FURminator Grooming Rake Review

FURminator Grooming Rake

Caring for pets with undercoats poses additional challenges. Without regular grooming with a tool that can penetrate the deeper layers of fur, undercoats are prone to matting. The FURminator Grooming Rake is specifically designed for taking care of undercoats in dogs and cats. It also works well for pets with thick medium to long fur, even […]

The Best Dog Clippers for Poodles

Person using dog clippers on a poodle

Unlike most dog fur, poodle fur is short, thick, and curly, meaning it can easily form mats. Keeping their coat trimmed makes it easier to brush and maintain while making your poodle look great. Clippers can have a number of issues, however, including: Power sources not working consistently Blades that are difficult to maintain and […]

7 Ways to Make a Dog’s Coat Shiny

Picture of a dog with a shiny coat

As a veterinarian, I’m often asked how to make a dog’s coat shiny. Not all breeds have naturally shiny coats, but in some dogs, a dull coat can be an indicator of an underlying health condition. Here’s what you need to know about the potential causes of a dull coat and what you can do […]

The Best Dog Hair Dryer

Yorkie being blow dried at a grooming shop

Anyone who has given a dog a bath knows the drill. Most dogs hate the bath and can’t wait to get themselves dry. They frantically try to jump out of the bathtub and will shake as much water as they can off at the first opportunity. Beyond that, if you have an active dog they’re […]

How to Give a Dog a Bath – The Right Way!

Dog getting a bath outdoors in a tub

Giving a dog a bath sounds easy enough, right? Just take them out back and hose them off, squirt some of your own shampoo on them, and rinse. Ta da! But wait – there actually is a right and wrong way to bathe your furry friend. By following these tips on how to give a […]

The Best Dog Ear Cleaner Solution

Cleaning Dog's Ears

Ear infections and other ear health issues are pretty common among dogs and can even become a recurring problem, which is why dog ear cleaning solutions are so helpful. Keeping your dog’s ears clean can help prevent infections. And, since infections can spread, leading to other health issues, clean ears are important to your dog’s […]

The Best Dog Grooming Clippers

Woman grooming a cocker spaniel with dog grooming clippers

Whether you’re looking to do some at-home trimming or starting a grooming business, you need the right set of dog grooming clippers. Selecting the best dog grooming clippers for you and your pooch depends on the grooming job in front of you. If you’re new to dog grooming, choose a smaller, lightweight dog grooming clipper. […]

The Best Brush for Australian Shepherds

Australian Shepherd

It’s important to choose the right brush for Australian Shepherds due to their hair coat and frequent shedding. The coloring and softness of an Australian Shepherd’s coat are one reason many pet parents fall in love with this breed. It has two layers, helping keep your pet warm in winter and cool in summer – […]