How Much Exercise Does a Dog Need Daily? (and How to Ensure They Get It)

Dog running with owners

Dog owners often want to know how much exercise a dog needs daily to ensure that they’re providing enough activities to help their furry friends get adequate exercise. In this post, I’ll discuss how much exercise a dog needs daily and tips for helping your dog get enough daily activity. We all want to take […]

The Best Outdoor Dog Bed

Two puppies lounging on an elevated outdoor dog bed in the sun

Outdoor dog beds give your dog a place to rest and relax while enjoying the great outdoors. You can put them directly on the ground for a comfortable napping area or put them inside a dog house, kennel, or another containment system for when your dog is outdoors. Our vet advisor, Dr. Suzanne Harrington, selected […]

The Best Indoor Dog House

Small dog stepping out of a cozy indoor dog house

Buying an indoor dog house may give your dog just what he needs to develop an attachment to your home and to you. Proving a space that is just your dogs will show him that he belongs and that he’s part of the family. If you’re stuck on how to go about finding the right […]

The Best High Fiber Dog Food

Dog food in bowl on wooden background

High-fiber dog foods can help your dog with several health concerns. From weight management for overweight pups to digestion improvement, your dog may benefit from a high-fiber diet to maintain a comfortable and healthy life. Our vet advisor, Dr. Jennifer Coates, DVM, reviewed dozens of high-fiber dog foods, and she chose Hill’s Prescription Diet Dry […]

The Best Heavy Duty Dog Crates

Big dog napping in dog crate

Heavy-duty dog crates protect, hold, and house breeds large and small at home or while traveling. These crates are made of materials that can take the heavy wear and tear of a serious chewer or a strong, 125-pound dog. Think thick, high-grade steel, wheels for easier movement, and multiple locks to keep the dog secure […]

The Best Dog Treadmills

Person walking a small dog on a treadmill

Using a dog treadmill is a great way to exercise your dog when you can’t get out and about or in addition to outdoor walks. Dog treadmills aren’t an alternative to walks, since your dog needs the mental stimulation that comes from seeing the outside world and sniffing all the neighborhood scents, but they’re great […]

Let’s Be the Best Pet Parents We Can: Looking to Future Proof Costs

As the pandemic has clearly shown us, we all need human contact and relationships. Loneliness can be crushing – but what do you do if you’re alone? If you’re like many people, you may have turned to getting a pet as companionship. In fact, it was such a prevalent trend, that during the pandemic, there […]

How to Train a Dog to Pee Outside

Puppy sitting next to a puddle of pee inside

Adopting a new puppy or even an adult dog is a very exciting time. Multiple studies have shown that owning a canine companion is beneficial for our health and well-being. While your new dog surely brings joy and companionship, tasks like training your dog to stay out of a room, keeping your dog out of […]

Is It Cruel to Keep a Dog Outside?

Beagle lying in the grass

It is natural for dogs to be outside, and most dogs love the outdoors. There are several reasons that some dog owners might want to keep a dog outside. Perhaps they want a guard dog or have a dog with behavioral issues. But is it cruel to keep a dog outside for extended periods of […]

6 Ways to Train Your Dog to Stay Out of a Room

6 Ways to Train your Dog to stay out of a Room

Every dog owner knows that dogs can be curious, adventurous, and messy creatures – and that you have to train your dog to minimize the negatives. These characteristics often contribute to why we love our canine companions so much. However, they can also be reasons why boundaries are sometimes needed to keep a dog in […]

How Cold is Too Cold for a Dog to Sleep Outside?

How cold is too cold for a dog to sleep outside?

Dogs tend to be hardier than people when it comes to their temperature tolerances and in general, many dogs can tolerate colder temperatures than their owners. But just because your dog can tolerate a certain temperature, doesn’t mean they should. Dog owners should be well aware of their dog’s limits. Most dogs have a preference […]

How Do I Help My Dog Lose Weight?

How Do I Help My Dog Lose Weight?

The recent pandemic has found many pet owners working from home, spending more time with their pets, and that’s led to many asking “How do I help my dog lose weight?” Being more available to share food or to give a treat has resulted in many dogs gaining quite a bit of weight. If you […]

18+ Best Dog Breeds that are Built for the Outdoors

The Best Dog Breeds Built for the Outdoors

With so many different dog breeds around the world, it is pretty easy to find a canine companion that is the perfect fit for your lifestyle and climate. Whether you are looking for a running partner, working farm dog, trail companion, hunting hound, sled dog, sport dog, or just want an energetic pup to hang […]

How to Help Your Cat Adjust to a New Home

How to Help your Cat adjust to a new Home

Moving to a new home can be stressful for us and our cats. Whether you are upgrading, downsizing, moving to a house, apartment, or anything in between, moving can be a huge, life-altering change. Most cat owners know that even their most outgoing curious cat can be sensitive to stress. Cats can exhibit stress in […]

6 Ideas to Keep Your Dog Entertained for Hours

Ideas to Keep Your Dog Entertained for Hours

A tired dog is a good dog, just like a bored dog can be a destructive dog. Whether it’s cold outside or you’re away from home all day, keeping your dog entertained, and out of trouble, can be a surprisingly difficult task. While entertainment is not only important for their mental and physical wellness, it […]

Five Ways To Stop Your Cat From Scratching At The Door

Ways to Stop Your Cat From Scratching at the Door

Looking to keep your cat from scratching at the door? Cats make fantastic pets and bring so much joy to their families. Sometimes though, a cat will display behaviors that, though normal for the cat, are unpleasant for the humans in the family. One such behavior is scratching at closed bedroom doors at night while […]

Do Cats Get Cold? Signs Your Cat is Cold and How to Keep Them Warm

Do Cats Get Cold? Signs Your Cat is cold, and How to Keep Them Warm

As the leaves turn colors and fall from the trees, you’re probably pulling out your fleece blankets, hot tea, and wool sweaters in an effort to stay warm. With their furry coats, it may never have occurred to you that your cat is cold, as well. Whether indoors or out, cats do get cold, fortunately […]

12 Signs Your Dog is Overheated (and How to Help)

Dog panting outdoors in the sun

Like people, dogs can become overheated if they’re exposed to hot temperatures for a long period of time. Heat-related illnesses can be serious in dogs, leading to organ damage, seizures, GI problems, abnormal heart rhythms, and even death. That’s why it’s important for pet parents to know how to identify the signs your dog is […]

Which Cities and States Care the Most (and Least) about Their Pets? (Infographic)

Many of us consider our pets to be a part of the family. How could we not…especially when they shower us with so much love and affection? All they ask for in return is that we show them just as much love and care as they do for us. So how do we know if […]

Human Foods Dogs Can and Can’t Eat: Complete List, According to a Vet (in Alphabetical Order)

big list of human foods that dogs can and cant eat

There are some human foods that dogs can eat safely, as well as some human foods dogs can’t eat. If you have a dog, you might be used to seeing adorable puppy eyes begging for a bite of, well, anything that you happen to be eating. While it’s natural to want to share human food […]

How to Treat Urinary Incontinence in Your Dog

Dog next to wet spot on carpet, incontinent dog

Urinary incontinence is a tough problem for dog owners, so it’s not uncommon for pet owners to ask how to treat urinary incontinence in their dog. Constantly cleaning up after your dog gets frustrating and exhausting. Even patient owners may find themselves getting angry. However, a better understanding of the causes behind the condition can […]

What to Do When Your Dog Pees the Bed

Puppy sitting next to a wet spot on the bed

Wondering what to do when your dog pees the bed? There’s nothing quite like getting ready to lay down after a long day and finding dog pee on your bed and pillow. While finding dog pee in the dog’s bed isn’t as bad, it’s still a problem that can strain your home life. Inappropriate urination […]

Pet Memorials: 5 Beautiful Ways to Honor Your Beloved Pet

pet memorials, ideas to memorialize your departed pet

The loss of a beloved pet can be an incredibly emotional experience, leaving many individuals seeking ways to memorialize their cherished companions. Pet memorials provide a physical representation of the bond shared between pet and owner, offering a space for reflection and solace. There are numerous options available for those seeking to create a pet […]

Puppy Weight Calculator: Height and Weight Predictions for Every Breed (with Chart)

Husky puppy on scale being weighed

Our puppy weight calculator determines how big your puppy will be when it becomes an adult dog. The calculator was built by a data scientist to ensure the results will be as accurate as possible, and approved by our team of veterinarians. All the calculations are based on The American Kennel Club’s database of adult […]

Goldendoodle Growth Chart: How Big Will Your Goldendoodle Get?

Adult Goldendoodle with a Goldendoodle puppy

Bred to be part Golden Retriever and part Poodle, the Goldendoodle is considered a crossbreed or designer breed. They’re bred for three different sizes – miniature, medium, and standard. The Goldendoodle is not, however, a registered dog breed and isn’t recognized by the American Kennel Club, or AKC. But they have gained the love of […]

The Best Cat Door

Cat coming inside through a cat door

If you have outdoor cats, a cat door can make life easier for you and your feline friends. Not only do they allow your kitty to go in and out of the house on their own, but they also help conserve energy by preventing heat or air conditioning from escaping through open doors or windows. […]

The Best Automatic Cat Feeders

Picture of a cat eating out of a cat feeder

Automatic cat feeders are a great convenience for cat owners. Vets recommend that cats eat a few small meals throughout the day and automatic cat feeders are an easy way to do that without being forced to stay at home all day. They also ensure that morning and evening meals are always on time, whether […]

The Best Automatic Dog Feeders

The Best Automatic Dog Feeders

An automatic dog feeder can be a great solution for certain problems related to your dog’s nutrition. You can make sure your loved pup doesn’t miss a meal, even if you’re out all day or need to come home late. There are a lot of potential issues that can arise from using an automatic feeder […]

The Best Cat Beds

Cat Asleep in Bed

Cats sleep as many as 16 hours per day (some, like kittens, even more!), so having a cozy cat bed is essential. A good cat bed gives kitties a soft, warm, and safe place to pass all those hours they spend snoozing. More than you may realize can go wrong in selecting a cat bed, […]

The Best Dust Free Cat Litter

Two cats exploring clean litter box with dust free cat litter

Cleaning up after your pets is obviously a gross but necessary task. Scooping out a litter box particularly isn’t a very fun job. Beyond the obvious (scooping cat droppings and clumped cat urine) cat litter can have a number of dangerous chemicals for humans. It’s also a special mess in and of itself! Even moving […]

The Best Dog Clippers for Poodles

Person using dog clippers on a poodle

Unlike most dog fur, poodle fur is short, thick, and curly, meaning it can easily form mats. Keeping their coat trimmed makes it easier to brush and maintain while making your poodle look great. Clippers can have a number of issues, however, including: Power sources not working consistently Blades that are difficult to maintain and […]

How To Introduce Dogs To Avoid A Problem

Two dogs meeting for the first time outdoors

Have you been wondering how to introduce dogs to avoid a problem? It’s a common question dog owners ask, such as when they need to introduce a visiting dog to their dog or introduce a nervous dog to other dogs. As a veterinarian, I often get asked tips and tricks to safely introduce two dogs. […]

How Long Does It Take for a Dog to Digest Food?

Small dog eating out of yellow dog bowl

As a dog owner, you no doubt strive to do everything in your power to support your dog’s health and wellbeing. However, there’s one vital health-related consideration that you may not have given too much thought to: the movement of food through your dog’s digestive system.  While it may seem like an unusual topic to […]

4 Ways to Add Fiber to a Dog’s Diet

Closeup of a happy and healthy dog with his tongue out

Are you looking for ways to add more fiber to your dog’s diet? While fiber is not considered to be an essential ingredient in a dog’s diet, there are a handful of reasons why it may be beneficial to add fiber to a dog’s diet. Fiber not only helps dogs form normal stools, but some types […]

6 Remedies That Will Settle Your Cat’s Upset Stomach

Cat suffering from an upset stomach resting in bed

Does your cat have diarrhea? Or maybe they’re vomiting? If you’re like many cat owners, these issues have led you to search for remedies that will settle your cat’s upset stomach. These symptoms can be brought on by many different causes including: Viral and bacterial infections Parasites Ingesting a toxic substance, unusual food, or foreign […]

7 Ways to Put Your Cat on a Diet

Closeup of overweight cat's face

Have you noticed that your cat has gained a few pounds? Or maybe your cat has been overweight for a while? It might be time to consider putting your cat on a diet. You’re certainly not alone. Various studies have reported that more than half of pet cats may be overweight or obese and the […]

5 Things to Put in a Dog House for Bedding

Two dogs on bed in indoor dog house

You have just spent the time and effort to set up a nice house for your dog, and now you might be wondering what things to put in a dog house for bedding to keep your pup safe, comfortable, warm, and dry. In this article, I’ll explain the various types of dog house bedding to […]

6 Strategies to Stop Dogs from Fighting

Three dogs playing with a ball in the grass

Whether your dog doesn’t get along with other dogs or rarely gets into fights, every dog owner should know how to stop dogs from fighting so you’re prepared should it ever occur. There are a variety of reasons that dogs may fight, from protectiveness to resource guarding to too much (or too little) stimulation. Here’s […]

Why Your Dog Snores (and When & How to Stop It)

Bulldog snoring while sleeping in bed

Wondering why your dog snores? The slow rumble of a snoring dog sleeping nearby in bed may be an endearing noise to some dog owners, but to others, it may cost them precious hours of sleep and worrying that something is wrong. Snoring may be normal in some dogs, but there are some instances that […]