The Best Dust Free Cat Litter

Two cats exploring clean litter box with dust free cat litter

Cleaning up after your pets is obviously a gross but necessary task. Scooping out a litter box particularly isn’t a very fun job. Beyond the obvious (scooping cat droppings and clumped cat urine) cat litter can have a number of dangerous chemicals for humans. It’s also a special mess in and of itself! Even moving […]

The Best Dog Clippers for Poodles

Person using dog clippers on a poodle

Unlike most dog fur, poodle fur is short, thick, and curly, meaning it can easily form mats. Keeping their coat trimmed makes it easier to brush and maintain while making your poodle look great. Clippers can have a number of issues, however, including: Power sources not working consistently Blades that are difficult to maintain and […]

How To Introduce Dogs To Avoid A Problem

Two dogs meeting for the first time outdoors

Have you been wondering how to introduce dogs to avoid a problem? It’s a common question dog owners ask, such as when they need to introduce a visiting dog to their dog or introduce a nervous dog to other dogs. As a veterinarian, I often get asked tips and tricks to safely introduce two dogs. […]

How Long Does It Take for a Dog to Digest Food?

Small dog eating out of yellow dog bowl

As a dog owner, you no doubt strive to do everything in your power to support your dog’s health and wellbeing. However, there’s one vital health-related consideration that you may not have given too much thought to: the movement of food through your dog’s digestive system.  While it may seem like an unusual topic to […]

4 Ways to Add Fiber to a Dog’s Diet

Closeup of a happy and healthy dog with his tongue out

Are you looking for ways to add more fiber to your dog’s diet? While fiber is not considered to be an essential ingredient in a dog’s diet, there are a handful of reasons why it may be beneficial to add fiber to a dog’s diet. Fiber not only helps dogs form normal stools, but some types […]

6 Remedies That Will Settle Your Cat’s Upset Stomach

Cat suffering from an upset stomach resting in bed

Does your cat have diarrhea? Or maybe they’re vomiting? If you’re like many cat owners, these issues have led you to search for remedies that will settle your cat’s upset stomach. These symptoms can be brought on by many different causes including: Viral and bacterial infections Parasites Ingesting a toxic substance, unusual food, or foreign […]

7 Ways to Put Your Cat on a Diet

Closeup of overweight cat's face

Have you noticed that your cat has gained a few pounds? Or maybe your cat has been overweight for a while? It might be time to consider putting your cat on a diet. You’re certainly not alone. Various studies have reported that more than half of pet cats may be overweight or obese and the […]

5 Things to Put in a Dog House for Bedding

Two dogs on bed in indoor dog house

You have just spent the time and effort to set up a nice house for your dog, and now you might be wondering what things to put in a dog house for bedding to keep your pup safe, comfortable, warm, and dry. In this article, I’ll explain the various types of dog house bedding to […]

6 Strategies to Stop Dogs from Fighting

Three dogs playing with a ball in the grass

Whether your dog doesn’t get along with other dogs or rarely gets into fights, every dog owner should know how to stop dogs from fighting so you’re prepared should it ever occur. There are a variety of reasons that dogs may fight, from protectiveness to resource guarding to too much (or too little) stimulation. Here’s […]

Why Your Dog Snores (and When & How to Stop It)

Bulldog snoring while sleeping in bed

Wondering why your dog snores? The slow rumble of a snoring dog sleeping nearby in bed may be an endearing noise to some dog owners, but to others, it may cost them precious hours of sleep and worrying that something is wrong. Snoring may be normal in some dogs, but there are some instances that […]

8 Ways to Keep Your Dog Out of the Trash

Dog next to knocked over trash can

Many dog owners find themselves searching for ways to keep their dog out of the trash after experiencing every dog owner’s worst nightmare. Few things are more frustrating – or more concerning – than coming home to find your garbage can knocked over and last night’s dinner along with all kinds of other trash strewn […]

4 Best Home Remedies for Cat Vomiting

Sick cat with an upset stomach hunched over

Is your cat vomiting? There are a few home remedies for cat vomiting that can help. However, if the vomiting is severe or accompanied by other potentially serious symptoms like abdominal pain, the presence of blood, profuse diarrhea, and weakness, stop reading now and call your veterinarian. On the other hand, if your cat has […]

7 Ways to Make a Dog’s Coat Shiny

Picture of a dog with a shiny coat

As a veterinarian, I’m often asked how to make a dog’s coat shiny. Not all breeds have naturally shiny coats, but in some dogs, a dull coat can be an indicator of an underlying health condition. Here’s what you need to know about the potential causes of a dull coat and what you can do […]

9 Fun Games to Play with Your Dog

Woman playing a game with Golden Retriever on beach

Playtime is the perfect opportunity to bond with your dog. With these and other fun games to play with your dog, she gets to release energy, stay agile, and enjoy one-on-one time with her favorite human (you). Regularly engaging with your dog helps develop both physical and mental fitness and can even help your dog […]

8 Remedies for Your Dog’s Upset Stomach

Sick dog with an upset stomach resting on their owner's bed

If you’re reading this article, it means that you’re on the hunt for practical remedies for your dog’s upset stomach. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to address this health concern and ease your pup’s discomfort. Many things can bring on an upset stomach in your dog, from consuming certain foods and […]

The Best Dog Hair Dryer

Yorkie being blow dried at a grooming shop

Anyone who has given a dog a bath knows the drill. Most dogs hate the bath and can’t wait to get themselves dry. They frantically try to jump out of the bathtub and will shake as much water as they can off at the first opportunity. Beyond that, if you have an active dog they’re […]

The Best Dog-Proof Trash Cans

Dog eating trash out of knocked over trash can

For a lot of dog owners, finding quality dog-proof trash cans is a necessity. The interest of dogs in eating “human” or “table” food is a well-documented fact and any kind of food waste dropped in your trash can turns it into a beacon of temptation. While you may have a very well-behaved pup, making […]

How to Give a Dog a Bath – The Right Way!

Dog getting a bath outdoors in a tub

Giving a dog a bath sounds easy enough, right? Just take them out back and hose them off, squirt some of your own shampoo on them, and rinse. Ta da! But wait – there actually is a right and wrong way to bathe your furry friend. By following these tips on how to give a […]

The Best Cat Food for a Sensitive Stomach

Cat eating wet cat food from a dish

A sensitive stomach cat food can give your cat back his quality of life. When eating a food that triggers a reaction like vomiting, your cat is uncomfortable at best and damaging his digestive system at worst. Picking the right cat food is crucial to a prolonged and healthy life for your cat. Our vet […]

The Best Pet Stores in America

best pet shops in America

Finding a pet store that carries the supplies you need for your furry, feathered, or scaly family member can be difficult. You want a store that has fair prices, and a staff of caring, knowledgeable experts. You might also have special pet-related needs, like a pet store that caters to exotic creatures or one that […]

How To Get A Puppy To Sleep Through The Night

Golden retriever puppy sleeping

If you’ve just brought your new furry family member home, you might be wondering how to get a puppy to sleep through the night. Having a puppy can be very fun yet exhausting! If you are having trouble getting your puppy to sleep through the night, you are not alone. One of the most challenging […]

How to Crate Train a Puppy

Puppy in crate

As a veterinarian, many pet owners ask me why they should consider crate training and how to crate train a puppy. Crate training is an excellent way to keep your puppy from getting into trouble while you are out of the house. A crate trained puppy will not be able to chew up your couch, […]

Six Steps to Train Your Dog to Use a Treadmill

Dog walking on treadmill

Training your dog to use a treadmill is an excellent way to ensure daily exercise for your dog, even when your regular outdoor walks aren’t an option. This post will describe the six key steps to train your dog to use a treadmill. There are many benefits of exercise for dogs. Adequate exercise is one […]

The Best Wireless Dog Fence

Picture of a dog leaping - what's the best wireless fence for him?

A wireless dog fence can be a great tool for keeping your dog contained in areas where the fencing is lacking. But choosing the wrong wireless dog fence for the wrong dog can cause a number of issues for your pup. The humane society does a great job breaking down some of the potential concerns […]

The Best Step-In Dog Harness

The best step in harness

A harness can be a great tool for training and walking your dog without putting pressure on its neck and trachea. Getting the right harness, though, is a stressful process. We’ve tested and reviewed all of the major harness brands here at Pet News Daily, and in reading a ton of dog harness reviews from […]

The Best Small Breed Puppy Food

Image of a small dog with dog food

Small-breed puppy food is important because it’s formulated to the specific nutrition needs of small-breed puppies. It takes into account both their special dietary needs as a puppy and their needs as a small breed. While it isn’t necessarily unsafe to feed a small-breed puppy a different type of dog food, a high-quality small-breed puppy […]

The Best Escape Proof Dog Harnesses

Dog wearing an escape proof dog harness and leash outdoors

Finding the right escape-proof dog harness is vital if you have a Houdini dog. When you’re taking him on a walk, you should both be enjoying yourselves, not worried about whether he’s going to get loose. Finding the right harness can turn those stressful walks into the peaceful experience you prefer. The wrong harness – […]

The Best No-Pull Dog Harness

Picture of dogs with harnesses - what are the best no pull options?

Having a dog that yanks you in every direction on a walk is no fun for you as an owner, and can be dangerous to the dog. Dogs who are pullers on walks can create all kinds of issues for themselves like: Injuries to their neck or chest. Destroying their collar, leash, or harness. Pulling […]

The Best Waterproof Dog Bed

Dog lounging on waterproof dog bed

Waterproof dog beds are perfect for senior dogs or puppies who experience an odd bathroom accident, as the waterproof layer protects the filling of the bed inside. They’re also ideal for dogs who drool excessively or those who often head to their beds with wet, muddy paws. Our vet advisor, Dr. Amanda Jondle, reviewed dozens […]

The Best Snuffle Mat for Dogs

Corgi sniffing a dog snuffle mat

Are you looking for the perfect snuffle mat for your dog? Snuffle mats are a way to “slow feed” your dog, encouraging them to use their senses and think hard in order to find the treats or kibble hidden in the mat. This can relieve boredom and anxiety, and reduce any regurgitation of food. Our […]

The Best Outdoor Dog Kennel

Dog standing in outdoor dog kennel on a warm sunny day

An outdoor dog kennel is perfect for dogs who like to spend plenty of time outdoors but can’t always have free reign of the yard due to safety concerns or other reasons. While keeping dogs outdoors full time isn’t recommended, especially in kennels that aren’t climate-controlled, they’re great for letting your dog stretch their legs […]

The Best Outdoor Dog Fence

Picture of a dog sticking his face through an outdoor fence.

Outdoor dog fences are a great way to give your dog some outdoor off-leash time while still keeping them safely contained. They’re also a great way to allow a dog who doesn’t get along with strange dogs or people some time to safely roam. That said, the wrong dog fence can you to leave with […]

The Best Service Dog Harness or Vest

The best service dog harness

If you or a loved one has (or is getting) a service dog, it can be a little confusing. The ADA has a great Q and A page that can answer a lot of the questions you have about service dogs in general. But what about the topic of vests and harnesses? First off, a […]

The Best Shampoo for Cats & Kittens

Cat with towel draped around it being dried off after a bath with cat shampoo

Cats spend plenty of time cleaning themselves, but occasionally they may get dirty enough to need a bath, in which case it’s important to select a suitable shampoo for cats or kittens. Most human shampoos are too harsh for cats, as are some shampoos that are designed with our feline friends in mind. Luckily, our […]

The Best Toys for German Shepherds

German Shepherd with a toy outside

Choosing the best toys for German Shepherds might feel tricky. Maybe you’re worried about buying a toy that won’t be rugged enough to stand up to your dog. Perhaps you’ve already purchased a few toys that came highly recommended for dogs … but it seems like they’re sized for a miniature poodle. Our vet advisor, […]

The Best Portable Dog Fence

Picture of a dog in a car - what's the best portable dog fence if you're travelling with your pup?

Dogs make great traveling companions, but without fences and other comforts of home, it can be difficult to keep them safe when you’re on the go. Portable dog fences are an easy and effective way to help keep your dog close by when you’re not at home. Whether you’re just visiting a friend down the […]

The Best Puppy Harness

Picture of a puppy on a leash in a harness

If you’re here there’s likely a number of items on your new puppy checklist. With any purchase for a puppy you likely have some concerns: Will it fit right? Will it last? Will it do its job? Will it hurt my puppy? A puppy harness is no different. To help answer these questions and make […]

The Best Invisible Dog Fences

Picture of a dog with a white (almost invisible) dog fence behind him.

An invisible dog fence is a type of containment system for your dog that doesn’t require a traditional, physical fence. You don’t need wood, posts, or wire panels. Instead, these fences operate on a system that transmits energy between the boundary line you establish and a receiver in the dog’s collar. Having an invisible fence […]

The Best GPS Dog Fences

Picture of a dog with a GPS dog collar - which one is the best?

GPS dog fences can be wireless, electric, non-shocking, portable, or may feature buried wires, and work via global positioning systems to build a barrier and keep track of your dog. Invisible dog fences require training your dog where the boundary is, using visual cues, sound, vibration, or shock. Your dog wears a special receiver collar […]