The Best Brush for Australian Shepherds (April 2024 Reviews)

Australian Shepherd

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It’s important to choose the right brush for Australian Shepherds due to their hair coat and frequent shedding.

The coloring and softness of an Australian Shepherd’s coat are one reason many pet parents fall in love with this breed. It has two layers, helping keep your pet warm in winter and cool in summer – but this structure also means a lot of shedding, especially in spring and fall.

You need the right brush to remove dead hair and prevent mats and tangles.

Our vet advisor, Dr. Chyrle Bonk, DVM, reviewed dozens of the best brushes for Australian Shepherds to bring you her top choices. The GM Pets Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush was her top pick.

Our Vet’s Top Pick

GM Pets Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush

This self-cleaning brush is strong and effective on Australian Shepherds, plus it’s designed to be comfortable to use.

With its strong bristles, ergonomic grip, and instant cleaning button, it’s a fantastic choice for not just your dog but for you too.

But there’s a lot that goes into choosing the perfect brush for your Aussie. You may be on a budget, looking for a comb, or more concerned about your Aussie’s coat and finish than anything else. Dr. Bonk took all of this into account in selecting the best brushes for a variety of uses.

The 5 Best Brushes for Australian Shepherds

Aussie Brushes Compared

Here are the top picks from our veterinarian. Compare the ratings and features of different models.

Editor’s Picks Model Rating Type of Brush Material For thick fur? Comfort-grip handle?
Best Overall GM Pets Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush 4.4 Slicker brush Plastic with metal teeth
Best Undercoat Rake FURminator Grooming Rake 4.7 Undercoat rake Plastic with metal teeth
Best De-Shedding Tool DakPets De-shedding Tool 4.4 Grooming comb Stainless steel
Best Comb Poodle Pet Detangling Pet Comb 4.6 Detangling comb Stainless steel
Best Finishing Brush BV Two-Sided Brush 4.5 Two-sided: bristle and pin Nylon (bristles) and metal (pins)

*Ratings are on a scale of 1 to 5 and based on reviews, feedback, and opinions of actual customers

Who Should Buy Brushes for Australian Shepherds

  • Pet parents who are bringing home an Australian Shepherd for the first time – There are lots of purchases to make when you get any new pet. Your Australian Shepherd will need a good brush for regular grooming (daily during heavy shedding seasons).
  • Anyone who’s finding their current brush uncomfortable or hard to use – Perhaps you have an old brush that’s hard to keep clean or that isn’t comfortable to hold for long periods. All the brushes in our top 5 list have comfortable grips.
  • Australian Shepherd owners with only one type of brush – It’s a good idea to have several tools to hand, such as a comb or pin brush for untangling, de-shedding tools or rakes to get through the thick undercoat, and a slicker brush to help remove shed hair.

Who Should Not Buy Brushes for Australian Shepherds

  • Owners of other breeds of dog – Australian Shepherds have a double coat, so our vet’s picks may not be the most suitable brushes for dogs with single coats. If you don’t have an Australian Shepherd, make sure you look carefully at the details of the brush you’re considering buying.
  • Pet owners who already have lots of suitable brushes and combs – If you’re happy with your current brushes and they’re doing a good job of removing mats and tangles, you don’t need to buy new ones.

Buying Guide: Research Tips From a Veterinarian

As a veterinarian, I often get asked how to choose the right brush for Australian Shepherds. It’s important to understand that you’re likely to need more than one brush. Brushing not only removes shedding hair, it’s also important to stimulate and disperse the skin’s natural oils to give your dog’s coat a healthy shine and softness. Brushing will also remove dirt and debris, prevent mats, and increase the hair’s health.

You’re likely to need several different brushes, depending on the time of year and your dog’s specific haircoat. Talk to your own veterinarian or a professional groomer, and consider consulting an Australian Shepherd breed organization. They’ll have advice and recommendations for the best of everything, from food to exercises to brushes that perfectly match the needs of Australian Shepherds.

  1. For longer-haired Australian Shepherds, look for a comb or pin brush for detangling their long locks – These types of brushes work well to remove any dirt, grass, or weed seeds from your dog’s coat.
  2. For thick-coated dogs, de-shedding tools or rakes can get through their undercoat – You can also opt for FURminator tools with longer teeth to reach down to the skin.
  3. Slicker brushes are a great option too – These work well for all hair types as a detangler as well as a shed hair remover.
  4. If you want your Australian Shepherd to have a healthy shine, add in a bristle brush – This isn’t essential, but it should do a good job of distributing skin oils to make your dog’s coat glisten.

How Much Do They Cost?

Between $10 and $25

Most brushes for Australian Shepherds cost between $10 and $25. In this range, you can expect a good-quality brush that’s easy to use and comfortable for both you and your dog. Brushes at the higher end of the price range are likely to be a little more durable and may have more specialist features. Be cautious about brushes that cost less than $10, as they may end up costing you more in the long run if you have to frequently replace them.

Our Methodology: Why Trust Pet News Daily

As a veterinarian, I have spoken with many pet owners, groomers, and other veterinarians about the best dog brushes on the market for all sorts of breeds, including Australian Shepherds. With the many brushes available on the market, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by choice. I’ve selected these top 5 brushes based on my professional experience as a veterinarian along with considering the comfort, ease of use, and durability of each. I also made sure I picked a range of different types of brushes and combs so that you can cover all the different grooming needs of your Australian Shepherd. – Dr. Chyrle Bonk, DVM

The Best Brushes for Australian Shepherd Reviews

1. Best Overall – GM Pets Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush

Our Vet’s Top Pick

GM Pets Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush

This self-cleaning brush is strong and effective on Australian Shepherds, plus it’s designed to be comfortable to use.

The GM Pets Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush is a great 2-in-1 brush suitable for Australian Shepherds as well as plenty of other dogs. It’s incredibly easy and comfortable to use, with an ergonomic comfort-grip handle and a self-clean mechanism. Just press the button to “eject” the hair caught in the brush.

With its strong metal bristles, it’s designed for dogs with thick coats and long hair, so it’s perfect for Australian Shepherds. It also does a great job of removing matted hair.

  • Comfortable to use with ergonomic grip and thumb rest
  • Hair comes off the brush with the click of a button
  • Many reviewers said this worked well when other brushes had failed
  • 90-day full satisfaction guarantee
  • Bristles are sharp, so you’ll want to be careful when using it
  • Only one choice of color (purple)

2. Best Undercoat Rake – FURminator Grooming Rake

Best Undercoat Rake

FURminator Grooming Rake

With its impressive ability to reach the undercoat, this comb has rotating metal teeth to easily remove loose hair.

The FURminator Grooming Rake (read our review of furminator grooming as well) removes loose hair and tangles, preventing mats. It has rotating metal teeth that do a great job of getting loose hair out of your Australian Shepherd’s undercoat.

This comb is perfect for Australian Shepherds as it deals well with thick fur and dense double coats. The ergonomic handle makes it comfortable and easy to grip and gives you full control too.

  • Rotating metal teeth help remove loose hair from undercoat
  • Ergonomic handle is comfortable to hold and easy to control
  • Great for dogs who’ve resisted grooming in the past
  • A few reviewers said the handle came off easily
  • Needs to be used quite patiently to work well

3. Best Deshedding Tool – DakPets De-shedding Tool

Best De-Shedding Tool

DakPets De-shedding Tool

This clever comb removes dead hair from the undercoat without affecting your pet’s glossy top coat.

The DakPets De-shedding Tool significantly reduces shedding by removing dead hair from your Australian Shepherd’s undercoat, without harming their top coat. The comb is made from rust-resistant steel,

The durable rubber handle is easy to grip and the brush is available in blue, pink, or yellow. The handle detaches from the comb, for easier cleaning or simply so you can use the comb on its own to tackle tricky patches of your dog’s fur.

  • Gets through fur smoothly without pulling or hurting your dog
  • Easy to grip and clean
  • 60-day refund period if you’re not happy for any reason
  • Some reviewers said it only worked well if held at just the right angle
  • May need to go over your dog’s coat several times for a good result

4. Best Comb – Poodle Pet Detangling Pet Comb

Best Comb

Poodle Pet Detangling Pet Comb

With alternating long and short stainless steel teeth, this detangling comb will easily remove knots and mats.

To get knots and mats out of your Australian Shepherd’s hair, try the Poodle Pet Detangling Pet Comb. The teeth are made from stainless steel, meaning they’re strong and effective. The handle has an anti-slip grip, plus it’s light and easy to use.

It’s also a budget-friendly option, meaning it’s a great comb to go for if you’re buying some other dog grooming tools too. You’ll be getting those clumps and mats of fur out of your Australian Shepherd’s coat in no time.

  • Light and comfortable to hold
  • Removes knots and mats without hurting your dog
  • Won’t break the bank
  • A few reviewers mentioned the teeth bent easily
  • May need to hold it at an angle for it to work effectively

5. Best Finishing Brush – BV Two-Sided Brush

Best Finishing Brush

BV Two-Sided Brush

This double-sided brush has pins for removing snarls and debris plus bristles that help distribute skin oils through your Australian Shepherd’s coat.

To help your Australian Shepherd look its best, you’ll want to use a finishing brush. The BV Two-Sided Brush is a great option as it has two sides: pins to remove snarls and debris and bristles to distribute natural oils that make your dog’s coat shiny.

It has a comfortable ergonomic handle with a grooved grip, and the ventilation hole in the brush lets the pins flex and contour to your dog’s back.

  • Get dull fur looking shiny again
  • Many reviewers said their dog loved this brush
  • It’s easy to clean
  • Some pins may fall out after frequent use
  • Pins may not get through your Australian Shepherd’s coat effectively

Frequently Asked Questions

Should you brush an Australian Shepherd?

Yes, just like any dog, Australian Shepherds need to be regularly groomed. Normally, you’ll need to brush them one to three times a week to remove shed hair. Aussies shed year-round, but during their heavy shedding seasons in spring and fall, you’ll likely need to brush them daily.
What tools do you need to groom an Australian Shepherd?

Ideally, you want a few different brushes and combs with different purposes in order to groom your Australian Shepherd effectively. It’s a good idea to look for an undercoat rake (also known as a de-shedding tool) for removing shed hairs from the undercoat, a dog comb for detangling longer outer hairs and removing debris.

A slicker brush is a great all-rounder that works well on both the thick, fine hair of the undercoat and on detangling the longer outer hairs. You might also want to add a pin brush, which can work well during lighter shedding times of year, and a bristle brush for distributing skin oils and giving your dog’s coat a healthy shine. As well as brushes and combs, you’ll also need grooming tools like nail clippers, pet shampoo, and even a pet hair dryer.

How often should an Australian Shepherd be bathed?

Like all breeds of dogs, you only need to bathe your Australian Shepherd when it’s actually necessary. That’s likely to mean every three to four months, and definitely not more than once every six weeks. Bathing your dog too often removes oils from your dog’s coat and can dry out their skin. Obviously, if your Australian Shepherd gets really dirty or rolls in something very smelly, it’s fine to give them a bath.
Is a FURminator safe for Australian Shepherds?

FURminators are a brand of deshedding tool for long-haired dogs. The undercoat rake that we featured above is a FURminator tool that’s safe for your Australian Shepherd. It has rotating teeth to remove loose hairs and tangles, letting it move smoothly through your dog’s coat. There are other types of FURminator that may not be so suitable for Australian Shepherds, so consult with your veterinarian if you’re considering a slightly different tool.
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