Spotlight On: Claire Chew, Pet Loss Consultant

claire chew pet loss consultant

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Claire Chew is a pet loss consultant who specializes in helping pet owners who have experienced the death of a pet. Claire is a certified compassion fatigue specialist and life transition/grief coach who has helped hundreds of people heal from trauma so they can become the best version of themselves.

Before becoming a pet loss consultant, Claire was an entrepreneur working with some of the top Fortune 500 companies. Her shift in careers came after experiencing the death of her beloved dog, Sophie. It ignited a passion in her to help others who are experiencing that same grief from losing their beloved pets.

Support for Pet Lovers Experiencing Grief

One of the main reasons people work with Claire is because she empathizes with them, which makes it easier for her to guide them through their grief. She understands that everyone grieves differently and knows how to adapt her approach or each client.

Claire understands that grieving the loss of a pet can lead to depression and other mental health issues, but she also knows that there are ways to cope with grief and move forward in life.

By offering coaching sessions and resources for helping pet owners to heal, as well as the opportunity to say goodbye, Claire helps her clients find peace after experiencing the death of a pet.

One way to celebrate your pet’s life is with a pet memorial. These can really help with the grieving process.

Help for Animal Care Specialists (Veterinary Support)

Claire has a background in psychology, with an emphasis on grief and loss. She understands that while losing a pet can be a difficult experience for anyone, it can be particularly challenging for people who also work in the veterinary field. The two worlds overlap so much—the compassion for animals, the sense of being needed by them, the desire to help them… it makes working in the veterinarian field all the more meaningful when you have a personal connection to your patients.

But when you lose a pet patient yourself, it’s another story entirely. Your job suddenly becomes more than just work. It becomes personal. And when you lose a pet you’ve helped heal or care for—and who has become part of your life—the pain can be overwhelming and debilitating. You need help coping with that loss. She understands that you need someone who understands what you’re going through and can offer support through tough times.

Additional Services

Claire also offers a wide range of workshops, coaching programs, and customized support to help veterinary professionals find a work-life balance.

Topics include:

  • Job Burnout
  • Compassion Fatigue
  • Stress Management
  • Resilience Building

What a Coaching Session with Claire Looks Like

Pet loss 1-on-1 individual sessions

Individual sessions via zoom last 45 minutes. You are assured of a safe space to talk about how your pet’s death is affecting you. During sessions you can:

  • Discover how to love yourself and others in a way that fills your heart instead of leaving it feeling empty
  • Take a moment to consider your fears and past hurts, as well as any guilt you may feel. Reaffirm your commitment to caring for others
  • Create a self-care plan that includes coping strategies as you face the unimaginable.

Anticipatory loss 1-on-1 individual sessions

Sessions are conducted via zoom for 45 minutes. During these sessions, you will learn how to:

  • Prepare a checklist/plan for your pet’s quality of life during treatment
  • Experience what self-care looks like when facing unimaginable circumstances
  • Explore options for hospice care, pain management, and aftercare
  • Make a plan for saying goodbye

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