Poodle Pet Detangling Pet Comb

Poodle Pet Detangling Pet Comb Review

Knots, mats and tangles are no fun – for either you or your pet – as trying to comb them out can be difficult for you and painful for your furry companion. Fortunately, there are a multitude of brushes and combs available to help things go a little more smoothly, and the Poodle Pet Detangling […]

DakPets De-Shedding Tool

DakPets De-shedding Tool Review

If you’re the owner of a long-haired cat or a dog, you’ve probably searched high and low for a grooming tool that can effectively remove loose hair and minimize the amount of fur shed around the home. The DakPets De-shedding Tool promises to do just that, but does it live up to the hype? We […]

GM Pets Self Cleaning Grooming Brush

GM Pets Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush Review of 2022: Pros, Cons & Verdict

The right tools help you keep your pet’s coat looking silky, shiny, and healthy. The GM Pets Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush works beautifully on long, thick coats to remove shedding hair and keep tangles from forming.  While it might be too big for the smallest of dogs and cats, overall, it works well at removing hair […]

BV Two-Sided Brush

BV Two-Sided Brush Review

Grooming your pet is an important part of their care as it promotes healthy fur and skin, but finding the right brush for them can be a pain. The BV Two-Sided Brush is a versatile grooming tool with one side featuring pins for detangling and the other dense bristles for distributing natural oils all over […]

FURminator Grooming Rake

FURminator Grooming Rake Review

Caring for pets with undercoats poses additional challenges. Without regular grooming with a tool that can penetrate the deeper layers of fur, undercoats are prone to matting. The FURminator Grooming Rake is specifically designed for taking care of undercoats in dogs and cats. It also works well for pets with thick medium to long fur, even […]

Australian Shepherd

The Best Brushes for Australian Shepherds

It’s important to choose the right brush for Australian Shepherds due to their haircoat and frequent shedding. The coloring and softness of an Australian Shepherd’s coat is one reason many pet parents fall in love with this breed. It has two layers, helping keep your pet warm in winter and cool in summer – but […]