BV Two-Sided Brush Review

BV Two-Sided Brush

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Grooming your pet is an important part of their care as it promotes healthy fur and skin, but finding the right brush for them can be a pain. The BV Two-Sided Brush is a versatile grooming tool with one side featuring pins for detangling and the other dense bristles for distributing natural oils all over the coat.

It helps remove dirt and tangles, as well as being a great brush for routine grooming. Customers say that it gets the job done well, especially considering its affordable price.

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Versatile and dual-sided

About the BV Two-Sided Brush

The BV Two-Sided Brush is a reasonably priced, versatile tool that’s great for pet owners who only want to buy a single brush. It has pins on one side that are great for getting through tangles in pets for medium or long coats, and bristles on the other that are great for short-haired pets or smoothing and distributing natural oils on longer coats. This brush works for both cats and dogs.

The ventilation hole in the side that holds the pins lets them more easily adjust to the contours of your pet’s body for increased comfort. They’re also rounded on the tips so that they don’t dig into the skin. The bristles are firm enough to do their job, but not uncomfortably firm.

What’s more, this brush has an ergonomic non-slip handle that will keep your comfortable through long grooming sessions. While it might not be as durable as pricier brushes, buyers generally find it feels solid and stands up to regular use.

Important Features

The BV Two-Sided Brush has a range of great features that set it apart from other pet brushes:

  • Dual-sided with one pin and one bristle side
  • Gentle pins with rounded tips
  • Ergonomic handle for the comfort of the user
  • Adjusts to the contours of your pet
  • Eyelet in the handle is great for hanging it up between uses
  • Good for long- and short-coated dogs and cats

What We Like

There’s plenty to like about the BV Two-Sided Brush.

  • It’s versatile. Because this brush has two sides, it’s useful for a range of grooming tasks. In pets with long or medium fur, the pin side is perfect for removing tangles. It also provides a gentle massage or light scratching feeling that many pets enjoy, regardless of their coat length. The bristle side isn’t as good at working through tangles, but it does help distribute natural oils from the skin all over the coat, to improve its health and shine. It’s an especially good tool for short-coated pets.
  • It’s comfortable for your pet. The pins have rounded tips so they won’t scratch or dig into your pet’s skin in an uncomfortable manner. The bristles are medium-firm to avoid any discomfort for your pet.
  • It’s comfortable to use. Not only is this brush designed with the comfort of the pet in mind, but also of the user. The handle is ergonomic and non-slip so it’s comfortable to hold and shouldn’t strain the hand, wrist, or arm, even if it takes a while to brush your pet.
  • It effectively removes tangles. This brush does a great job of working tangles out of fur, which is great if your long-haired pet is prone to getting mats or tangles.

What We Didn’t Like

You’ll also find some downsides to this brush that are worth considering before you commit to buying it.

  • It may not get through double coats. Some owners of dogs with dense double coats said the pins didn’t work all the way through. However, others have no problems with double coats, so it may depend on how dense they are and the size of the pet.
  • The brush head is on the small side. While this brush is great for cats and small to medium size dogs, you may find it somewhat small if you have a large dog. Check the dimensions before buying to make sure you’d be happy with the size.
  • It can lose bristles and pins over time. We’ve had some reports from customers saying that some bristles have shed and some pins have fallen out after around 6-12 months of use.

Frequently Asked Questions


 The pin side of the brush is for removing tangles and debris from pets’ coats. The bristle side of the brush moves natural oils from a pet’s skin across the coat, leaving it glossy and conditioned.


 This is hard to quantify because you can’t ask your pet if they feel better. However, matted fur is uncomfortable as it can pull on and pinch the skin, so it makes sense that a pet that’s brushed regularly will feel more comfortable than one with a matted coat.


 While you can brush dogs’ fur while it’s wet, brushing it dry is just as good. It’s also more practical because you’re unlikely to bathe your dog weekly or even multiple times a week. If you happen to be bathing your dog, you can go ahead and brush their coat while it’s wet, but otherwise stick to doing so dry.


 You should brush your dog or cat’s coat at least once a week, but medium- and long-coated breeds can benefit from being brushed three to four times a week. If your pet’s coat is extremely prone to matting and they’re happy to be groomed, you can even brush them as often as every day.

Customer Reviews

Positive Reviews

Customers are impressed with the versatility of the BV Two-Sided Brush and how effectively it brush’s dog and cat fur. Many buyers say that their pet loves being brushed with it, which is a testament to its comfort.

“Our dog needs daily brushing to keep his double-coat shiny and tangle-free. His kitty brother is only mildly interested in being brushed but often drops in during a grooming session for a few strokes of his own. I like that this brush has gentle bristles and doesn’t scratch the dogs sensitive skin. I love the soft dense side for distributing the natural oils from root to tip. The dense side can be hard to clean, but if you use a tangle rake, it will also lift out the hair with ease. It’s nice to have a two-in-one tool, so I don’t have a drawer full of brushes.” – Roy, Amazon, 5/13/22

“It’s amazing how much our cat sheds. Even more amazing is the ability of this brush to catch so much hair. The metal wire side catches so much hair and helps us manage an otherwise difficult job. Our cat actually enjoys it when we brush her, thinking we’re giving her a good back scratch.” – T, Amazon, 6/8/22

Negative Reviews

Most of the negative reviews of this brush were in reference to its small size or its durability over time. Some customers found it less effective than they’d hoped in large dogs or dense coats.

“Every time I use this brush on my dog, a few more pins fall out. Starting to run low. The other side is holding up fine, so eventually, it’ll just be a one-sided brush for me.” – Cal, Amazon, 11/2/20

Final Verdict

This is a decent brush overall and versatile enough for a range of grooming tasks and coat types. While there are larger and more durable options on the market, we still think this one offers great value. If you want to see some alternative options, check out the best brushes for Australian Shepherds.

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