Cleaning Dog's Ears

The Best Dog Ear Cleaning Solutions

Ear infections and other ear health issues are pretty common among dogs and can even become a recurring problem, which is why dog ear cleaning solutions are so helpful. Keeping your dog’s ears clean can help prevent infections. And, since infections can spread, leading to other health issues, clean ears are important to your dog’s […]

The Best Cat and Kitten Foods for Allergies

The Best Cat Foods for Allergies

Cat foods for allergies are often one of the first things your veterinarian may recommend when you think your cat might be suffering from allergies. Cat foods for allergies use minimal ingredients and usually have just one source of carbohydrates and hydrolyzed protein sources or novel protein sources other than beef, fish, and chicken that […]

Dogs playing outdoors at a doggie daycare

The Best Doggy Daycares in America

Americans love dogs. And dogs love to be social. But what do you do when you need to work all day or run some errands? Doggy daycare has catapulted to a $4.5 billion industry, and that doesn’t even include veterinarian offices that also offer the service. With the pet service industry expected to be a […]

Two women adopting dogs from an animal shelter

The Best Animal Shelters in America

Are you looking for the best animal shelters near you? Animal shelters do amazing work taking care of dogs and cats who’ve been abandoned by their owners. If you could provide a loving home for an abandoned pet, either through temporary fostering or permanent adoption, consider turning to a reputable local shelter. If you’d like […]

Dogs of various breeds sitting together

101 Mind Blowing Dog Statistics

The people have spoken. Dogs grace the households of more than 50 percent of the U.S. population, with roughly 108 million dogs claiming a home, and hopefully a couch. Americans love dogs so much, the average home with canines has more than one dog. Around the world, dogs are a favorite pet as well, with […]

Dog breeders holding four Siberian Husky puppies

The Best Dog Breeders in America

So you want to become a dog owner! Congratulations! Once you’ve decided on a breed (and if you haven’t yet, check out this Dog Breed Selector from the American Kennel Club to get you started!), the next step is to choose a reputable breeder. Unfortunately, this can be trickier than it might sound! There are […]

Cleaning Cat's Ear

The Best Cat Ear Cleaners

Cats tend to be pretty good at cleaning themselves but they’re not always very effective at cleaning the inside of their ears, which makes cat ear cleaners very helpful. These cleaning solutions help you clean out all the nooks and crannies inside the ear that even the most fastidious of cats will find it difficult […]

Aquarium Water Heater

The Best Aquarium Heaters

An aquarium heater is an important part of virtually any aquarium setup. It’s essential for keeping aquarium water at the optimal temperature to keep your fish happy, healthy, and comfortable. Without an aquarium heater to keep the water at the right temperature, a fish can easily become ill or even die. To help you keep […]

Guinea Pig Cages

The Best Guinea Pig Cages

Are you trying to choose between several different guinea pig cages? Whether you’re a new pet owner or an experienced pet parent, it can be tricky to know what type of cage to go for. It’s important to get a safe, comfortable cage that’s large enough for your guinea pig(s). Cages can be quite expensive, […]


The Best Aquarium Canister Filters

Filters are one of the most important features of an aquarium. An aquarium houses a sensitive eco-system that needs a canister filter to keep the aquarium environment safe and balanced according to the fish species and tank size. This, in turn, helps to keep its inhabitants healthy and happy. Our vet advisor Dr. Chyrle Bonk […]

Australian Shepherd

The Best Brushes for Australian Shepherds

It’s important to choose the right brush for Australian Shepherds due to their haircoat and frequent shedding. The coloring and softness of an Australian Shepherd’s coat is one reason many pet parents fall in love with this breed. It has two layers, helping keep your pet warm in winter and cool in summer – but […]

Husky on Harness

The Best Husky Harnesses

If you’re the pup parent of a husky, you’ll know that these athletic and strong-willed dogs require a little more attention and control than some other breeds, particularly during walks. Husky harnesses are the best option for keeping your dog safe while avoiding injuries to both of you. A well-fitted harness will also give you […]


The Best Turtle Tank Filters

If you keep turtles, a turtle tank filter is a must-have purchase. It not only helps to keep the water clean and clear, eliminating the need for frequent water changes, but it also provides a healthier habitat that allows these popular reptiles to thrive. Our vet advisor Dr. Jennifer Coates, DVM, reviewed dozens of the […]

The Best Automatic Dog Feeders

The Best Automatic Dog Feeders

An automatic dog feeder can be so handy.  We can make sure our loved pup doesn’t miss a meal, even when we are out late for whatever reason. There are many different types of automatic feeders available for dogs, and cats for that matter. Our vet advisor, Dr. Melody Aitchison-Steed,  looked at all types of […]

are your pets at risk with coronavirus

COVID-19 and Pet Health Safety (with Infographic)

Can your pet die from COVID-19? If you’ve asked yourself this question, you can rest assured you’re in good company. Every month, thousands of pet parents turn to Google to find the answer to this question. They also ask questions like, “Can dogs get COVID?” or “What symptoms of COVID in dogs should I look […]

fun and interesting facts about dogs

101 Fun and Interesting Dog Facts

Most people would agree dogs themselves are fun and interesting, but they’re so much more than that. Dogs have captured most of the hearts and souls on this planet. They’re our best friends, family members, and furry children. Dogs make us laugh, cry, and shake our heads. And we just can’t live without them. From […]

Veterinary school intern working in a clinic

The Best Veterinary Schools in America

You love animals, you’re good with people, and you have an affinity for healing others. Veterinary school may be just the thing for you. From treating land animals to studying ocean life, veterinarians contribute to a wide range of professions. And within those professions exist an array of vet-care positions. Veterinary school gives you the […]

Two cats exploring clean litter box with dust free cat litter

The Best Dust Free Cat Litter

Looking for a great dust free cat litter? If you find that you’re constantly sweeping up dust, sneezing from clouds of it, or even that your kitty is sneezing when using the litter tray, then you’ll want to switch to a different brand of cat litter. Our vet advisor, Dr. Chyrle Bonk, selected these top-performing […]

Corgi sniffing a dog snuffle mat

The Best Snuffle Mats for Dogs

Are you looking for the perfect snuffle mat for your dog? Snuffle mats are a way to “slow feed” your dog, encouraging them to use their senses and think hard in order to find the treats or kibble hidden in the mat. This can relieve boredom and anxiety, and reduce any regurgitation of food. Our […]

Betta fish in a tank

The Best Betta Fish Tanks

Betta fish tanks are tanks designed specifically to meet the needs of this unique fish. Betta fish, otherwise known as Siamese fighting fish, are small-but-vibrant freshwater, tropical fish. They can make great pets for those who enjoy taking care of aquatic life. This fiercely independent fish prefers to swim alone, but some females may get […]

German Shepherd with a toy outside

The Best Toys for German Shepherds

Choosing the best toys for German Shepherds might feel tricky. Maybe you’re worried about buying a toy that won’t be rugged enough to stand up to your dog. Perhaps you’ve already purchased a few toys that came highly recommended for dogs … but it seems like they’re sized for a miniature poodle. Our vet advisor, […]

Dog snuggled wrapped in a blanket on a bed

The Best Dog Blankets

Are you looking for the best dog blankets? Whether you want a spare blanket to keep in the car, a blanket for your sofa, or simply an extra blanket for your dog’s bed, there are loads of different options available. Our vet advisor, Dr. Danielle Morosco, has selected the very best dog blankets out there […]

Cat sleeping in a cozy cave bed

The Best Cat Cave Beds

Cat cave beds are perfect for cats that like to hide and snuggle. Not only do these beds provide some level of privacy while your cat sleeps, but they also provide cozy fabric for your cat to snuggle in while feeling safe and secure. Our vet advisor, Dr. Chyrle Bonk, chose the best cat cave […]

pets and the metaverse

Pets and The Metaverse (Infographic)

With all of this talk about the metaverse, let’s put first things first and properly define all of the technologies that go into it. The metaverse is the convergence of technologies and human interaction that includes VR, AR, avatars, video games, NFTs, and much more. And what’s a better friend of humanity than pets? That’s right, […]

Doberman laying next to spilled food bucket

The Best Dog Food For Dobermans

Choosing the right dog food for Dobermans is important to their health and well-being. As large dogs, their dietary requirements vary slightly from smaller breeds and the breed itself is prone to a heart condition called dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM) so owners should make sure their food isn’t likely to exacerbate this. Our vet advisor, Dr. […]

Dog standing in outdoor dog kennel on a warm sunny day

The Best Outdoor Dog Kennels

An outdoor dog kennel is perfect for dogs who like to spend plenty of time outdoors but can’t always have free reign of the yard due to safety concerns or other reasons. While keeping dogs outdoors full time isn’t recommended, especially in kennels that aren’t climate controlled, they’re great for letting your dog stretch their […]

Cat with towel draped around it being dried off after a bath with cat shampoo

The Best Shampoo for Cats and Kittens

Cats spend plenty of time cleaning themselves, but occasionally they may get dirty enough to need a bath, in which case it’s important to select a suitable shampoo for cats or kittens. Most human shampoos are too harsh for cats, as are some shampoos that are designed with our feline friends in mind. Luckily, our […]

Dogs in backseat of car on a dog car seat cover

The Best Dog Car Seat Covers

Dog car seat covers are a great way to protect your car’s interior from damage and messes that can result from transporting your dog in your car. Taking your dog on adventures is so much fun and sometimes we have to transport our dog places, like to the vet. Unfortunately, between mud, claws, hair, and […]

Dog laying on elevated dog bed in the grass

The Best Elevated Dog Beds

Elevated dog beds are great for managing orthopedic problems and improving your pet’s overall comfort. They can be ideal for dogs with hip and joint issues and help keep your furry friend cool and comfortable during the warm summer months. There are a variety of raised dog beds on the market, so you’re sure to […]

Cat coming inside through a cat door

The Best Cat Doors

A cat door can make life easier for you and your feline friend. Not only do they allow your kitty to go in and out of the house on their own, but they also help conserve energy by preventing heat from escaping through open doors or windows. If you’re shopping around for a new pet […]

Dog sitting on a cooling mat

The Best Dog Cooling Mats

When the temperature starts to rise, it’s easy for your beloved pup to get overheated. Puppies, older dogs, and certain breeds may have trouble keeping themselves cool in the heat. The best dog cooling mats help your dog stay comfortable and safe when it’s hot outside. There are many dog cooling mats available on the […]

Puppy in litter substrate in a dog litter box

The Best Dog Litter Boxes

Dog litter boxes are a great option for situations where it’s difficult to get your dog outside to go potty on time. Whether you need it because of bad weather, limited mobility (for you or your dog), a potty training puppy, or something else, a dog litter box gives your pup an appropriate place to […]

Corgi lying on a dog sofa bed

The Best Dog Sofa Beds and Couches

Dog sofas and couches are beds for dogs that look like mini couches. They’re ideal if you want a dog bed that will look stylish in a main living area or if your dog prefers to sleep on slightly elevated beds. These products have been selected by our vet advisor, Dr. Amanda Jondle. Her top […]

Veterinarian typing on a laptop in the office

50 Best Veterinarian Blogs to Learn About Pet Care & Veterinary Medicine

From the individual veterinarian to veterinary hospitals to organizations made up of vet-care professionals, veterinarian blogs run the gamut of content for pet owners to advanced content for veterinarians to business and marketing strategies for the veterinary practice. With all that’s out there, we launched a search for 50 of the best veterinarian blogs. Divided […]

Speaker presenting at a veterinary conference

50 Best Veterinary Conferences of 2022

Veterinary conferences provide veterinarians with opportunities to meet continuing education requirements, network with other veterinary professionals, and learn about the latest veterinary research and technology. While many veterinary conferences adopted a virtual format in 2020 and 2021, some are planning to meet in person in 2022 (COVID-permitting, of course). We’ve compiled a list of the […]

Let’s Be the Best Pet Parents We Can: Looking to Future Proof Costs

As the pandemic has clearly shown us, we all need human contact and relationships. Loneliness can be crushing – but what do you do if you’re alone? If you’re like many people, you may have turned to getting a pet as companionship. In fact, it was such a prevalent trend, that during the pandemic, there […]

Puppy sitting next to a puddle of pee inside

How to Train a Dog to Pee Outside

Adopting a new puppy or even an adult dog is a very exciting time. Multiple studies have shown that owning a canine companion is beneficial for our health and well-being. While your new dog surely brings joy and companionship, the potty-training phase can be stressful and confusing for some dog owners. To set your dog […]

Beagle lying in the grass

Is It Cruel to Keep a Dog Outside?

It is natural for dogs to be outside, and most dogs love the outdoors. There are several reasons that some dog owners might want to keep a dog outside. Perhaps they want a guard dog or have a dog with behavioral issues. But is it cruel to keep a dog outside for extended periods of […]

6 Ways to Train your Dog to stay out of a Room

6 Ways to Train Your Dog to Stay Out of a Room

Every dog owner knows that dogs can be curious, adventurous, and messy creatures – and that you have to train your dog to minimize the negatives. These characteristics often contribute to why we love our canine companions so much. However, they can also be reasons why boundaries are sometimes needed to keep a dog in […]

How cold is too cold for a dog to sleep outside?

How Cold is Too Cold for a Dog to Sleep Outside?

Dogs tend to be hardier than people when it comes to their temperature tolerances and in general, many dogs can tolerate colder temperatures than their owners. But just because your dog can tolerate a certain temperature, doesn’t mean they should. Dog owners should be well aware of their dog’s limits. Most dogs have a preference […]