The best German Shepherd harness

The Best German Shepherd Harness, Chosen By a Vet

Here are Pet News Daily we have tested and reviewed a ton of dog harnesses. One thing that’s very quickly evident as you look into different types of harnesses is that not every dog harness is good for every kind of breed. For that reason we’re creating a series of breed-specific dog harness guides like […]

Best dog collar for Poodles

5 Best Collars for Poodles – Poodle Collars Chosen By a Vet

Different collars are often better or worse for different breeds of dogs. I have a new puppy we brought home months ago who is an 85 pound Bernedoodle and we have an older miniature wire haired Dachshund. I can tell you one thing: they can not wear the same types of collars. The size of […]

Picture of anime dogs

Anime Dog Names (The Best Ideas)

Anime from Japan is an amazing art and entertainment form, and anime characters have lovely names. There are countless films and TV shows that you can draw inspiration from for your new dog’s name. Whether you want a cute or strong name, there are plenty of amazing inspirations in Anime. Read on to see some […]

A dog in a french hat and search

French Dog Names (The Best Ideas)

Are you a fan of French culture? Or are you seeking a name for a French dog breed such as a papillon or a bulldog? A French-inspired name may be a perfect choice.  France has a reputation for its beautiful language, so one can expect their names to be just as lovely. This country is […]

Dog in a cowboy hat - maybe with a country dog name

Country Dog Names: Singer & Music Dog Names (The Best Ideas)

Whether you reside in the countryside or just love the names that associate with country themes, there are plenty of names you can choose for your dog that fit this category.  With so many names that have a southern sound, country music stars, or country items that work as names, you’ll have plenty to choose […]

Dog with a hawaiian lay - maybe with a hawaiian dog name

Hawaiian Dog Names (The Best Ideas)

Hawaiian dog names are an excellent choice for pup-parents that want to gift their four-legged friend with a name that inspires peace and love. The Hawaiian language is famously known for its musical cadences.  The Hawaiian language is made from only 13 letters and emphasizes soft, gentle flow. The few consonants they use are typically […]

claire chew pet loss consultant

Spotlight On: Claire Chew, Pet Loss Consultant

Claire Chew is a pet loss consultant who specializes in helping pet owners who have experienced the death of a pet. Claire is a certified compassion fatigue specialist and life transition/grief coach who has helped hundreds of people heal from trauma so they can become the best version of themselves. Before becoming a pet loss […]

La Quinta Inn image - a pet friendly hotel.

Pet Friendly Hotels Florence, SC (The 7 Best)

Traveling with your furry companion is much easier when you stay somewhere that will treat them like guests. There are several pet (including dog) friendly hotels Florence, SC you can choose from if you’ll be passing through this part of the Palmetto State. 1. La Quinta Inn and Suites–2123 W Lucas St. La Quinta tends […]

animal welfare association of new jersey

Spotlight On: Animal Welfare Association

If you are a pet owner in New Jersey looking for cost-effective, quality pet welfare services, Animal Welfare Association may be your answer. About Animal Welfare Association (AWA) Animal Welfare Association (AWA) is a private, non-profit organization located in South Jersey committed to eliminating animal suffering, promoting bonds between humans and animals, and supporting pets’ […]

A picture of Hotel Emeline, a pet friendly hotel in Charleston SC

Pet Friendly Hotels in Charleston, SC (The 7 Best)

Charleston is a fun, historic place to visit. But it is also a great place to hang out with your pets! Your dog will love walking around downtown Charleston with you, and there are plenty of dog friendly hotels in Charleston, SC.  What Are the Best Pet Friendly Hotels in Charleston, South Carolina? Here’s our […]

Picture of The Hermitage Hotel in Nashville TN - a pet friendly hotel

Pet-Friendly Hotels in Nashville, TN (The 5 Best)

Are you visiting Nashville, Tennessee, and would you like to bring your four-legged friend along? Music City has a lot for you and your beloved pets to explore. And when finding a place to stay, Nashville has plenty of pet-friendly hotels offering pet amenities. What Are the Best Pet Friendly Hotels in Nashville, Tennessee? Here […]

Image of Drury Inn in Amarillo TX is a pet friendly hotel

Pet-Friendly Hotels Amarillo, TX (The 5 Best)

One of the biggest downsides of going on vacation is having to leave your pet behind. Many pet owners will spend the whole trip worrying about their furry friends back home, which can put a real damper on the whole experience.  What Are the Best Pet Friendly Hotels in Amarillo, Texas? So if you are […]

A picture of The Read House, a pet friendly hotel in Chattanooga TN.

Pet-Friendly Hotels in Chattanooga, Tennessee (The 8 Best)

Vacations are a great way to relax and enjoy being with your family, but sometimes your family does not feel complete without your pet! Unfortunately, many places do not allow guests to bring pets for liability issues. Look no further to find eight pet-friendly hotels in Chattanooga, TN! What Are the Best Pet Friendly Hotels […]

Picture of an ostrich - what do they eat?

What Do Ostriches Eat? The Answer May Surprise You

Did you know the ostrich can run up to 43 miles per hour? They’re so fast that they can cover up to five meters in one stride! Ostriches are beautiful and fascinating creatures, but what do ostriches eat? If you’ve been looking to learn more about ostriches, we’re here to help. So read on for […]

Picture of hippos - what do they eat?

What Do Hippos Eat? The Answer May Surprise You

Hippopotamuses, or hippos, dwell on land and love to swim in the water, which makes them semi-aquatic animals. The scientific name for a hippo is Hippopotamus amphibius and they come from the Hippopotamidae as one of the two species that are extant in that group of animals.  What do hippos eat? What process do hippos […]

Picture of ants - what do they eat?

What Do Ants Eat? The Answer May Surprise You

Ants may be tiny insects, but they live in massive colonies. Ant colonies may range from a few dozen to millions of organized individuals. Ants can invade residential homes foraging for anything they can take back to their colonies. Have you spotted ants in your home and wondered, “What do ants eat?” Learn about ants […]

Picture of a beaver - what do they eat?

What Do Beavers Eat? The Answer May Surprise You

Beavers are one of the most common rodents that you can find in North America, typically found around wetlands and marshes. Next to the capybara, they’re the second-largest living rodent in the world! But what do beavers eat when they’re not building a dam? If you’ve been interested in learning more about a beaver’s diet, […]

Picture of a centipede - what do they eat?

What Do Centipedes Eat? The Answer May Surprise You

Centipedes are a large classification of insects with various diets. House centipedes, stone centipedes, and scolopendra are all highly varied in behavior and food. There are even venomous giant centipedes that can take down small rodents! But what is the full extent to what a centipede will eat? According to Britannica, there are roughly 3,000 […]

Picture of a butterfly - what do they eat?

What Do Butterflies Eat? The Answer May Surprise You

Butterflies are insects that are closely related to moths. Butterflies have large, brightly-colored wings that flap very rapidly when they fly. They have a four-stage life cycle and spend part of their lives as caterpillars. Various species of butterflies live all over the world. Butterflies’ food is ingested through a tube-like tongue called the proboscis. […]

Picture of a skunk - what do they eat?

What Do Skunks Eat? The Answer May Surprise You

Did you know that the average skunk can live up to 15 years in captivity? However, they only survive about two to three years in the wild. But what do skunks eat, whether they’re in the wild or captivity? If you’ve been curious to know what skunks eat (or if you’re curious about what skunk […]

Cute dog collar

The Best Cute Dog Collars (Chosen By a Vet)

Finding the perfect collar for your dog can be rough. Things like fit and quality are obvious considerations. You may need something customized to your specific breed (like the perfect collar for a Poodle’s hair and size) but you may also want a cute dog collar that looks attractive on your dog. My dog is […]

Picture of a ladybug - what do they eat?

What Do Ladybugs Eat? The Answer May Surprise You

Did you know there are roughly 5,000 different species of ladybugs in the world? The ten-spotted and seven-spotted ladybugs are the iconic ones that most recognize, but they’re far from alone! Also called lady beetles, ladybirds, and ladybird beetles, ladybugs are some of the most common insects in North America. Have you been curious to […]

Picture of axolotis - what do they eat?

What Do Axolotls Eat? The Answer May Surprise You

The axolotl is an amphibian otherwise known scientifically as the Ambystoma mexicanum from the Urodela. As paedomorphic salamanders, they can transform sexually mature without losing their gills as frogs do. This species is related to the tiger salamander, which both share the trait of reaching adulthood by undergoing metamorphosis.  What do axolotls eat in the […]

Picture of a cricket - what do they eat?

What Do Crickets Eat? The Answer May Surprise You

If you keep crickets as food for your pets or are concerned with insect infestation in your home or garden, you may wonder, “What do crickets eat?” Here, we’ll take a deeper look at the cricket diet, how they find food and what eats crickets. Let’s dive right in. Cricket Food: What Do Crickets Eat? […]

Tahoe animal black bear

Tahoe Animals

Life can get wild high up in Tahoe! There are 290 types of animals and more than 1,000 plant species make up the Lake Tahoe forest and wildlife in the Tahoe Basin. Currently, 305 species of California wildlife are listed on the official endangered species list. We’ll walk through some of the most common animals, […]

Picture of a squirrel, learn more about squirrel poop.

Squirrel Poop: What Does it Look Like? The Answer May Surprise You

In North American cities, squirrels are so common that they’re almost a nuisance. Whether walking down the street or in a park, you may see dozens of squirrels roaming around looking for their next meal.  With so many squirrels, there has to be a lot of poop. Since squirrel poop is so tiny and they […]

Picture of a dog holding a chalk checklist

New Puppy Checklist (The Only One You Need)

Getting a new puppy is obviously exciting, but it can also be stressful. This is a picture of Pinecone The Bernedoodle (my daughter named him – 100% approval rating for the name so far). Pinecone is now around a year old, this was him as a six week old puppy: All the cute, right? (He’s […]

How to measure your dog for a harness

How to Measure Your Dog for a Harness

Dog harnesses may be used for identification, walking, or training assistance. Various types of harnesses are available for different purposes and different dogs. However, regardless of the type of harness used, it must always fit properly to ensure the dog is securely but comfortably held. Read on to learn more about harnesses and how to […]

Do cats control their tails?

Do Cats Control Their Tails? (Everything You Need to Know)

You have probably seen your cat swinging its tail in all different directions, and sometimes his tail is down and other times upright. This might have you wondering whether cats control their tails. Cats can control their tails. They use it for balance, hunting, and communication. For example, if a cat is happy, it will […]

Cat foaming at the mouth

Cat Foaming at the Mouth: Reasons & What to Do

Seeing your cat foaming at the mouth or throwing up white foam can be horrifying. We all love our furry felines, so it’s terrible to see them ill. So, why is your cat foaming at the mouth? Cats can foam at the mouth for various reasons, including rabies, dental disease, nausea, and poisoning. If it […]

Picture of a deer - what does their poop look like?

Deer Poop: What Does it Look Like? The Answer May Surprise You

Deer are among the most beloved wild animals in North America. Whether you’re a hunter who loves their game or a wildlife lover who enjoys looking out their window, deer are always a beautiful animal to see.  But one aspect of deer that isn’t beautiful is its poop. When people see deer poop, they’re often […]

Why Does My Cat lick and bite me?

Why Does My Cat Bite Me Then Lick Me? (10 Reasons)

There you are, hanging out with your adorable cat, when suddenly there is a bite followed by licking. Then sometimes she’s licking you, then bites. Is this a love/hate relationship or something else? A Cat that lightly bites its person followed by a lick or the other way around is typically to communicate adoration. Cats […]

Why is my cat so clingy?

Why is My Cat So Clingy? (5 Reasons)

You are a cat owner that cannot do anything in peace because your cat is clingy and your second shadow. When you’re in the bathroom, they scratch at the door or meow to enter. If that sounds like a feline you know, you may want to know why your cat is so clingy. Cats can […]

Can cats have whipped cream?

Can Cats Have Whipped Cream? (Everything You Need to Know)

Some cats are picky eaters, so it is difficult to say no to your feline friend when you find something they seem to love. However, if you have noticed that your cat loves dairy products like whipped cream, you might wonder if feeding it to him is safe. Whipped cream is not toxic to cats […]

Can cats eat cucumbers?

Can Cats Eat Cucumbers? (Everything You Need to Know)

Cats are usually fussy eaters, and because they are strictly carnivores in the wild, it might be strange to see your feline friend try new options. Some foods are unsafe for your kitty but can cats eat cucumbers? Cats can safely eat cucumbers in limited quantities. Cucumbers are naturally hydrating and contain 95% water. Cucumbers […]

Blonde cat

Blonde Cat: Breeds, Types, Personality & More

According to the experts, it’s officially incorrect to use the term blonde to describe the color of a cat’s coat. Standard descriptions used by breeders and cat clubs include cream, caramel, champagne, and fawn, which describe various shades of light red. However, cat lovers will not be put off by rules and regulations, and for […]


Doberdoodle Size, Characteristics, Price & More

The Doberdoodle is a beautiful breed, calm and loving dog toward its human family. They love hanging out with their owners, and if they are trained and socialized correctly, they get along great with other pets. Their calm demeanor makes them an excellent fit for households with young children. But what exactly is a Doberdoodle? […]

Black Smoke Maine Coon Cat

Black Smoke Maine Coon Cat (Size, Characteristics, Grooming & More)

Maine Coon cats are the giants among household cat species, and the Black Smoke Maine Coon will be the royalty of your house, with its mysterious and regal appearance. Of all the different types of Maine Coon cats, the Black Smoke Maine Coon is the most sought-after. The Black Smoke Maine Coon is a color […]

Can dogs eat hot Cheetos?

Can Dogs Eat Hot Cheetos? (Everything You Need to Know)

While your dog likely won’t get fatally sick from eating a few Hot Cheetos, you shouldn’t feed it any. Hot Cheetos contain many ingredients that aren’t good for dogs, including fat, sodium, and preservatives. Therefore, you dog may become ill or develop health problems from eating Hot Cheetos. Have you found your dog eating some […]

FI smart collar review

Fi Smart Dog Collar Review

The Fi smart dog collar is a high-tech collar that lets you monitor your dog’s activity, health, sleep, and safety. Its GPS, LTE, and wifi connections allow you to track your dog at home, in the yard, or the wild should they ever escape. The collar also lets you track things like steps and sleep, so you […]