The Best Joint Supplements for Dogs

Happy dog in grass

The best joint supplements for dogs reduce inflammation and are effective in treating arthritis or stiff joints. Whether your senior dog needs some help getting around or your young pup has an injured leg, joint supplements can help aid your dog in recovery and mobility. Speak with your veterinarian before giving your dog any type […]

How Do I Treat Cherry Eye in My Dog?

Pictures of cherry eye in a dog

Did you know that your dog, and many other mammals, have a third eyelid? The third eyelid, also known more formally as the nictitating membrane, is essential for production of the tear film and protection of the eye. This small triangular structure can be seen in the inner corner of your dog’s eyelid, especially if […]

9 Ways to Keep Your Dog Cool This Summer

Picture of a dog in sunglasses staying cool

When the hot weather hits, your dog might need some extra help beating the heat. Dogs are highly susceptible to heat, (even overheating or getting a sunburn) with some dogs being compromised due to their bone structure, coat, age, or health. For example, Pugs and other flat-nosed breeds can’t pant as effectively, putting them at […]

Why Is My Dog’s Face Swollen?

A dog with a swollen face

Dogs make wonderful companions and indeed are “man’s best friend.” Surveys have found that 6.4 million homes in the United States have dogs as pets, and there are close to 90 million dogs in the country. Most people feel that their dogs are part of the family. Dogs have moved from backyard pets into our […]