The Best Snuffle Mat for Dogs (May 2024 Reviews)

Corgi sniffing a dog snuffle mat

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Are you looking for the perfect snuffle mat for your dog? Snuffle mats are a way to “slow feed” your dog, encouraging them to use their senses and think hard in order to find the treats or kibble hidden in the mat. This can relieve boredom and anxiety, and reduce any regurgitation of food.

Our vet advisor, Dr. Melody Aitchison-Steed, DVM, reviewed dozens of snuffle mats for dogs to bring you her top 5 picks. The RUNDA Snuffle Mat for Dogs was her top choice. It’s durable and easy to clean: it can even be put through your washing machine. Plus, it has two suction cups and a non-slip cloth backing to keep it securely in place on your floor. Read how she chose the top 5.

Our Vet’s Top Pick

RUNDA Snuffle Mat for Dogs

Looking for a strong, easy-to-clean dog snuffle mat? This great mat from RUNDA suits dogs of all sizes stays firmly in place and can go in your washing machine.

While this was Dr. Aitchison-Steed’s top choice, she also offers a series of her top tips for what to look for in choosing the best snuffle mats for dogs, a section on who should avoid purchasing them altogether, and she personally selected the best snuffle mat for a variety of specific use cases.

The 5 Best Snuffle Mats for Dogs

  1. Best OverallRUNDA Snuffle Mat for Dogs
  2. Best BudgetOVERTANG Pet Snuffle Mat for Dogs
  3. Best for Large DogsHOPET Snuffle Mat for Large Dogs
  4. Best for Small DogsTEIFUT Snuffle Mat
  5. Best for PuppiesSCHITEC Snuffle Mat for Dogs

Snuffle Mats Compared

Here are the top picks from our veterinarian. Compare the ratings and features of different models.

Editor’s Picks Model Rating Size Material Folds/rolls to store? Machine washable?
Best Overall RUNDA Snuffle Mat for Dogs 4.3 17″ x 21″ Felt
Best Budget OVERTANG Pet Snuffle Mat for Dogs 3.9 18.9″ diameter Felt
Best for Large Dogs HOPET Snuffle Mat for Large Dogs 4.4 27″ x 27″ Flannel
Best for Small Dogs TEIFUT Snuffle Mat 5.0 16.9″ diameter Chenille plush
Best for Puppies SCHITEC Snuffle Mat for Dogs 4.2 14″ diameter Polar fleece fabric

*Ratings are on a scale of 1 to 5 and based on reviews, feedback, and opinions of actual customers

Who Should Buy a Snuffle Mat for Dogs?

  • Pet owners who are concerned about their dog eating too quickly – Does your dog gobble their food too fast? If they guzzle down every meal, that can cause issues like vomiting, stomach pain, and diarrhea.1 Plus, your dog might eat too much and become overweight. A snuffle mat slows them down while keeping them occupied.
  • Owners of dogs that seem bored or anxious – Just like humans, dogs can get bored. If your dog is bored, they’re more likely to act out. Using a snuffle mat helps give your dog extra mental stimulation while providing strong motivation too.2
  • Exhausted pet owners with high-energy dogs – All that sniffing and foraging helps your dog to burn some energy. If your dog is full of energy and struggles to calm down, then the snuffle mat could give you a much-needed break!

Who Should Not Buy a Snuffle Mat for Dogs?

  • Puppy owners who can’t supervise the use of the snuffle matNew puppies are really good at chewing items. If left unattended, a puppy might be more likely to tear apart a snuffle mat or even ingest pieces of the fabric.  Ingested material can lead to intestinal obstruction.3
  • Pet owners who won’t keep the snuffle mat clean – Don’t give your dog a snuffle mat that you rarely or never clean. For good hygiene, it’s important to clean it on a regular basis, at least weekly. Otherwise, you might find that it’s getting moldy or smelling bad.

Buying Guide: Research Tips From a Veterinarian

As a vet, I often get asked how to help dogs with issues like boredom, anxiety, an overabundance of energy, and digestive problems. Snuffle mats can be great for assisting with all of these. Always remember, when considering any snuffle mat or slow feeder consult with your veterinarian!  And of course, if you are researching online make sure you are using a reputable source.

  1. Choose a snuffle mat that can go in the washing machine – You want a snuffle mat that’s easy to clean, and being able to put it through your washing machine is ideal. I’d recommend cleaning the mat several times a week.
  2. Make sure the snuffle mat’s “hairs” are firmly attached – It’s important that all the pieces of the snuffle mat (often called “hairs”) are securely attached. This is especially crucial in the area where your dog will use their nose. Although it’s unlikely, you don’t want to risk a small piece of unattached material becoming lodged in their nose.
  3. Opt for a snuffle mat that’s easy to store – Many snuffle mats pack into an integrated carry bag or roll up when not in use. If you don’t want to keep your snuffle mat out permanently, look for one you can easily pack away.

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How Much Do They Cost?

Between $15 and $40

Snuffle mats vary quite a bit in price depending on the size, design, and material, but most will cost between $15 and $40. Obviously, large, complex snuffle mats will cost more than smaller, simpler ones. Make sure you’re choosing a snuffle mat that’s safe, durable, and large enough for your dog to enjoy. Be prepared to spend at the higher end of this range if you want a snuffle mat with extra features and puzzles for your pet.

Our Methodology: Why Trust Pet News Daily?

When choosing the best snuffle mats to recommend for your dog, I’ve picked mats that are durable, have securely attached pieces, and are easy to clean. All the mats I’ve chosen can go through your washing machine. I also took into account the value for money and the availability of the snuffle mats. Of course, you should always consult with your own veterinarian for recommendations that are personalized to your pet, too. – Dr. Melody Aitchison-Steed, DVM

The Best Snuffle Mat for Dogs Reviews

1. Best Overall – RUNDA Snuffle Mat for Dogs

Our Vet’s Top Pick

RUNDA Snuffle Mat for Dogs

Looking for a strong, easy-to-clean dog snuffle mat? This great mat from RUNDA suits dogs of all sizes stays firmly in place and can go in your washing machine.

The RUNDA Snuffle Mat for Dogs is a high-quality, very durable snuffle mat that your pooch is sure to love. It’s a great option if you have a dog that tends to get a bit over-excited, as it fixes securely to your floor using two suction cups. There’s also a strong edge guard all the way around to prevent food from dropping out, making this a great low-mess snuffle mat.

RUNDA uses non-toxic, odorless materials for the snuffle mat, so you can be sure that it’s safe and comfortable for your dog to use. You can wash it by hand or simply put it through your washing machine.

  • A high-quality durable snuffle mat
  • Fixes securely to the floor
  • Has non-slip backing
  • Easy to keep clean; machine washable
  • Doesn’t fold/roll up for easy storage
  • May be too small for some dogs

2. Best Budget – OVERTANG Pet Snuffle Mat for Dogs

Best Budget

OVERTANG Pet Snuffle Mat for Dogs

The OVERTANG Pet Snuffle Mat for Dogs is a simple snuffle mat that packs up small and that won’t break the bank.

When you’re on a tight budget, a snuffle mat might seem like an unnecessary purchase for your pet. But there are plenty of great value snuffle mats out there, including the OVERTANG Pet Snuffle Mat for Dogs. This mat doesn’t compromise on quality: it’s anti-slip, environmentally friendly, and can be easily folded up into a slow-feeding bowl.

OVERTANG advises washing the mat by hand, though it’s also fine to pop it in the washing machine. They offer a 24-hour online after-sales service, just in case you run into any issues.

  • Quality, durable snuffle mat at a great price
  • Stays in one spot due to the anti-slip backing
  • Folds up into a slow feeding bowl (or for storage)
  • Some dogs may shake/flip to get the treats out
  • Closure cord for storage is easily detached

3. Best for Large Dogs – HOPET Snuffle Mat for Large Dogs

Best for Large Dogs

HOPET Snuffle Mat for Large Dogs

This big and detailed snuffle mat has lots of enrichment puzzles to keep your dog interested. It folds neatly for storage, too.

If you have a large dog, the HOPET Snuffle Mat for Large Dogs is a great buy. It’s big enough for larger dogs to enjoy, and it’s cleverly designed with several different zones to provide different feeding puzzles.

It’s also a good option if you travel, as it folds up into a flat square for easy transportation. Like the other mats in our list, it’s simple to clean by putting it in the washing machine.

  • A large mat that’s suitable for bigger dogs
  • Multiple “feeding games” to hold your dog’s interest
  • Folds up for easy transportation or storage
  • Plastic buckle could be dangerous if chewed
  • Some dogs may flip/shake to get the treats out

4. Best for Small Dogs – TEIFUT Snuffle Mat

Best for Small Dogs

TEIFUT Snuffle Mat

Try this soft, small, and portable mat for your smaller dog … or even a cat. It includes suction cups on the reverse side to keep it in place.

The TEIFUT Snuffle Mat is a simple circular mat that you can fix down so your dog won’t flip it or drag it. There are suction cups on the bottom to hold it to the floor, a rope that lets you loop it around a table leg, and even nails to fix the mat to the grass if you’re using it outside.

This mat is best for small to medium-sized dogs, as it’s not the largest snuffle mat out there. It’s strong and durable, though, and should stand up well to repeated use.

  • Compact, durable mat ideal for smaller dogs
  • Easily folds for storage
  • Can be fastened down in multiple ways
  • Not ideal for larger dogs
  • The neon green color may not suit your decor

5. Best for Puppies – SCHITEC Snuffle Mat for Dogs

Best for Puppies

SCHITEC Snuffle Mat for Dogs

This small snuffle mat is great for puppies or for other small pets like cats or rabbits. It closes up with a drawstring, allowing you to hang it for easy storage

If you have a puppy, the SCHITEC Snuffle Mat for Dogs is a great choice. It’s small, with just a 14″ diameter, making it perfect for even quite little puppies. You’ll need to keep a close eye on your pet, though, because your pup might try to break off swallow pieces.

It’s easy to store this snuffle mat when it’s not in use, as the integrated drawstring lets you close it up into a little pouch. You can also use the drawstring to make it into more of a bowl shape than a flat mat.

  • Size can be adjusted using the drawstring
  • 90-day refund or replacement guarantee
  • Comes with a matching collapsible dog bowl
  • Fleece pieces tear easily (by your dog or when washing)
  • Some puppies can flip it over to get treats instantly

Frequently Asked Questions

Are snuffle mats safe for dogs?

Good-quality snuffle mats should be as safe as any other toy for your dog. It’s important to watch your dog closely when you first introduce them to the snuffle mat, to make sure they don’t chew and swallow pieces of it. If you have a puppy, you should always supervise them while they’re using the snuffle mat.
Are snuffle mats worth it?

Snuffle mats are relatively inexpensive and many pet owners find that their dogs really love using the snuffle mat. A snuffle mat is an especially worthwhile purchase if your dog suffers from anxiety or boredom. It’s also very helpful for overweight pooches or ones that tend to eat too quickly.4

What do you put in snuffle mats?

You should only put dry food (such as kibble or other treats) in your dog’s snuffle mat. Go for small, tasty treats with a strong smell so that they’re easy for your dog to scavenge for using their nose. Stick with food that you already know your dog likes, at least when introducing the snuffle mat.
How often should you wash a snuffle mat?

Most manufacturers will recommend washing the snuffle mat weekly, but two or three times a week is even better. Check the manufacturer’s instructions about how to best clean the mat. You may need to use a cold, delicate cycle, for instance. Some mats can also be tumble-dried.

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Dr. Melody Aitchison-Steed
Dr. Melody Aitchison-Steed graduated with her doctor of veterinary medicine degree from the University of California at Davis in 2005. Following graduation, she completed a 1-year rotating internship in small animal medicine and emergency care. After completing her internship, Dr. Aitchison-Steed has practiced small animal general medicine in Southern California. When she’s not practicing medicine, Dr. Aitchison-Steed is usually with her family (a husband and two sweet daughters, two dogs, and a cat!) enjoying the outdoors by hiking and camping, reading, or attending the kids’ sports events.