra blanket for your dog’s bed, there are loads of different options available. Our vet advisor, Dr. Danielle Morosco, has selected the very best dog blankets out there […]

Cat sleeping in a cozy cave bed

The Best Cat Cave Beds

Cat cave beds are perfect for cats that like to hide and snuggle. Not only do these beds provide some level of privacy while your cat sleeps, but they also provide cozy fabric for your cat to snuggle in while feeling safe and secure. Our vet advisor, Dr. Chyrle Bonk, chose the best cat cave […]

Dog standing in outdoor dog kennel on a warm sunny day

The Best Outdoor Dog Kennels

An outdoor dog kennel is perfect for dogs who like to spend plenty of time outdoors but can’t always have free reign of the yard due to safety concerns or other reasons. While keeping dogs outdoors full time isn’t recommended, especially in kennels that aren’t climate controlled, they’re great for letting your dog stretch their […]

Dogs in backseat of car on a dog car seat cover

The Best Dog Car Seat Covers

Dog car seat covers are a great way to protect your car’s interior from damage and messes that can result from transporting your dog in your car. Taking your dog on adventures is so much fun and sometimes we have to transport our dog places, like to the vet. Unfortunately, between mud, claws, hair, and […]

Dog laying on elevated dog bed in the grass

The Best Elevated Dog Beds

Elevated dog beds are great for managing orthopedic problems and improving your pet’s overall comfort. They can be ideal for dogs with hip and joint issues and help keep your furry friend cool and comfortable during the warm summer months. Of course, if your pet already has issues sleeping comfortably you don’t want to pick […]

Dog sitting on a cooling mat

The Best Dog Cooling Mats

When the temperature starts to rise, it’s easy for your beloved pup to get overheated. Puppies, older dogs, and certain breeds may have trouble keeping themselves cool in the heat. The best dog cooling mats help your dog stay comfortable and safe when it’s hot outside. There are many dog cooling mats available on the […]

Corgi lying on a dog sofa bed

The Best Dog Couch Beds and Dog Sofa Beds

Dog sofas and couches are beds for dogs that look like mini couches. They’re ideal if you want a dog bed that will look stylish in a main living area or if your dog prefers to sleep on slightly elevated beds. These products have been selected by our vet advisor, Dr. Amanda Jondle. Her top […]

Veterinarian typing on a laptop in the office

50 Best Veterinarian Blogs to Learn About Pet Care & Veterinary Medicine

From the individual veterinarian to veterinary hospitals to organizations made up of vet-care professionals, veterinarian blogs run the gamut of content for pet owners to advanced content for veterinarians to business and marketing strategies for the veterinary practice. With all that’s out there, we launched a search for 50 of the best veterinarian blogs. Divided […]

Speaker presenting at a veterinary conference

50 Best Veterinary Conferences of 2022

Here at PND we invest a lot in creating tools and guides to help keep pets healthy. Things like our puppy weight estimator, our guide to the ideal weight for a dog, this comprehensive section on foods your dog should and should not eat, our collection of growth charts (including our popular Goldendoodle growth chart), […]

Let’s Be the Best Pet Parents We Can: Looking to Future Proof Costs

As the pandemic has clearly shown us, we all need human contact and relationships. Loneliness can be crushing – but what do you do if you’re alone? If you’re like many people, you may have turned to getting a pet as companionship. In fact, it was such a prevalent trend, that during the pandemic, there […]

Beagle lying in the grass

Is It Cruel to Keep a Dog Outside?

It is natural for dogs to be outside, and most dogs love the outdoors. There are several reasons that some dog owners might want to keep a dog outside. Perhaps they want a guard dog or have a dog with behavioral issues. But is it cruel to keep a dog outside for extended periods of […]

How cold is too cold for a dog to sleep outside?

How Cold is Too Cold for a Dog to Sleep Outside?

Dogs tend to be hardier than people when it comes to their temperature tolerances and in general, many dogs can tolerate colder temperatures than their owners. But just because your dog can tolerate a certain temperature, doesn’t mean they should. Dog owners should be well aware of their dog’s limits. Most dogs have a preference […]

How Do I Help My Dog Lose Weight?

How Do I Help My Dog Lose Weight?

The recent pandemic has found many pet owners working from home, spending more time with their pets, and that’s led to many asking “How do I help my dog lose weight?” Being more available to share food or to give a treat has resulted in many dogs gaining quite a bit of weight. If you […]

The Best Dog Breeds Built for the Outdoors

18+ Best Dog Breeds that are Built for the Outdoors

With so many different dog breeds around the world, it is pretty easy to find a canine companion that is the perfect fit for your lifestyle and climate. Whether you are looking for a running partner, working farm dog, trail companion, hunting hound, sled dog, sport dog, or just want an energetic pup to hang […]

Do Cats Get Cold? Signs Your Cat is cold, and How to Keep Them Warm

Do Cats Get Cold? Signs Your Cat is Cold and How to Keep Them Warm

As the leaves turn colors and fall from the trees, you’re probably pulling out your fleece blankets, hot tea, and wool sweaters in an effort to stay warm. With their furry coats, it may never have occurred to you that your cat is cold, as well. Whether indoors or out, cats do get cold, fortunately […]

Person walking a small dog on a treadmill

The Best Dog Treadmills

Using a dog treadmill is a great way to exercise your dog when you can’t get out and about or in addition to outdoor walks. Dog treadmills aren’t an alternative to walks, since your dog needs the mental stimulation that comes from seeing the outside world and sniffing all the neighborhood scents, but they’re great […]

Small dog stepping out of a cozy indoor dog house

The Best Indoor Dog Houses

Buying an indoor dog house may give your dog just what he needs to develop an attachment to your home and to you. Proving a space that is just your dog’s will show him that he belongs and that he’s part of the family. If you’re stuck on how to go about finding the right […]

Dog holding measuring tape while standing on scale

How Heavy Should My Dog Be? A Vet’s Guide to An Answer

Most dog owners will ask at some point in their dog’s life: how heavy should my dog be? Does your dog look like an ottoman, or do you see an hourglass figure when you look down? If you said ottoman, then your pet is overweight, even obese. You could be doing them a disservice by […]

Dog panting outdoors in the sun

12 Signs Your Dog is Overheated (and How to Help)

Like people, dogs can become overheated if they’re exposed to hot temperatures for a long period of time. Heat-related illnesses can be serious in dogs, leading to organ damage, seizures, GI problems, abnormal heart rhythms, and even death. That’s why it’s important for pet parents to know how to identify the signs your dog is […]

best pet shops in America

The Best Pet Stores in America

Finding a pet store that carries the supplies you need for your furry, feathered, or scaly family member can be difficult. You want a store that has fair prices, and a staff of caring, knowledgeable experts. You might also have special pet-related needs, like a pet store that caters to exotic creatures or one that […]

Which Cities and States Care the Most (and Least) about Their Pets? (Infographic)

Many of us consider our pets to be a part of the family. How could we not…especially when they shower us with so much love and affection? All they ask for in return is that we show them just as much love and care as they do for us. So how do we know if […]

Dog next to wet spot on carpet, incontinent dog

How to Treat Urinary Incontinence in Your Dog

Urinary incontinence is a tough problem for dog owners, so it’s not uncommon for pet owners to ask how to treat urinary incontinence in their dog. Constantly cleaning up after your dog gets frustrating and exhausting. Even patient owners may find themselves getting angry. However, a better understanding of the causes behind the condition can […]

Puppy sitting next to a wet spot on the bed

What to Do When Your Dog Pees the Bed

Wondering what to do when your dog pees the bed? There’s nothing quite like getting ready to lay down after a long day and finding dog pee on your bed and pillow. While finding dog pee in the dog’s bed isn’t as bad, it’s still a problem that can strain your home life. Inappropriate urination […]

Two dogs on bed in indoor dog house

5 Things to Put in a Dog House for Bedding

You have just spent the time and effort to set up a nice house for your dog, and now you might be wondering what things to put in a dog house for bedding to keep your pup safe, comfortable, warm, and dry. In this article, I’ll explain the various types of dog house bedding to […]

Dog lounging on waterproof dog bed

The Best Waterproof Dog Beds

Waterproof dog beds are perfect for senior dogs or puppies who experience the odd bathroom accident, as the waterproof layer protects the filling of the bed inside. They’re also ideal for dogs who drool excessively or those who often head to their beds with wet, muddy paws. Our vet advisor, Dr. Amanda Jondle, reviewed dozens […]