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The Best Cute Dog Collars (Chosen By a Vet) (December 2022 Reviews)

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Finding the perfect collar for your dog can be rough. Things like fit and quality are obvious considerations. You may need something customized to your specific breed (like the perfect collar for a Poodle’s hair and size) but you may also want a cute dog collar that looks attractive on your dog.

My dog is a giant Bernedoodle with a durable pink collar – it’s very cute on him, while still being practical.

To help you find the right fit for your dog, we tested and asked our veterinary advisor Dr. Jennifer Coates to review the top cute dog collars on the market to help you find a balance between getting a cute collar that’s also durable and a good fit for your pup. She made her recommendation for the best models for a variety of purposes, including:

  • Best overall
  • Best budget
  • Best leash and collar
  • Best cute collar for male dogs
  • Best cute collar for female dogs

You’ll leave this post confident you can purchase the right (cute) dog collar for your dog.

As a side note a few other resources you may find helpful: Dr. Coates also developed a great dog collar size chart for us and also selected the best overall dog collars, and veterinary advisor Dr. Jennifer Masucci provided an in-depth answer to the question how tight should a dog collar be?

Dog collar size chart

What’s The Best Cute Dog Collar?

The short answer is that Dr. Coates chose the Blueberry Pet Dog Collar as the best overall dog collar.

Our Vet’s Top Pick

Blueberry Pet Dog Collar

A multi-colored dog collar with a variety of different options for color combos.

Below are Dr. Coates’s top picks. Compare the ratings and key features of each of the collars to decide which one is the best collar for your dog.

Vet’s Picks Model Rating Material Closure Type Notable Feature
Best Overall Blueberry Pet Collar 4.7 Polyester Buckle Multi-color collar with several color combos available
Best Budget Downtown Pet Supply Dog Collar 4.6 Polyester Buckle, Snap Several custom cute designs
Best Leash & Collar Lucky Love Dog Collar Combo Set 4. Nylon Buckle Collar and leash combo with several custom prints
Best Male Wolfgang Man & Beast Dog Collar 4.8 Polyester, Nylon, Alloy Steel Buckle Pull tested to over 800 pounds with multiple color and design options
Best Female Native Pup Flower Dog Collar 4.7 Nylon Buckle Vibrant colors with no company branding

*Ratings are on a scale of 1 to 5 and based on reviews, feedback, and opinions of actual customers

Who Should Buy a Cute Dog Collar?

  • Anyone who is sure they want to use a collar for their dog (more on this below) and wants a cute collar with a print, design, or cute mix of colors to show off on a pup will find this post helpful.
  • If you’re training a dog and believe that a collar is the best tool for teaching a dog to follow your lead on walks, a dog collar will be a fit for you and your dog.
  • If your dog will have issues with a harness (which can be hard on the back and chest, or for some dogs can be difficult to fit and/or to get onto the dog) then a collar is a good fit for your dog

Who Should Not Buy One?

  • Obviously these “cute” dog collars have an emphasis on design elements (and options). If that’s not a key concern of yours you can check out our best overall dog collars for collars ranked purely by fit and durability.
  • The major concerns about collars are typically that they’re tough on a dog’s neck and trachea – if you have concerns here and have a dog who is a puller, a dog harness may be a better bet (we have a series of guides on choosing the right harness for your pup as well).

If you’re not sure about whether a collar or harness is right for your dog, this is a great video from veterinarian Dr. Gary Richter:

And, if you are settled on a cut collar for your dog, below are some additional tips for making the right call from our vet advisor Dr. Coates.

“Cute dog collars need to have the same basic attributes as any dog collar. The right one depends on a dog’s lifestyle and personal needs. Cute dog collars need to be durable, safe, and fitted correctly for comfort and so that a dog can’t easily slip it off. Attachments for an identification tag and leash (ideally separate) are standard.

After these basics are ticked off, style comes into play. Pet parents have different tastes, but quality collars that come in a wide range of colors, patterns, and styles are ideal. If you’re looking for a way to signal to the world that your dog is a girl or a boy, a collar that comes in traditionally “feminine” or “masculine” colors and styles is ideal.

Talk to friends and family who have purchased dog collars to learn what types have worked well for them. Your veterinarian or dog trainer can also point to any features that might be ideal based on your dog’s specific needs. Closely read product descriptions to avoid unpleasant surprises. Looking at customer reviews posted on trusted sources can give you an idea of how satisfied pet parents are with their purchase.”

How Much Does a Cute Dog Collar Cost?

Between $9 and $35

Dog collars cost roughly $9 to $35, but most tend to run closer to the $10-20 range, depending on the style and the size collar you’re buying, and what material they’re made from, and in the case of this list whether a leash is included.

Budget-friendly collars are typically a less-frills option that are still effective but may not be as durable or have some of the specific features you’re looking for.

Our Methodology: Why Trust Pet News Daily

At Pet News Daily we test the products we recommend, and we have a licensed veterinarian hand pick every product we recommend. Here’s a note from Dr. Coates, the vet who chose the list for this post, on her process for selecting the best products:

“Comfort and security are the most important features to look for in a dog collar. When we test products we look for comfort and security, even in selecting the best budget options. If you have questions beyond what’s covered in this post, I suggest speaking to your veterinarian, other dog owners, and reading the product reviews for guidance.” – Dr. Jennifer Coates, DVM.

The Best Dog Collars: Full Reviews

Best Overall

Our Vet’s Top Pick

Blueberry Pet Dog Collar

A multi-colored dog collar with a variety of different options for color combos.
  • Made of soft and durable polyester
  • Available in 4 adjustable sizes
  • Many color combinations available
  • Reflective options available
  • Plastic quick-release buckle
  • Double D-ring, with separate attachments for tags, charms, or other accessories
  • Matching leashes available
  • Some reviewers complained about durability and the collar wearing out (after a few months to a year)
  • Some reviewers complained about fit and comfort (one review highlighted a reaction to the polyester, another that the collar pulled at their dog’s fur and another that it chafed the dog’s neck)

The Blueberry Pet Dog Collar is Dr. Coates’s top pick for overall cute dog collar. The collars are vibrant and the threaded polyester material feels very thick and substantial, while the colors on the collar really pop.

Overall the collar gets very strong reviews (not quite the best among the collars listed here but very strong relative to other products we’ve tested and reviewed):

Screenshot of reviews for the Blueberry Pet Dog Collars

The negative reviewers centered around two issues:

  • Durability and the collar wearing out (after a few months to a year)
  • Fit and comfort (one review highlighted a reaction to the polyester, another that the collar pulled at their dog’s fur and another that it chafed the dog’s neck)

Blueberry Pet has a nice, quick guide to choosing the right size Blueberry collar for your pet:

That said many customers are very happy with the quality of materials and the collar as a whole, and we’d recommend this collar even more highly than the standard reviews.

Best Budget

Best Budget

Downtown Pet Supply Dog Collar

A lightweight adjustable dog collar with lots of different design options.
  • Made of durable polyester
  • Available in 3 adjustable sizes
  • 9 cute colors/patterns appropriate for all dogs
  • Plastic quick-release buckle
  • Some customers complained about sizing and fit
  • Some customers complained about durability and material quality

The Downtown Pet Supply Dog Collar is our best budget pick.

The collar feels very light (especially compared to the Blueberry Pet Dog Collar) with a plastic buckle. It definitely doesn’t feel like the thickest or most substantial collar, and just picking it up I’d assume it’s a better fit for a non-puller / smaller dog.

Overall despite the low price the collar gets relatively strong ratings (the worst on this list, but strong relative to the hundreds of other dog products we’ve reviewed and tested):

Screenshot of Downtown Supply Dog Collar Reviews

The negative reviews tend to center around two core issues (there are very few total negative reviews):

  • Sizing and fit
  • Durability and material quality

That said these are the most common complaints about collars we’ve seen after reviewing tons of negative customer reviews. All in all this is a good option for budget-conscious customers looking for a dog collar.

Best Leash & Collar Set

Best Leash & Collar Set

  • Unique and playful designs
  • Available as collar only or matching collar and leash sets
  • Available in 4-5 adjustable sizes
  • Light and comfortable
  • Plastic quick-release buckle
  • Good sizing guide
  • Small business that donates portion of proceeds to help shelter dogs
  • Many customers complained that the color on the collar faded quickly
  • Some customers complained that the leash wasn’t shipped with the collar
  • Some complained about fit and durability

The best cute leash and collar combo is the Lucky Love Dog Collar Combo Set.

This is a pretty standard-feeling nylon collar (similar to the Downtown Pet Supply collar and less weighty and substantial than the Blueberry Pet collar) with a leash along the same lines. Again here if you have a large dog that’s an aggressive puller this material may not be a good fit (no pun intended).

The set has extremely strong ratings, tied for the best on this list and among the highest of any dog product we’ve tested and reviewed:

Screenshot of Lucky Love Dog Collar Combo Set reviews

Complaints from customers who had issues with the collar included:

  • Many customers complained that the color on the collar faded quickly
  • Some customers complained that the leash wasn’t shipped with the collar
  • Some complained about fit and durability

All of that said, a number of people were happy with the harness and if you’re prioritizing comfort this collar is the one we’d recommend.

Best Cute Dog Collars for Male Dogs

  • Made of durable, stain and abrasion-resistant polyester
  • Available in 3 adjustable sizes
  • Many “masculine” colors and patterns
  • Curved nylon buckles
  • Some customers complained that the material wore, became frayed, or the color faded.

Our choice for best cute dog collars for male dogs is the Wolfgang Man & Beast Premium Adjustable Dog Training Collar.

This is one of the thicker and sturdier feeling collars of those we tested, and both the collar material and D ring to hook to a leash feel sturdier than a standard collar (the plastic buckle is basically your average buckle).

Reviews for the harness are extremely strong, and it’s tied for the best reviews on the list (and one of the best reviewed dog products we’ve tested and reviewed):

A screenshot of the Wolfgang dog collar reviews

Major complaints from people who did have low reviews centered around:

  • The majority of the negative reviews of the product focused around the material wearing, becoming frayed, or color fading.

Here’s a good video review of the martingale collar:

And Wolfgang themselves have a product overview video:

As well as a video on sizing:

And cleaning your collar and leash:

All in all many reviewers were extremely happy with the product, however, and if you’re looking for a dog body collar this is a great option.

Best Cute Dog Collar for Female Dogs

Best Female Dog Collar

Native Pup Flower Dog Collar

An adjustable, bright, flower printed female dog collar.
  • Made of durable polyester
  • No branding on collar
  • Available in 3 sizes and 8 colors/patterns – many with flowers
  • Plastic quick-release buckle
  • Some customers complained that the ring broke after relatively few uses of the collar

The Native Pup Flower Dog Collar is our top pick for a cute female dog collar.

This is a light-feeling collar with a plastic buckle that definitely doesn’t feel substantial enough for a large, pulling dog but has similar thickness, feel, and weight to the other nylon collars reviewed in this post.

The reviews for the collar are not the best among those reviewed in this post, but they are relatively strong:

Screenshot of Native Pup Flower Dog Collar reviews

Negative reviews centered around the ring breaking on the collar particularly.

That said we recommend this highly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Final Verdict: The Best Cute Dog Collars

If you’re looking for a step in harness for your dog, here are our top picks (chosen by a vet):

Thomas Demers
Tom is a managing partner with Pet News Daily. He has been writing and researching on the web for over 10 years. He owns 3 dogs, 3 cats, and is a huge animal lover. His current obsession is working on training his (currently very good but very poorly behaved) 87 pound, 1 year old Bernedoodle named Pinecone.