JUSTPET Wireless Dog Fence Containment System Review: Pros, Cons & Verdict

JUSTPET Wireless Dog Fence

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Training a dog to stay in the yard can be a tricky process, with many pup parents using a wireless dog fence to help keep their canine companion close to home. JUSTPET has manufactured a number of highly-rated pet products over the years – so is their Wireless Dog Fence Containment System a strong addition to their product line or should you simply give it a miss?

Can the Wireless Dog Fence Containment System Keep My Pup From Wandering Off?

JUSTPET’S Wireless Dog Fence Containment System is just one of a number of fence training collars available for dogs online. It offers dog owners a wide fence range at an affordable cost, but the product is not without its caveats. This article reviews the pros and cons of JUSTPET’s Wireless Dog Fence Containment System and what to know before purchasing.  

Our Score for JUSTPET Wireless Dog Fence Containment System: 2.5

About the JUSTPET Wireless Dog Fence Containment System

JUSTPET’s Wireless Dog Fence Containment System is a good option for first-time wireless fence owners. It offers a radius distance ranging from 100 to 990 feet. To select a range, the consumer can choose from 10 adjustment levels set apart in increments of 100 feet each. Overall, JUSTPET makes it easy for users to set up their new fence. 

In addition, JUSTPET uses the latest technology to create a safe dog collar receiver. The collar receiver sends a painless, low-voltage signal if your dog gets out of range. It also turns off once the owner shuts down the main unit, allowing the dog to roam freely again. 

Lastly, the dog collar receiver is waterproof. This means your dog can have fun in rainy and humid environments while being safely contained. The collar receiver also has a built-in battery, which makes it durable and suited for long-term use. 

Important Features

The JUSTPET Wireless Dog Fence Containment System has a number of important features that set it apart from similar products. Each containment system is shipped with the following items:

  • Wireless fence main unit
  • Dog collar receiver
  • Training flags 
  • Test light 
  • Power Adapter 
  • Charging cable 
  • Manual

What We Like

There’s a lot to like about the JUSTPET Wireless Dog Fence Containment System. 

  • Wide radius range. This wireless fence provides nearly 1000 feet of circular range, making it a breeze for dog owners with a large yard. Moreover, its ten adjustment levels make it equally suitable for small homeowners too. 
  • Waterproof collar receiver. Rain and humidity don’t deter dogs from going outside. Luckily, this collar allows dogs to get wet without damaging the system. This feature makes it an excellent option for dogs that are frequently outside and exposed to different kinds of weather. 
  • Rechargeable battery. The collar receiver can recharge, making it a great option for long-term use.
  • Owners can turn off the receiver easily. JUSTPET’s collar receiver turns off as soon as the main unit is shut down. This can prevent a dog from being accidentally shocked, leading to anxiety and confusion.

What We Don’t Like

Like most dog fence collars, there are a few potential downsides to be aware of when considering the JUSTPET Wireless Dog Fence Containment System. 

  • Difficult to troubleshoot. Consumers have reported that they were unable to set up this product properly. The manual does not provide thorough instructions, so someone might have trouble fixing issues they encounter.
  • No customer service number. JUSTPET does not have a customer service number, and there is no source for help if a consumer encounters an issue that can’t be solved by reading the manual. The lack of support offers buyers little protection, so that is something to be aware of before purchasing this product.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do electric containment systems hurt dogs?

Electric containment systems do not hurt dogs. They send low-voltage shocks that create an unpleasant but painless sensation for dogs. This kind of corrective method has been considered a safe practice for decades. 


How long does it take for the JUSTPET Wireless Dog Fence Containment System to work?

The JUSTPETWireless Dog Fence Containment System technically works immediately upon setting up. However, you have to train your dog to adjust to the fence, and it can take about two weeks for your dog to adapt to its new perimeters. 

How far does JUSTPET wireless fence go?


JUSTPET’s wireless systems provide a huge range of up to 990 feet. However, you can also choose a shorter distance to accommodate your needs. 

How old does a dog have to be to use a wireless fence?

The shock caused by a collar receiver might frighten a young dog. In addition, younger dogs can respond in unpredictable ways to training, so it’s best to wait until your dog is 4 or 5 months old to ensure a smooth training process. 

Customer Reviews

Positive Reviews

While other containment systems by JUSTPET have raving reviews, this particular Wireless Dog Fence Containment System has only neutral or negative reviews. The product is new, which might speak to the lack of reviews in general. The following is a neutral review given by an Amazon customer. 

“Need some help with setting the range up. Even with the transmitter set at 100’ radius my dogs are still able to get to the neighbors fence without any shock. I even plugged the transmitter in the furthest room and it still didn’t send any shock. Any suggestions ? Back yard is huge but I need to keep them away from one side of the fence which has dogs on the other side. Any help appreciated thank you!” – Amazon Customer, 8/13/22

Negative Reviews

This Wireless Dog Fence Containment System by JUSTPET has received negative views because consumers could not set the containment system up. JUSTPET’s lack of customer support and its vague manual instructions resulted in some consumers not being able to use the product. 

“Product doesn’t work. Could not get the receiver to connect to the collars.” – Cheryl, Amazon, 8/11/22. 


JUSTPET’s Wireless Dog Fence Containment Systems generally have a lot to offer. However, this particular system seems to have significant technological flaws and low customer satisfaction. You might be better off exploring the other highly-rated containment systems JUSTPET has to offer, including the following: 

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