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Pups in training and dogs who pull are only a few of the canines that might need a harness instead of, or in addition to, a collar and leash. The rabbitgoo Escape Proof Dog Harness is an affordable, highly adjustable harness with three straps, two handles, and reflective tape that provide extra control and security.

It features a step-in design with adjustable neck, chest, and belly straps for a snug but comfortable fit. Users love the vertical back handle for added control, and everyone is a fan of the budget-friendly price. Overall, the rabbitgoo is an affordable buy that works for difficult dogs. However, all good things have their weak points, and this case it concerns a plastic front buckle.

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snug but comfortable fit

About the rabbitgoo Escape Proof Dog Harness

The rabbitgoo Escape Proof Dog Harness is an affordable harness from a reputable company. Unlike most harnesses, it has three straps, one across the neck, chest, and belly to give it a snug, adjustable fit without being too tight or constrictive.

The fit is definitely one of its strengths, as owners can adjust all three straps to accommodate dogs of different shapes and sizes. The chest strap fits behind the front legs in a step-in design that helps prevent dogs from backing out before it’s secure. There’s another adjustable strap that connects the neck strap to the chest strap for further customization. All these straps hold well, while the padded top portion remains snug and comfortable.

There are two handles, but it’s the vertical back handle that’s the most useful. The handle location allows you to pick up smaller dogs or correct them without tugging at the dog’s neck. A metal ring on the top for a leash rounds out the rest of the features.

Important Features

The rabbitgoo Escape Proof Dog Harness has a few key features that enhance the fit and control offered to owners, including:

  • adjustable neck strap
  • adjustable chest strap
  • adjustable belly strap
  • adjustable connector strap between the neck and chest strap
  • horizontal handle
  • vertical back handle
  • leash ring
  • light reflective strips

What We Like

The rabbitgoo Escape Proof Dog Harness offers many attractive features for both owners and their dogs.

  • Multiple adjustable straps. The rabbitgoo’s neck, chest, and belly straps can comfortably adjust to fit different breeds and dogs of various sizes. Additionally, there’s an adjustable strap connecting the neck and chest strap to keep the harness in place. The chest and belly straps also have padding for better comfort.
  • Vertical back handle. This harness has two handles, but it’s the vertical back handle that we want to highlight. The handle runs down the dog’s back, making it easy to grab for lifting or correcting.
  • Padded air mesh. The padded air mesh cushions the harness but also keeps it breathable.
  • Three sizes. Four measurements — neck, chest, and belly circumference and back length — help you determine the right size. Check your measurements because the more exact you are, the better the fit will be.
  • Color options. While color options aren’t a necessity, they are nice. Plus, if you get more than one, you can change things up once in a while.

What We Don’t Like

Like all harnesses, the rabbitgoo comes with weak spots.

  • Weak neck buckle. A few owners report that the plastic buckle on the neck strap breaks after regular use. With so many other wonderful features, we wish this buckle was more durable.
  • The time it takes to put on. The extra time it takes for a step-in harness gives the dog time to escape if they’re resistant to a harness.

Frequently Asked Questions


Dogs can escape collars and harnesses, which is why many people combine a collar with a harness. The combination gives you a backup if the dog happens to escape either of the two.


A tactical dog harness typically has a Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment (MOLLE) system. These types of harnesses are usually used by the police or military to carry extra equipment. However, these harnesses also have reinforced seams, making them a durable option for hikers and those who like to take their dogs on more extreme adventures.


It seems though as soon as you figure out one way to prevent your dog from slipping out of the harness, the dog finds a new way to escape. Many dogs figure out how to back out of the harness. However, the rabbitgoo’s step-in design, once secured, prevents dogs from backing out most of the time.


Dogs can back out of collars and harnesses, especially if they have smaller heads and narrow waists. When you’re putting on the collar or harness, stand behind the dog so that he’s lightly pressed against you. Running into a barrier (you) can also put a stop to your dog’s instinct to flee.

Customer Reviews

Positive Reviews

Dog owners appreciate the adjustability and strap design of the rabbitgoo. The vertical back handle is also a user favorite for the added security and durability it offers.

“We tried the step-in harnesses and she popped out of those. This product was GREAT for preventing her from getting out of her harness. It wasn’t hard to put on either. I will absolutely recommend this harness for any dog that slips out of a traditional harness due to big chest/small waist.Ashley C., Amazon, 8/15/22

“Our dog is a heavy puller at times (which we’re working on that) and has figured out how to escape out of his old harness multiple times. After using this, the 2nd strap is what holds him in place when he attempts to push backwards out of his harness and never breaks out. The handle up top is a great feature as well to pick him up when he’s being fussy lol. Definitely recommend for escapers.” – Erin, Amazon, 7/29/22

Negative Reviews

No product is perfect and the rabbitgoo has its weaknesses, which mostly surround the front plastic buckle.

“I have a 70lb 9-month-old boxer that gets out of every collar, harness, and anything that we put on him. This harness came far enough back around his stomach and behind his ribs that it was not able to slide past his chest and come off. On the downside, the plastic buckle around his chest broke in exactly 30 days. Why can’t these be made with real buckles? I only buy collars with real metal buckles for that reason.” – Kindle Customer, Amazon, 5/4/21

“I love this harness so much, primarily because our escape artist can’t get out of it. However, after 2 months of regular use, one of the plastic clasps broke. The clasps on this harness are weaker than those on our other harness, but our dog escapes out of that one. This harness would be perfect with stronger clasps!” – CuddlyMama, Amazon, 4/23/22

Final Verdict

It’s hard to beat the fit, comfort, and security the rabbitgoo Escape Proof Dog Harness offers for the price. The adjustable straps and three sizes help you get a good fit for dogs of most shapes and sizes. The vertical handle is also a high point, giving owners an easier way to pick up or secure their dogs.

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