The best German Shepherd harness

The Best German Shepherd Harness, Chosen By a Vet

Here are Pet News Daily we have tested and reviewed a ton of dog harnesses. One thing that’s very quickly evident as you look into different types of harnesses is that not every dog harness is good for every kind of breed. For that reason we’re creating a series of breed-specific dog harness guides like […]

How to measure your dog for a harness

How to Measure Your Dog for a Harness

Dog harnesses may be used for identification, walking, or training assistance. Various types of harnesses are available for different purposes and different dogs. However, regardless of the type of harness used, it must always fit properly to ensure the dog is securely but comfortably held. Read on to learn more about harnesses and how to […]

How should a dog harness fit?

How Should a Dog Harness Fit? (Vet’s Guide)

Dog harnesses are an alternative to dog collars that can be used for identification, dog walking, or training assistance. Due to safety concerns with dog collars, harnesses are preferred for certain breeds or dogs with certain medical conditions. Multiple types of harnesses are available, so owners should select the one most appropriate for their dog. […]

Picture of a puppy on a leash in a harness

Best Puppy Harnesses (Chosen By a Vet)

If you’re here there’s likely a number of items on your new puppy checklist. With any purchase for a puppy you likely have some concerns: Will it fit right? Will it last? Will it do it’s job? Will it hurt my puppy? A puppy harness is no different. In this post (with the help of […]

Picture of dogs with harnesses - what are the best no pull options?

Best No-Pull Dog Harnesses (Chosen By a Vet)

It’s time for a walk, but you’re not sure who walks who. Are you walking your dog, or is she pulling you all over the neighborhood? If the latter is the case, consider adding a no-pull dog harness to your canine collection of leashes, collars, bowls, and toys. Our vet advisor, Dr. Jennifer Coates, DVM, […]

Dog Lift Harness

Best Dog Lift Harnesses (Chosen By a Vet)

For small dogs who need the occasional boost during walks to large dogs who need help getting around, dog lift harnesses can be a life saver for many pets and owners. Available in a wide range of styles, dog lift harnesses are available as a full body dog lift harness, rear lift harness only, front […]

ICEFANG Tactical Dog Harness

ICEFANG Tactical Dog Harness Review

Large dogs often have more than enough energy to match their size, making it difficult to control your canine companion while you’re out for your daily walks. You need a strong harness that can withstand the stresses your dog inflicts upon it, and that’s where the ICEFANG Tactical Dog Harness  comes in. We see a […]

Web Master Harness

Ruffwear Web Master Multi-Use Support Dog Harness Review

If both you and your dog are active and love the outdoors, you’ll most likely need a harness that safe, comfortable and durable. The Ruffwear Web Master promises to be all these things – and more – but can it live up to its claims? We’ve seen a lot of harnesses at Pet News Daily, […]

UFFWEAR, Front Range Dog Harness

RUFFWEAR Front Range Dog Harness Review

The RUFFWEAR Front Range Dog Harness is a comfortable, lightweight harness that’s great for everyday walks, hikes, and runs. The harness has two leash attachment points, one on the back and one on the chest. It’s available in a variety of colors and sizes, so you’re sure to find the perfect fit for your dog. […]

Image of the Rabbitgoo harness

rabbitgoo Escape Proof Dog Harness Review

Pups in training and dogs who pull are only a few of the canines that might need a harness instead of, or in addition to, a collar and leash. The rabbitgoo Escape Proof Dog Harness is an affordable, highly adjustable harness with three straps, two handles, and reflective tape that provide extra control and security. […]

Husky on Harness

The Best Husky Harness

If you’re the pup parent of a husky, you’ll know that these athletic and strong-willed dogs require a little more attention and control than some other breeds, particularly during walks. Husky harnesses are the best option for keeping your dog safe while avoiding injuries to both of you. A well-fitted harness will also give you […]

Dog wearing an escape proof dog harness and leash outdoors

The Best Escape Proof Dog Harnesses

Finding the right escape-proof dog harness is vital if you have a Houdini dog. When you’re taking him on a walk, you should both be enjoying yourselves, not worried about whether he’s going to get loose. Finding the right harness can turn those stressful walks into the peaceful experience you prefer. Our vet advisor, Dr. […]