The Best Dog Blankets (June 2024 Reviews)

Dog snuggled wrapped in a blanket on a bed

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Are you looking for the best dog blankets? Whether you want a spare blanket to keep in the car, a blanket for your sofa, or simply an extra blanket for your dog’s bed, there are loads of different options available.

Our vet advisor, Dr. Danielle Morosco, has selected the very best dog blankets out there for you to choose from. Her top pick, the PupProtector Waterpoof Blanket, comes in a range of styles to match your home decor … plus it’s machine-washable for easy cleaning.

Our Vet’s Top Pick

PupProtector Waterproof Blanket

Looking for a durable, waterproof blanket that looks and feels great too? This soft blanket is made from plush faux fur and microsuede, so it’s super-soft.

While this was Dr. Morosco’s top choice, she also offers a series of her top tips for what to look for in choosing the best dog blankets, a section on who should avoid purchasing them altogether, and she personally selected the best blankets for a variety of specific use cases.

The 5 Best Dog Blankets

  1. Best OverallPupProtector Waterproof Blanket
  2. Best BudgetWaterproof Blanket Furniture Protector Pawsse
  3. Best Chew ProofMax and Neo Waterproof Dog Blanket
  4. Best WaterproofMambe Silky Waterproof Blanket
  5. Best WeightedPawfect Blanket Weighted Premium Hypoallergenic

Dog Blankets Compared

Here are the top picks from our veterinarian. Compare the ratings and features of different models.

Editor’s Picks Model Rating Size Material Weight Machine washable?
Best Overall PupProtector Waterproof Blanket 4.5 60″ x 50″ Plush faux fur and microsuede 3.85lbs
Best Budget Buy Waterproof Blanket Furniture Protector Pawsse 4.6 50″ x 30″ Plush micro fleece and Sherpa fleece 0.99lbs
Best Chew Proof Max and Neo Waterproof Dog Blanket 4.6 58″ x 50″ Soft fleece and waterproof nylon 1.81lbs
Best Waterproof Mambe Silky Waterproof Blanket 4.6 60″ x 60″ Long-fiber fleece and waterproof backing 3lbs
Best Puzzle Toy Pawfect Blanket Weighted Premium Hypoallergenic 4.8 40″ x 47″ Minky fleece 6lbs

*Ratings are on a scale of 1 to 5 and based on reviews, feedback, and opinions of actual customers

Who Should Buy a Dog Blanket

  • New dog parents who are just getting set up – Even if you have a nice plush dog bed, a blanket gives your pooch extra comfort.
  • Anyone who wants to protect their sofa and/or bed – A dog blanket is a great way to avoid mud (and puppy pee) from getting on your furniture (if you are having issues with accidents check out the best products for dealing with it in our puppy supply checklist).
  • Owners of anxious dogs – Heavier blankets (or even weighted ones) can be very calming for an anxious pet.1

Who Should Not Buy a Dog Blanket

  • Pet parents who can’t easily keep clean the blanket – If you don’t have easy access to a washing machine, opt for a small dog blanket that you can take to the laundry mat or wash by hand.
  • Dog owners who already have blankets galore – If you already have blankets on the sofa, in the car, and so on, and they’re still in good condition, you may not need another.

Buying Guide: Research Tips From a Veterinarian

As a veterinarian, I often get asked for recommendations about the best dog blankets. While most dog blankets will be fine to use, it’s a good idea to do your research before buying, as some blankets can be quite expensive. Ask family and friends for their recommendations, as well as checking out reviews.

  1. Consider opting for a waterproof blanket – Many dog blankets are waterproof, and even if you don’t expect accidents, a waterproof blanket can be very handy. For instance, you could use it to protect your car seats if your dog’s been for a swim.
  2. Look carefully at the blanket’s material – Fabrics like silk and microsuede won’t pick up as much pet hair as fabrics like corduroy or velour.2 You’ll also want to pick a blanket that’s machine-washable for easy cleaning.
  3. Think about the size and color of blanket you want – Many blankets are versatile and suitable for use on your bed, couch, or car. Think about where you’ll normally want to keep the blanket and whether it’ll look good there.
  4. If your dog is a keen chewer, get a chew-proof blanket – Also, make sure the blanket doesn’t have stuffing or beads that he could ingest.3

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How Much Do They Cost?

Between $20 and $120

Most dog blankets will cost somewhere between $20 and $120. As you might expect, the bigger the blanket, the more expensive it will be. Blankets at the higher end of this range will normally be more durable or have special features, like being weighted. However, keep in mind that sometimes you’re paying more for design or a brand name, so do shop around if you’re looking for a good bargain. Very cheap blankets are unlikely to be waterproof and might well be too small to be useful, so think carefully about opting for a dog blanket that costs significantly under $20.

Our Methodology: Why Trust Pet News Daily

As a veterinarian, I have seen a very wide range of dog blankets in use and talked to many pet owners about their pets’ favorites. I’ve chosen these products based on my professional experience as a veterinarian, while also keeping in mind the material and value for money. While a dog blanket might seem like a simple purchase, if you want a waterproof or chew-proof blanket, you need to make sure the material is suitable. As well as considering the material, I’ve picked products that are machine-washable so they’re easy to keep clean. – Dr. Danielle Morosco, DVM

The Best Dog Blanket Reviews

1. Best Overall – PupProtector Waterproof Blanket

Our Vet’s Top Pick

PupProtector Waterproof Blanket

Looking for a durable, waterproof blanket that looks and feels great too? This soft blanket is made from plush faux fur and microsuede, so it’s super-soft.

The PupProtector Waterproof Blanket is a fantastic choice for any dog and home. It comes in a range of styles to suit your home, and is double-sided, with plush faux fur on one side and ultra-soft microsuede on the other. It’s a nice large blanket, at 60″ by 50″, that would look great on any sofa or bed.

Although it looks rather more fashionable than many waterproof blankets, the PupProtector is indeed waterproof. It has an internal lining to prevent liquid from getting through from one side to the other. If it does get wet or grubby, you can easily machine wash it on a cold cycle.

  • Several stylish designs available
  • Cozy, plush blanket
  • Double-sided with plush faux fur and ultra-soft microsuede
  • Many reviewers said their dogs loved this blanket
  • Needs to be air-dried; can’t go in the tumble dryer
  • Pricier than many other blankets

2. Best Budget – Waterproof Blanket Furniture Protector Pawsse

Best Budget Buy

Waterproof Blanket Furniture Protector Pawsse

This budget-friendly blanket is lovely and soft, with thick fleece on one side and plush sherpa on the other. It’s sure to be comfy and warm for your dog.

The Waterproof Blanket Furniture Protector Pawsse is a great blanket that definitely won’t break the bank. It’s available in a range of colors and is double-sided, with a waterproof layer in the middle so that moisture can’t get through from one side to the other.

It’s available in four different sizes: obviously, the larger the size you want, the more it’ll cost, so opt for a small size if you’re on a very tight budget. The blanket can be machine washed on a gentle cycle.

  • Multiple sizes and colors available
  • Thick fleece on the top, plush sherpa backing on the bottom
  • Double-sided
  • Budget-friendly
  • Might shed quite a bit of fuzz the first few uses
  • Won’t dry well in a tumble dryer

3. Best Chew Proof – Max and Neo Waterproof Dog Blanket

Best Chew Proof

Max and Neo Waterproof Dog Blanket

When you buy this soft, multi-use blanket, the manufacturers give another blanket to a dog shelter in the USA.

The Max and Neo Waterproof Dog Blanket is a great all-around option that you can use all year long. The fleece side is warm and comfortable, and the waterproof nylon side will help keep your dog cool in summer. It also works well as a car seat cover.

For each blanket purchased, the Max and Neo company donates a dog blanket to a dog rescue in the USA, so you’ll not only be treating your pooch, you’ll be helping out a dog in real need of some extra comfort.

  • 2 sizes available
  • Soft sherpa fleece on top, waterproof nylon underneath
  • Blanket donated for each blanket sold
  • Soft and durable, even after multiple washes
  • Can also be tumble dryed
  • Nylon backing may make the blanket slide
  • May not stand up to aggressive chewing

4. Best Waterproof – Mambe Silky Waterproof Blanket

Best Waterproof

Mambe Silky Waterproof Blanket

This stylish blanket makes a great waterproof throw for your sofa. It comes in a range of colors and sizes and even has a lifetime guarantee.

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The Mambe Silky Waterproof Blanket is a high-quality waterproof blanket that’s available in a range of different colors and sizes. It’s made in the USA and has a lifetime guarantee. It’ll protect against any spills and moisture, including puppy pee, due to its internal waterproof membrane.

It’s a comfy, soft, thick throw that humans and dogs alike will enjoy. Because it comes in a range of sizes and colors, you could get several to cover different pieces of furniture or areas in your home and car. All the blankets are sewn in the USA and are machine-washable and machine-dryable.

  • Great range of colors and sizes
  • Waterproof even for large volumes of liquid
  • Made in the USA
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Take a while to dry after washing
  • Makes a slight crinkly noise when it moves

5. Best Weighted – Pawfect Blanket Weighted Premium Hypoallergenic

Best Weighted Blanket

Pawfect Blanket Weighted Premium Hypoallergenic

Looking for a blanket that will help comfort your pet if they’re anxious? This is a great choice.

The Pawfect Blanket Weighted Premium Hypoallergenic is a weighted blanket for dogs that uses soft minky fleece. It’ll help your dog to feel safe and secure, as though you’re hugging them. Just like humans, dogs can be deeply comforted by the gentle pressure of a weighted blanket.4

To make it heavy, the blanket contains tiny glass beads. Obviously, it’s important your dog doesn’t ingest these, so do make sure you supervise your pet while they’re using the blanket. Unlike others, this blanket isn’t fully waterproof, but it is water-resistant against small amounts of moisture.

  • Comforts anxious dogs
  • Range of colors and sizes available
  • Soft minky fleece is comfortable and snuggly
  • Water-resistant but not fully waterproof
  • Some pets may tear and ingest the filling

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of blanket is best for dogs?

There are loads of different blankets available for dogs. Ideally, you want to pick a blanket that’s waterproof to help protect your furniture or carpet from any accidents. You’ll also want a strong, durable blanket that can withstand being chewed a bit.
Should dogs have blankets?

Yes. Although your dog is protected by their fur, they’ll still likely need some extra warmth in the winter. Plus, a blanket is a great way to protect your furniture or car seats from your dog. It also gives them something comfier to lie on than the floor or ground.
Do dogs get cold at night in the house?

Even if dogs are kept indoors, they can still get cold at night. If you’re snuggled up under multiple blankets to stay warm, there’s a good chance your pooch is chilly, too. Your dog will usually seek out a warmer place if necessary, but you can pop a blanket in your dog’s bed for extra snuggly warmth. If your dog sleeps outside during colder weather, it’s very important to make sure they have a comfortable and warm shelter.
Should you put a blanket on a dog?

You can cover your dog with a blanket if you want. However, so long as you have the blankets easily accessible, your dog will probably manage to snuggle down under one if they get cold at night. You won’t usually need to worry about physically putting the blanket over them.

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Dr. Danielle Morosco
Dr. Danielle Morosco, DVM is a Consulting Veterinarian in Clinical Toxicology and experienced small animal emergency veterinarian. She graduated with Honors from Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine. She loves spending time with her furry family members, composed of 2 rescue dogs and 3 cats.