The Best Outdoor Dog Bed (June 2024 Reviews)

Two puppies lounging on an elevated outdoor dog bed in the sun

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Outdoor dog beds give your dog a place to rest and relax while enjoying the great outdoors. You can put them directly on the ground for a comfortable napping area or put them inside a dog house, kennel, or another containment system for when your dog is outdoors.

Our vet advisor, Dr. Suzanne Harrington, selected the best outdoor dog beds available. The Snoozer Waterproof Rectangle Dog Bed is her top choice thanks to its durability and comfort. It is also waterproof, so it will keep your dog warm and dry even if the ground underneath is damp.

Our Vet’s Top Pick

Snoozer Waterproof Rectangular Dog Bed

A generously sized, waterproof dog bed that is machine washable.

While this was Dr. Harrington’s top choice, she also offers a series of her top tips for what to look for in choosing the best outdoor dog beds, a section on who should avoid purchasing them altogether, and she personally selected the best beds for a variety of specific use cases.

The 5 Best Outdoor Dog Beds

  1. Best OverallSnoozer Waterproof Rectangular Dog Bed
  2. Best BudgetFurHaven Pet Dog Bed
  3. Best for CampingSnooza Out N About Natural
  4. Best for Warm ClimatesK&H Pet Products Original Pet Cot
  5. Best for Cold ClimatesK&H Pet Products Thermo Tent

Outdoor Dog Beds Compared

Vet’s Picks Model Rating Waterproof Machine Washable Raised
Best Overall Snoozer Waterproof Rectangular Dog Bed 3.9
Best Budget FurHaven Pet Dog Bed 4.3
Best for Camping Snooza Out N About Natural 4.5
Best for Warm Climates K&H Pet Products Original Pet Cot 4.7
Best for Cold Climates K&H Pet Products Thermo Tent 3.9

*Ratings are on a scale of 1 to 5 and based on reviews, feedback, and opinions of actual customers

Who Should Buy an Outdoor Dog Bed

  • Parents of outdoor dogs – If your dog spends a lot of time outdoors, an outdoor dog bed will keep him comfortable and warm in cold weather.
  • Dog owners, who like the great outdoors – Do you enjoy hiking, camping, or just spending lots of time in your backyard? An outdoor dog bed gives your pup a place to rest and relax.
  • People who travel with their dogs – A lightweight outdoor dog bed allows you to set up your dog with a place to call his own whether you’re staying in a hotel, crashing in someone’s basement, or spending the night under the stars.

Who Should Not Buy an Outdoor Pet Bed

  • Parents of indoor-only dogs – If your dog isn’t going to spend any time outdoors, then you probably do not need an outdoor dog bed.
  • People who live in extreme climates – It is not always safe or healthy for your dog to spend extended periods of time outdoors.1 If you live in an extremely hot or cold climate, then it might not be beneficial to invest in a dog bed that will get little to no use.

If an outdoor dog bed isn’t for you, you may want to check out one of our other guides to find the right bed for your dog, such as our guide to buying the best waterproof dog bed, our elevated dog bed buying guide, or our guide to selecting the best dog sofa bed.

Buying Guide: Research Tips From a Veterinarian

As a veterinarian, I’m often asked for tips on choosing products such as outdoor dog beds. When considering which outdoor dog beds I would recommend to my clients, certain qualifications jump to mind.

  1. Check the comfort level – Be sure that the bed will be comfortable for your dog, as you’ll be using it on hard outdoor surfaces and not a comfy carpet. You don’t want a flimsy, thin bed that would provide no protection against hot concrete or sand, wet grass, or frozen ground.
  2. Check whether it is easy to care for – Make sure the bed is machine washable, as you’ll be treating it a bit more ruggedly than you would an indoor bed. Keep in mind that sand, dirt, or water will likely be getting on the surfaces. If you’re around a campfire, will you be able to wash out the smell when you get home?
  3. Look for additional features – Depending on the climate, you might want to consider a bed that has a canopy for shade, a heat source for cold nights, or elevation for cooling.

Speaking of dog beds, sometimes it can be hard to teach a pup how to sleep through the night. Check out our article on how to get your dog to stay quiet throughout the night so you can get some sleep, too!

How Much Do They Cost?

Between $50 and $200

For most dog beds, you will be looking at a price ranging between $50 and $200. A simple dog bed for a small dog will be on the lower end of that range, while a dog bed with extra features, such as a canopy, heating, or a special mattress, will cost more, particularly if it is for a large dog.

Our Methodology: Why Trust Pet News Daily

When choosing an outdoor dog bed, many of my clients consult with me as their trusted veterinarian. Durability, comfort, ease of portability, and overall protection are factors that I would consider when recommending a dog bed to a pet parent. These qualifications are what I used when determining which outdoor dog beds to recommend. – Dr. Suzanne Harrington

The Best Outdoor Dog Bed Reviews

1. Best Overall – Snoozer Waterproof Rectangular Dog Bed

Our Vet’s Top Pick

Snoozer Waterproof Rectangular Dog Bed

A generously sized, waterproof dog bed that is machine washable.

The Snoozer Waterproof Rectangular Dog Bed made the very top of our vet’s list of the best outdoor dog beds. This bed is waterproof and machine-washable, making it perfect for long snoozes while camping, in the woods with the family, or just on a nice afternoon in the backyard.

The bed is stuffed with a cedar/polyfill. It comes in two sizes and seven different colors. You can wash the bed in the washing machine, but do not put it in the dryer or use any fabric softener; just hang it to dry. The large bed weighs about 14 lbs.

  • Waterproof
  • Machine-washable cover
  • Stuffed with cedar/polyfill
  • Cannot be machine-dried
  • Can be heavy for traveling

2. Best Budget – FurHaven Pet Dog Bed

Best Budget Buy

FurHaven Pet Dog Bed

This orthopedic outdoor dog bed will keep your dog comfortable and your wallet happy.

The FurHaven Pet Dog Bed is an indoor/outdoor bed that provides lots of cushioning and comfort to dogs who are snoozing on a hard surface like a concrete kennel, wooden deck, or uneven backyard. It comes in six sizes and over 40 colors and patterns, making it easy for you to find the one that is perfect for your dog.

The water-resistant cover keeps your dog warm and dry even if the ground is damp. The base is made from orthopedic egg-crate foam for the ultimate comfort, even for old, underweight, or arthritic dogs. It also promotes good air circulation.

  • Water-resistant and machine-washable
  • Orthopedic foam promotes comfort
  • Good for older or arthritic dogs
  • Not good for dogs who chew up their beds
  • Can be thin for larger dogs

3. Best for Camping – Snooza Out N About Natural

Best for Camping

Snooza Out N About Natural

Hit the road in style with this camping-friendly outdoor dog bed

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If you are ready to fire up the SUV or camper and take off for a long weekend, you need a sturdy, comfortable outdoor bed that is up for the rigors of travel. The Snooza Out N About Natural is just what you and your dog have been looking for. It will keep your dog comfortable and give him a home away from home while you’re away.

The mat is wooly and very snuggly for comfort, and the construction is tough and sturdy, making it appropriate for just about any outdoor terrain. The waterproof fabric is easy to wipe clean, but you can also take the whole thing apart and put it in the washing machine if you need to. You can even put it in the dryer in a cool setting!

  • Waterproof
  • Machine-washable and dryable
  • Tough, sturdy cover
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Less supportive for older dogs
  • Available in just one size

4. Best for Warm Climates – K&H Pet Products Original Pet Cot

Best for Warm Climates

K&H Pet Products Original Pet Cot

Purchase the original pet cot with the canopy to keep your pup cool, comfortable, and protected from the sun.

If you live in a place that gets hot during the summer, you will want to check out the K&H Pet Products Original Pet Cot. In addition, consider buying the K&H Pet Canopy, which will further shield your dog from the sun. Note that they are sold separately.

Because this bed is raised, air will flow underneath it easily, keeping your dog cool. The fabric is waterproof, and it is meshed in the middle, adding to the air circulation. It has non-skid rubber feet and a removable, washable cover. It can hold up to 200 lbs, making it great for families with two or more dogs who might want to snuggle together.

  • Waterproof, washable cover
  • Raised construction to promote airflow
  • Holds up to 200 lbs
  • Canopy is sold separately
  • Will not fold down for travel

5. Best for Cold Climates – K&H Pet Products Thermo Tent

Best for Cold Climates

K&H Pet Products Thermo Tent

This heated dog bed will be cozy and warm even on cold days.

If you live in a place that gets cold in the winter, the K&H Pet Products Thermo Tent is just what your dog needs to stay cozy and dry. The bottom heats up (it requires an external power source), and it also has a fleece cover that is removable to be extra snuggly.

In addition, the canopy is attached, so your dog’s body heat will stay in the bed. The bed is easy to assemble and does not require any tools. It comes in small and medium sizes. Note that while this bed will help keep the heat inside for your dog’s comfort, it is not weather-proof and should be placed under a covered area.

  • Has a removable heated pad
  • Includes the canopy
  • Easy to assemble
  • Requires an external power source
  • Not weatherproof

Frequently Asked Questions

Are raised outdoor dog beds better?

A raised outdoor dog bed will allow air to circulate under the bed. This can keep your dog cooler and more comfortable, as it won’t tend to hold onto moisture.2 Another benefit to a raised bed is that insects, rocks, and the uneven ground will bother your dog less than if his bed was directly on the dirt or pavement. With that being said, some dogs prefer a dog bed that isn’t raised, so it’s really up to you and your dog.
What can I put in my dog’s outdoor bed to keep him warm?

If you have cold weather coming up and your dog doesn’t have a heated dog bed, you can add extra blankets to his bed to make it warmer. You can also place a rug, hay, or woodchips underneath the bed to prevent the cold ground from making the bed cold.
Do dogs prefer hard or soft beds?

A happy medium is a good thing when it comes to the softness level of a dog’s bed. If a bed is too soft, it can be hard for your dog to get in and out of it, especially if he is large or has some stiffness in his joints, which is common among older dogs.3 On the other hand, most dogs do not want to sleep on a completely firm surface. A medium-softness dog bed is probably the right choice.
Should a dog sleep outside at night?

Many dogs love being outdoors, and an outdoor dog bed gives them a comfortable place to snooze during the day. You should not leave a dog outdoors unattended at night, however. He could get too hot or too cold and would have no way of alerting you to that. Also, dogs generally like sleeping indoors with their “pack,” whether that includes other dogs or humans.4 Let your dog take naps outside and sleep outdoors while camping, but don’t leave him outside all of the time or overnight when there is no supervision available and make sure it’s not too cold for a dog to sleep outside.

You may also want to check out our guide to getting your puppy to sleep through the night or our list of the best waterproof dog beds. And, if you’re looking to tucker out your pooch so they sleep better, we also have articles on how much exercise a dog needs daily, the best way to train your dog to use a treadmill, and a guide to buying the best dog treadmill.

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