50 Best Veterinarian Blogs to Learn About Pet Care & Veterinary Medicine

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From the individual veterinarian to veterinary hospitals to organizations made up of vet-care professionals, veterinarian blogs run the gamut of content for pet owners to advanced content for veterinarians to business and marketing strategies for the veterinary practice. With all that’s out there, we launched a search for 50 of the best veterinarian blogs.

Divided in to categories to help you comb through the myriad of sites available, we offer a comprehensive list of the best blogs from individual veterinarians, veterinary hospitals, and groups of veterinarians from around the world. Some blogs even have words from veterinary students and nurses. Other veterinarian blogs we found cross from traditional medicine to holistic care, and often offer a spattering of both.

Whether you’re looking for your next (or current) veterinarian (and want to see what they’re up to) or just want to keep up on the latest in veterinary news, check out the following list of blogs while scratching your pet’s ears. The veterinarian blogs below are grouped by category and listed alphabetically within each category; otherwise, they’re not ranked or rated in any way.


Location-Specific Veterinary Hospital Blogs

4 Paws Veterinary Care

4 Paws Veterinary Care Blog

Located in New York, 4 Paws Veterinary Care created a blog for pet owners. From treats to treatments, blog posts include valuable information, such as how to care for a diabetic pet, educating on different parasites and diseases, how to read your pet’s behavior, as well as some fun ideas to entertain your pet. There is also written content for safety and prevention. Topics cover cats and dogs, and their general health, emergencies, nutrition, and activities.

Three posts we like from 4 Paws Veterinary Care:

Argyle Veterinary Hospital

Argyle Veterinary Hospital Blog

Argyle Veterinary Hospital, a small animal and equine hospital, created an educational blog to help pet owners with their pets. Located in Texas, this blog has topics that include health-related and behavioral issues that affect cats, dogs, and horses. It’s informative and encompasses how-to articles, as well as ‘what you should know’ regarding certain conditions, procedures, or treatments.

Three posts we like from Argyle Veterinary Hospital:

Blue Sky Veterinary Clinic


Blue Sky Veterinary Clinic Blog

Located in Oregon, the Blue Sky Veterinary Clinic offers blog archives as far back as 2013. Posts are geared toward the pet owner and include content such as pet health-related issues, emergency care, animal behavior, and the human-animal bond. Other subjects are focused on veterinary practices, treatments, and procedures. Blog posts also cover local topics and issues in the Oregon area.

Three posts we like from Blue Sky Veterinary Clinic:

Florida Wild Veterinary Hospital

Florida Wild Veterinary Hospital Blog

Florida Wild Veterinary Hospital is situated in DeLand and offers a blog for pet owners. Post topics focus on cats and cover things like behavior, mental stimulation, play, news, adoption, book reviews, and the human-animal bond. The blog is informative, educational, and entertaining, and also has an array of personal cat updates and stories.

Three posts we like from Florida Wild Veterinary Hospital:

Massachusetts Veterinary Referral Hospital


Massachusetts Veterinary Referral Hospital Blog

The Massachusetts Veterinary Referral Hospital is an emergency critical care hospital that provides round-the-clock, round-the-year service. With access to veterinary specialists, including cardiology, neurology, oncology, diagnostics, surgery, acupuncture, and emergency services, the hospital is a Veterinary Emergency & Critical Care Society (VECCS) Level 1 certified facility. Blog posts, written for the pet owner, include topics like behavior, exotic pet care, animal news, chemotherapy, acupuncture, general health for dogs and cats, nutrition, and insurance, and even a just-for-fun section.

Three posts we like from Massachusetts Veterinary Referral Hospital:

Maywood Veterinary Clinic

Maywood Veterinary Clinic Blog

Located in New Jersey, the Maywood Veterinary Clinic offers dog and cat owners an educational blog, with posts dating back to 2014. Topics cover cat and dog health, exercise, nutrition, obesity, fleas, ticks and other parasites, adoption, dental care, emergencies, first aid, and general wellness. Written content even covers exotic pets and hypoallergenic pooches.

Three posts we like from Maywood Veterinary Clinic:

Oakland Veterinary Referral Services


Oakland Veterinary Referral Services Blog

Made up of board-certified veterinary specialists and emergency veterinarians, Oakland Veterinary Referral Services offers educational information and resources for pet owners. Blog specialties include behavior, cardiology, alternative medicine, dermatology, emergency and critical care, oncology, ophthalmology, and surgery. Posts have subjects that include a wide range of pet-related concepts, such as grooming, health, behavior, and more.

Three posts we like from Oakland Veterinary Referral Services:

Rocklin Ranch Veterinary Hospital


Rocklin Ranch Veterinary Hospital Blog

Situated in Rocklin, California, Rockin Ranch Veterinary Hospital shares a wide variety of educational content for dog and cat owners, typically with a slice of humor. Blog posts cover topics such as exercise, nutrition, obesity, fleas, ticks, grooming, first aid, pet loss, safety, travel, reproductive health, senior care, surgery, outdoors, and much more.

Three posts we like from Rocklin Ranch Veterinary Hospital:

Rutland Veterinary Clinic and Surgical Center

Rutland Veterinary Clinic Blog

Nestled in the Green Mountains of Vermont sits the Rutland Veterinary Clinic and Surgical Center. Known for its top-notch surgical equipment and expertise, the hospital provides an educational blog to help Rutland residents understand and take care of their pets better. Most of the blog posts are informative for any dog and cat owner, however. Topics include health-related articles, news and goings-on at the hospital, meet-and-greet staff members, and other assorted pet-related issues.

Three posts we like from Rutland Veterinary Clinic and Surgical Center:

Utah Veterinary Hospital


Utah Veterinary Hospital Blog

The Utah Veterinary Hospital created a blog to help pet owners learn more about their dogs and cats. Blog post topics cover puppies and kittens to senior dogs and cats and include dog and cat-related health issues, both physical and mental. Content also speaks to reading your pet’s behavior, and what it might mean. Many items pertain to seasonality, like preventing external parasites in the summer and keeping pets safe in the cold winter months.

Three posts we like from Utah Veterinary Hospital:

West Loop Veterinary Care

West Loop Veterinary Care Blog

Located in Chicago, Illinois, West Loop Veterinary Care houses a blog with a couple of years’ worth of posts in the archives. Blog subjects include health-related issues – both physical and mental, as well as behavioral. The educational and informative content aims to help pet owners take the best care of their pets. Some of the blog posts are geared toward the local Chicago area, while others are general, evergreen information.

Three posts we like from West Loop Veterinary Care:

Worms and Germs

Worms and Germs Blog

Worms and Germs is a health-related, educational blog written by Dr. Scott Weese and Dr. Maureen Anderson, from the Ontario Veterinary College Centre for Public Health and Zoonoses. Posts focus on infectious diseases, as well as zoonotic diseases. The blog contains extensive information about SARS-CoV-2 in different animal species, including cats, dogs, pigs, deer, ferrets, and horses. Worms and Germs also offers external links to more information.

Three posts we like from Worms and Germs:

Holistic Veterinarian Blogs

Doylestown Veterinary Hospital and Holistic Pet Care


Doylestown Veterinary Hospital Blog

Doylestown Veterinary Hospital and Holistic Pet Care is located in Pennsylvania and is an integrative practice that combines traditional and holistic health care options for your pet. Geared toward pet owners, blog posts include content that covers general health, holistic pet care, nutrition, obesity, training, and events. Content also has a “fast facts” section, as well as information on safety, preparedness, and emergencies.

Three posts we like from Doylestown Veterinary Hospital and Holistic Pet Care:

Dr. Andrew Jones Veterinary Secrets

Veterinary Secrets Blog

The host of Veterinary Secrets, Dr. Andrew Jones, is a holistic veterinarian who likes to help pet owners with alternative treatments and holistic care for their cats and dogs. Blog posts focus on home remedies for non-emergency-related issues and cover topics like general health, news, and personal stories. Written posts also feature more pressing health problems like cancer. Dr. Jones also has a YouTube channel where he shows pet owners how to home-treat their pets for a variety of mild health issues.

Three posts we like from Dr. Andrew Jones Veterinary Secrets:

Dr. Judy Morgan


Dr. Judy Morgan's Blog

Dr. Judy Morgan is a holistic veterinarian certified in acupuncture, nutritional therapy, and chiropractic care. She is also a well-known author and speaker as it pertains to pet health. Her blog focuses on the mental, behavioral, and physical health of dogs, cats, and horses, using both traditional and holistic approaches. Post content was created for pet owners and involves discussing all aspects of the animal.

Three posts we like from Dr. Judy Morgan:

Dr. Magda Holistic Veterinarian

Dr. Magda Holistic Veterinarian Blog

Dr. Magda Szyrmer, a holistic veterinarian, offers a blog that features content based on treating the whole pet through nutrition, mental health, and the environment. Holistic subjects include acupuncture, Chinese medicine, and homeopathy. Blog post topics cover allergies, digestion, nutrition, cancer, arthritis, behavior, prevention and treatments, and other illnesses.

Three posts we like from Dr. Magda Holistic Veterinarian:

Dr. Peter Dobias


Dr. Peter Dobias Blog

Dr. Peter Dobias focuses on holistic health care for pets and offers a blog that is educational and informative for pet owners. Blog posts include health-related topics, first aid, personal stories about his dogs – past and present, and information regarding the supplements he sells and why. Written content also talks about human health and treating the whole pet, whose health is an extension of the owner’s.

Three posts we like from Dr. Peter Dobias:

Dr. Roger Holistic Veterinary Care

Dr. Roger Holistic Veterinary Care Blog

Dr. Roger Welton, a holistic veterinarian, is also President of Maybeck Animal Hospital, partner of Grant Animal Clinic, and founder of Web-DVM, His integrative practice combines traditional and holistic medicine, where he shares his knowledge via books, a blog, podcast, and YouTube channel. Blog posts are informative and educational and include topics such as allergy tests, covid-19, vaccine titers, acupuncture, CBD oil, pet food, and more.

Three posts we like from Dr. Roger Holistic Veterinary Care:

  • Innovative Relief for Anxious or Stressed Dogs Through Promoting a Healthy GI
  • How Does Acupuncture in Pets Really Work?
  • What Makes a Pet Food Holistic?



Hemopet Blog

Dr. W. Jean Dodds, an integrative veterinarian, uses both traditional and holistic medicine to treat the whole pet. Blog post topics include archives from 2012, coronavirus information, nutrition, disease, vaccines, and general health. Content covers things like safely disposing of medications, choosing the right foods to feed your pet, diagnostics, treatments for various issues, and prevention of parasites.

Three posts we like from Hemopet:

The Well Dog Place

The Well Dog Place Blog

Located in California, veterinarian Dr. Ken Tudor practices integrative medicine, which combines traditional and holistic methods for prevention and treatment. The blog was created for pet owners to help them take better care of their pets in less invasive ways than traditional means. Blog posts include information on pet-related health issues, as well as covering topics such as nutrition, vaccines, and holistic pet care for puppies, adult dogs, and seniors.

Three posts we like from The Well Dog Place:

The Whole Pet Vet Hospital and Wellness Center

The Whole Pet Vet Blog

Located in California, The Whole Pet Vet Hospital and Wellness Center is an integrative veterinary practice, combining traditional and alternative medicine for the best health care options. Blog topics include exercise, nutrition, obesity, dental care, emergencies, rehab and therapy, travel, boarding, senior pet care, training, and safety.

Three posts we like from The Whole Pet Vet Hospital and Wellness Center:

Individual Veterinarian Blogs

CattleDog Publishing


CattleDog Publishing Blog

Founded by the late Dr. Sophia Yin, well-known for her low-stress, pet-friendly techniques used in practice for handling animals, CattleDog Publishing offers a blog created to help others with the scientific principles of animal behavior. The blog educates pet owners, as well as pet-care professionals, on dogs, cats, birds, and horses. Topics include how-to for behavior modification, grooming, and general well-being. Other post topics include anxiety, barking, medical issues, and nuisance behaviors.

Three posts we like from CattleDog Publishing:

Dr. Emily Thomas 


Dr. Emily Thomas Blog

Dr. Emily Thomas, a veterinarian formerly on the show “The Incredible Dr. Pol” by National Geographic WILD, shares an entertaining blog filled with personal anecdotes, thoughts, feelings, and opinions on a variety of matters. Blog posts are also categorized by dreams, personal life, and stories, as well as vet life. Some posts are directly related to the veterinarian field, and the blog also offers vlogs in the archives.

Three posts we like from Dr. Emily Thomas:

Dr. Julie Cappel

Dr. Julie Cappel Blog

Dr. Julie Cappel, a veterinary life coach from Michigan, wrote a blog from a veterinarian perspective to help coach others in the profession. But many of her posts also relate to those outside the pet-care industry. With years of blog posts and even a podcast, Dr. Julie Cappel shares content about inspirational moments. She has written a blog post every Sunday since 2018.

Three posts we like from Dr. Julie Cappel:

Dr. Marty Becker


Dr. Marty Becker's Blog

Founder of Fear Free, which helps to reduce stress and anxiety in pets, Dr. Marty Becker is also a well-known author. Dr. Becker focuses on the human-animal bond and treats the whole pet via multiple avenues of prevention and treatment. Dr. Becker’s blog consists of educational articles about your pet’s mental and physical health. Helpful for pet owners, blog topics cover a wide variety of information, from health to news, and everything in between.

Three posts we like from Dr. Marty Becker:

Pete the Vet


Pete the Vet Blog

Known as a media veterinarian in Ireland and the UK, Pete the Vet hosts a blog geared toward pet owners. Post topics include book reviews, product reviews, triathlons, personal stories, and news. The blog also offers articles and podcasts about animal welfare, pet health, behavior, and veterinary practices. Other content includes TV, radio, social media, books, and weekly columns in newspapers.

Three posts we like from Pete the Vet:



SkeptVet Blog

SkeptVet is skeptical and features a blog that focuses on the scientific, financial, economic, political, legal, and philosophical issues in traditional and holistic veterinary medicine. Blog posts also offer podcasts, book reviews, educational articles, and guest posts.

Three posts we like from SkeptVet:



VetChick Blog

VetChick is really Dr. Karen Louis, a house-call exclusive veterinarian, who provides pet owners with a blog on various pet-care-related subjects. Blog topics include general wellness, internal health, ears, skin, eyes, diabetes, dental care, behavior, seniors, and things specific to cats. VetChick’s blog also contains a section for fact-checking pet rumors – touching on topics such as canned cat food, coconut oil, and ice. One section is dedicated to vaccine information, while another section is devoted to senior pets.

Three posts we like from VetChick:

Specialized-Care Veterinarian Blogs

Canine Epilepsy Resources

Canine Epilepsy Resources Blog

Canine Epilepsy Resources hosts a blog created by a group of veterinarians, notably Dr. Jean Dodds, which is dedicated to canine epilepsy. Blog posts cover a wide range of information for the epileptic-pet owner, including topics such as anti-epilepsy drugs, nutrition, vaccines, genetics, and holistic treatments. Other topics include the ins and outs of phenobarbital, diet-related information, and DNA and breeding. Though written mostly for dogs, this blog touches on feline epilepsy as well.

Three posts we like from Canine Epilepsy Resources:

Dog Cancer Blog


Dog Cancer Blog

Dog Cancer Blog contains informative articles by Dr. Demian Dressler, author of The Dog Cancer Survival Guide, and Dr. Sue Ettinger. Blog topics cover dog cancer in-depth, going beyond traditional treatments such as chemo, radiation, and surgery. Articles offer a wide range of options to give your dog longevity and quality of life, even with a cancer diagnosis. Dog Cancer Blog offers information on how best to mitigate the risk of cancer, the number one killer in dogs.

Three posts we like from Dog Cancer Blog:

Dr. Sue Cancer Vet


Dr. Sue Cancer Vet Blog

Dr. Sue Ettinger, veterinary cancer specialist and co-author of the 2nd edition of “The Dog Cancer Survival Guide,” provides a blog that includes everything from news, podcasts, vlogs, clips, and articles. Also known as an author, vlogger, and speaker, Dr. Ettinger writes about a variety of issues related to cancer, such as lumps and bumps, treatments, prevention, and the human-animal bond.

Three posts we like from Dr. Sue Cancer Vet:

Pet Poison Helpline


Pet Poison Helpline Blog

The Pet Poison Helpline blog is dedicated to raising awareness for pet owners and veterinary professionals regarding potential poisons affecting pets. The content aims to prevent injury or harm from potential poisons that may be lurking in your home or around your yard. From news to tips to science, blog topics cover everything from natural poisons found outdoors in plant life to common household products. Pet Poison Helpline also has content for general safety.

Three posts we like from Pet Poison Helpline:



VetSpecialists Blog

VetSpecialists is comprised of a group of veterinary specialists from cardiology, oncology, neurology, and small and large animal internal medicine. They offer a blog to educate pet owners on the specifics of their specialty. Blog posts include topics about dogs, cats, horses, and cows, with content such as what to expect with a veterinary specialist, virtual visits, diseases, treatments, and more.

Three posts we like from VetSpecialists:

Blogs Written for Veterinarians

American Veterinary Medical Association


American Veterinary Medical Association Blog

The American Veterinary Medical Association, or AVMA, gathered a group of veterinary professionals to help advance veterinary medicine and animal health. Written by veterinarians for veterinarians and other pet-care specialists, blog subjects cover the ins and outs of vet life, as well as mental health within the profession. Offering posts on a regular basis, the AVMA aims to help vet practices succeed.

Three posts we like from American Veterinary Medical Association:

Dr. Andy Roark


Dr. Andy Roark's Blog

Veterinarian, author, speaker, and award-winning columnist, Dr. Andy Roark hosts a blog, along with a podcast and YouTube channel. Dr. Roark’s blog contains posts about health-related topics, general wellness, personal stories and perspectives, humor, and guest posts from other veterinarians. While it’s mostly geared toward veterinarians, the blog is educational and entertaining for pet owners as well.

Three posts we like from Dr. Andy Roark:

Florida Veterinary Medical Association


Florida Veterinary Medical Association Blog

Created for veterinarian professionals, the Florida Veterinary Medical Association blog promotes and helps to move forward the veterinary profession, while advocating for animal health and wellness. The organization aims to protect public health. Blog posts include advice for veterinary hospitals, information on veterinary conferences, the inner workings of the FVMA, and news.

Three posts we like from Florida Veterinary Medical Association:

I Love Veterinary

I Love Veterinary Blog

Written by veterinarians, and veterinary students, assistants, and technicians. from all over the world, I Love Veterinary was created mostly for other vet-care professionals and practices. However, content can also be good for pet owners. Subject matter includes news and educational content to share with other vets across the world. The blog also consists of videos for surgeries and procedures and info-graphics about animal care and diseases. Other post topics range from animal care for pet owners, to development and interviews for vet professionals, to diseases and medication in animal health.

Three posts we like from I Love Veterinary:


VeterinaryPartner Blog

Created for veterinarians, students, techs, nurses, and other pet-care professionals, VeterinaryPartner promotes excellence in the veterinary industry. Article topics cover a wide variety of animal species, such as dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, pigs, horses, ruminants, and small mammals. Within those categories, blog subjects include disease, husbandry, behavior, general wellness, and medications.

Three posts we like from VeterinaryPartner:

Veterinary Practice News


Veterinary Practice News Blog

Veterinary Practice News is geared toward veterinarians and reaches about 57,000 vet-care professionals. Blog topics include industry trends, new products, best practices, new practitioners, and other issues and events. Posts also cover veterinary news and business strategies, health-related issues in pets, and the human-animal bond.

Three posts we like from Veterinary Practice News:



VETgirl Blog

VETgirl offers a blog written by veterinarians, vet techs, and nurses, with a variety of skilled backgrounds, such as animal ophthalmologists and social workers. The myriad of expertise contributes to the topics discussed throughout the blog. Posts contain educational content regarding best veterinary practices, quick thinking, vet hospital ins and outs, guest posts, and health-related topics regarding treatment> Some pet owners may find the articles useful as well.

Three posts we like from VETgirl:



VetNetwork Blog

Dedicated to the individual veterinarian in order to help them succeed, VetNetwork assists independent vets (those not affiliated with a hospital) grow their practice. With content for digital marketing, website design, and finding new clients, VetNetwork also helps veterinarians build their own blogs. Other post topics cover finance, creating goals, how to build websites and write content, how to find clients through marketing, and useful tips and tricks.

Three posts we like from VetNetwork:



VetSuccess Blog

VetSuccess is made up of analytic experts that provide a compilation of data to help veterinary practices succeed at business. Blog authors span a range of professionals who give their thoughts and advice on managing veterinary practices. Topics over six years have included client compliance, industry trends, leadership, marketing, finance, emotional intelligence, and using metrics. Other posts include tips for running a successful and smooth vet operation.

Three posts we like from VetSuccess:

Vin News Service


VIN News Blog

Written for and by veterinarians in order to share news about veterinary medicine, Vin News Service covers a wide variety of subjects, such as health, finance, personal stories, and the ins and outs of how veterinary hospitals work. Though created for vet-care professionals, pet owners may learn a thing or two, and enjoy this blog also.

Three posts we like from Vin News Service:

Other Veterinarian Blogs

Merck Manuals Student Stories


Merck Manuals Student Stories Blog

Merck Manuals Student Stories consists of posts written by students and nurses currently going through veterinary school. From a variety of universities, blog topics include school courses, studying, and what you need to know. Other topics include clients, finance, and vet procedures. The blog also has categories such as student experience, the human-animal bond, advice about vet school, striking a healthy balance, and clinical experience.

Three posts we like from Merck Manuals Student Stories:

Pet Connection

Pet Connection Blog

Pet Connection is written by a group of pet-care professionals, including Dr. Marty Becker, to help pet owners learn more about their cats, dogs, birds, and rabbits. Blog subjects cover a wide variety of things, such as exercise, vet hospital information, general health, preventatives and treatments, seasonal issues, like allergies or staying safe from storms, and trivia fact sheets.

Three posts we like from Pet Connection:

PetsBest Pet Health Insurance


Pets Best Blog

PetsBest is a pet health insurance company that hosts a blog compromised of veterinarians, behavioral experts, and other pet-care professionals. Helping pet owners with pet health, training, behavior, and safety, blog posts include veterinary news, disease and treatment, and information about service dogs, doggy day cares, and dog sitters. The blog also has tips and tricks for canine activities, as well as fun facts.

Three posts we like from PetsBest Pet Health Insurance:

VCA Hospitals


VCA Hospitals Blog

VCA Hospitals offer a blog to help pet owners keep up to date with the latest health-related news, issues, and treatments. Topics span traditional medicine to alternative therapies and include subjects such as behavior, general wellness, diagnostics, breeding, nutrition, emergencies, surgery, medications, and zoonosis.

Three posts we like from VCA Hospitals:



VetNurse Blog

VetNurse is a blog written by veterinary nurses, students, and veterinary practice managers to share clinical discussions and information with other pet-care professionals. Based out of the UK, topics include the ins and outs of vet practices, surgical procedures, new treatments, innovative solutions, general vet news, and medications.

Three posts we like from VetNurse:



VetPrep Blog

VetPrep consists of a group of veterinarians blogging about veterinary school to help current students pass the ultimate test. The founders of the blog include veterinary specialists. Blog posts cover topics specific to exams, general veterinary news and information, and tips and tricks. Posts also cover case studies and reviews regarding pet health, diseases, and treatments.

Three posts we like from VetPrep:



VETzInsight Blog

An educational blog to help owners of companion animals, VetzInsight focuses on the human-animal bond and the emotions related to it. Written by veterinarians, the blog takes on issues related to health, news, non-mainstream topics, personal stories, as well as fictional short stories.

Three posts we like from VetzInsight:

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